MISS A is too good to be seen IN REAL LIFE!

Another  KPOP Madness! Beware fangirling mode!
(Kinda strange since it is a girl group. But I'll go nuts over this group!)


Yesterday was Miss A's new fourth single TOUCH Busan fansign event! 

Presented by Synnara Record in Busan.
believe me, I don't know any kpop stuff during the winter holiday, because my information-seeker-friends are going home and I had no idea how to know if there's a kpop event and such. 

anyway, the fansign supposed to be only for 150 people. By drawing. 

But when my friends come to the store, it's only being filled with 60-70++ fans. So instead of lucky draw, the early birds get it (because it did not reach the quota of 150 people)

My mind is COMPLETELY blown. It's friggin' MISS A yet people seems not too excited for the fansign wtf. In Indonesia people WOULD KILL EACH OTHER to see their fanmeeting. THIS you get sign too + see the member with your OWN EYES. wtf. I completely remember how people are so desperate and praying on their knees to get picked up at Miss A's fanmeeting lucky draw.

But this one, i just come (late, even) and still get the signs. super wtf moment. 

I fell in love with Miss A since their first debut single, Bad Girl Good Girl. Their bad-ass attitude, PINK HAIR, super catchy beats, and impressing choreography and POWER they put to their dance. They just took my breathe away. My ultimate girl-crush <3

Their logo, the striking two legs, somehow making an 'A' symbol, is the most GENIUS kpop idol symbol ever. The logo describes Miss A's image so accurately. Naughty and playful b*tches, but little and sweet girls inside <3


But for the 4th project, they don't put the legs. Instead the members are lying down with rose petals everywhere or waving some sheer pink peachy cloths. wth. JYP GIVE ME THE LEGS NAO!

This songs is actually kinda shows off different sides of Miss A. Instead of an upbeat dance song, It's a rather melancholy, emo-feel, but it is still catchy and dance-able techno pop song (can't describe it in a shorter terms)

But i can't say i dislike the MV. IT IS BEAUTIFUL. Dark vintage, Roses, weird psychotic movement, JUST LOVE IT.

Can't forget to say the super unique dance. I mean it is so weird that i can't choose the main point dance, because it was.... all too memorable!

Another thing that I noticed even since the teaser was out, is their make up. They put rhine stones under the center of their eyes, black heavy smudgy eye liner of the top, making the eyes looking sad and seems like crying all the time.

check out Jen's tutorial from frmheadtotoe @youtube to make those eyes!

Back to the fansign!! Don't realize I've type SO LONG. 

Min, My now favorite member <3
Her English is SO FREAKING GOOD. If you ever heard how other Korean's english, you'll know what I feel hearing english been pronounced that great. Language-gasm ;)

She is so nice, and I just knew that she is older than me by A YEAR. ashamed. Yet she reaches so many things and I still stuck at 9gag.com

But anyway she said she loves Indonesia and would be pleased to come back again (Of course lah.) 

Next the Chinese members, Fei and Jia! Don't talk much maybe because I'm a foreigner and they already over heard my convo with Min, which is pretty long. But Jia looks so effortless that day with messy hair up do and hipster glasses. I need that glasses!! 

If you say Suzy is pretty and she is your favorite member,

I mean, no offense, but i always thought Suzy was 'misplace' in Miss A. She had a cute image, young and bright image, different from badass image Miss A had. 

But when i saw her real life. MAN! She is a beauty that goddess would totally jealous for. 
If Miss A is a black coffee, then Suzy is the cream and sugar <3 Not too sweet, but enough to make people want to drink some more.

She smiles ear to ear since the start of the fansign, she waves her hand everytime someone got out from the fansign's place, and the cutest was, SHE ASKED THE INDONESIAN WHAT 'SARANGHAEYO' IS IN INDONESIAN AND SAY THAT TO EACH INDONESIAN. SO cute or what lah???

But when it come to my turn, she already forgot how to pronounced it. Still, she's too pretty so it was completely forgiven. 

And anybody says she is fat, you'll she her and should be ashamed for yourselves. 

Anyway that's it my Kpop madness journey! P.S I would never copy my Miss A CD songs to my Itunes because I already heard it 8353986x times when I was waiting for my turn. lmao. 

closing like a boss

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