Living in the capital outskirt ( read : Tangerang ), going to Jakarta has become a huge hustle, mainly the traffic jam and also the need to look for a transportation ( read : tebengan ). Feels like I missed a lot of cool spot to hangout since going to the capital is not a convenience choice. But! Recently I found out some cool places in Tangerang, that makes me say goodbye to all the traffic to Jakarta, because now, Tangerang has become more gaul than it used to be.

Introducing one of a small cafe in Serpong, Tangerang. I've visited this cafe to 3 times already. All the visits are a pleasant one and I've always find my way back to this small cozy space. 

"Turning Point" - located in Ruko Golden, Gading Serpong, Tangerang. quite close to my home in Karawaci, around half an hour drive. Looking for this cafe might be a little tricky at first, because it doesn't have any banner to point the exact place. But, since the Ruko mostly is still empty, with a few look on the place where all the cars are parked, you probably will find it easily. 

I think the rest would be easier to explain if you just look at the pictures :>

 hayo siapa yang sok-sok an pake bahasa Korea = me!

On my first visit, there was an unforgettable accident I may say, so as i ordered an iced latte (with ice cream, not blocks of ice) the glass broke, like into two pieces when my friend held it and it successfully ruined my friend's and my clothes - and apparently it already happened more than once. Because all the staffs seems to be pretty cool about it. They did apologize and gave me another glass of iced latte - but it this happened in Korea? I would probably get a free cake for a compensation. 

Other than that, the coffee is amazing and the cakes are #dabomb. Should gave the lychee-watermelon cake the best invention of the year!

Then : crazy girls doing a mindless photo sessions : 

#OOTD (excuse me I'm at my fattest moment here)


That's it! Thankyou for reading, or scrolling around, anything! I think it's a nice gap between all the beauty related posts and the beauty saga will still continue after this! Have a great, great, great weekend all! :*

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  1. No no no!! You look absolutely stunning! Especially your hair... did you get it cut recently?

    Connie from theconbonz

  2. those cakes wow! are so perfect :o and the lightning of the place is amazing <3

  3. Serpong sih dah maju... Try Pamulang... -_-:


  4. haha... maaf ya (kok jadi minta maaf ai..) tapi ya... hahahaha main2 ke serpong! :3

  5. YES! I saw a lot of great pictures of the cafe before and that's probably because of the perfect lighting lol effortless picture taking time!


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