REVIEW: Nakeup Face One Night Cushion 02 Nude Beige

Hi sugars!

Todayyyy I have a very excited review omg - I have a new cushion from Korea ofcourse, today I'm reviewing Nakeup Face One Night Cushion in 02 Beige Nude. I thought the name's cute tho haha I don't know if you're thinking otherwise. But I think it's easy to memorize.

i'm super excited about reviewing this cushion because there's something about this cushion that's I super love, and ofcourse looking at the time when I first tried cushion and looking how far the innovation and improvements that the cushion world had become. And you'll understand after reading my "*rave*ish review lol




IDR 414.680 with my link IDR. 321.860


First, lets talk about the packaging. Unlike it's predecessor cushions lol they're not as bulky. I realized that most of the new cushions packaging are definitely less bulkier (tho they still have the same amount of product, usually its 14g). And LOOK AT HOW PRETTY IS IT. My cushion literally get more compliments than my face LOL

also the logo - my peeps are like literally iz dat EXO's logo LOL

Not only the outer packaging, but I think the inside also complement the shiny pretty glitter.
Honestly speaking, I don't have lots of expectation toward this cushion because it's not something from a brand that I've ever heard. But, recently I realized that lots of smaller brand actually putting a lot of efforts in producing a good cushion (more effort that other popular brand - IMO) and in a way I'm excited to try but also not really expecting much.... get me? haha

Ok, going into the product itself - The cushion looks like other cushion ofc. And talking about the PUFF. It's the kind of puff that I like, sturdy one but still fluffy. Also the ribbon? band? (anw, something that you use to grab your puff) is sturdy and I like because.... I love Moonshot Puff because it's sturdy buuuuut the band broke on me TWICE even before I finish the cushion and I can't use the puff anymore.

It's coverage is medium - very light on the skin and it still looks like skin after I applied it on my skin (I have a close up picture below so you can see and we can get close and personal lol)

It doesn't have a white cast or will make your face ghastly white. But it still had this brightening effect - or maybe because it balancing my skin tone so that it looks fairer

medium coverage, but still covering redness and blemishes

Still looks like skin AND PLZ ADMIRE THE GLOW.
fyi, I don't wear primer because I want to see how long it'll last on my skin (because it's very glowy) thus the very visible pore on my cheek area lol.

The finish of the cushion is very. very glowy. Here's the part where I'll super rave the product. I've never encounter a glowy product that stays on my skin for a long time - I have a combination skin and it's very oily in my T-zone. And since the name of the cushion is one night stand, I imagine that the cushion will be matte/satin finish but it was dewy glowy. But omg, I wore this cushion for the whole day, I went to restaurants and cafe and it was hot outside and I spend a lot of time outside as well. So I expect that my face will melt down BUT OMG the whole cushion stayed on my face for the whole day, even without primer's help (But I still powder a bit, but not until I lost the dewyness)

my face after 7+ hours of wear - did not touch up at all

After 7 hours of wear, I did not look like an oil spill accident when I'm home and I'M SUPER IMPRESSED lol. The nose area could get a primer help especially for my pores lol. 

Overall, I'm SUPER IMPRESSED and RAVEEEe about this product. It's the most dewy but long lasting - a two combination I wouldn't expect to get in the same product - especially in cushions!! I super recommend this for:
1) those with dry skin but living in the tropical country
2) peeps that still want a glass skin look but you're literally an oil mine

Other than that awesome lasting power, the cushion actually contain Cica which is famous for calming sensitive skin

Even though I'm more to the oily side and WAS always, always avoid dewy products - i've been loving dewy look because it make me looks younger than matte face. lollllllll 

If you're interested to purchase, you can visit my Charis Store and get a discount (it's an affilite link). It's available in 2 shades!

Thank you so much for reading this review! I'm so excited to do a makeup tutorial with this cushion as well because FINALLY a dewy product that I actually LOVE! hahah see you later sugars! xoxo


REVIEW: Innisfree Always New Auto Pencil, Smart Blusher and Skinny Brow Mascara

Hi Everyone! As you may know (again, if you follow my Instagram! I always update there first so go follow @mysugarcoffee) I've collaborated with YES STYLE (yes! that famous website for Korean brand makeup and fashion!) I'm more than excited when I got their collaboration offer in my email. And moreeee excited because the product they want to sent me are all from Innisfree (If you're not here long enough, well I'M AN INNISFREE HOE).

And since they ask me to make a beauty related video so they're sending makeup (obviously). Anddd as much as I love Innisfree, I think I invested more in their skin care than their makeup products so this is a win-win for me. Here's the collaboration video in case you've missed it:

So, in the video I feature 4 products which are: Innisfree Skinny Brow Mascara in Espresso Brown, Innisfree Always New Auto Pencil #10 Juniper Way and #29 Camellia Garden Path, and Innisfree Smart Drawing Blusher #5 Shy Camellia Flower

Since it's just a one minute video, here's a dedicated blog post to review each products and what I think of them! I will link the products to YES STYLE website so you can directly purchase the products if you're interested. Remember! Every FIRST Purchase you can get extra 10% off with "YESSTYLE" code!

Around IDR 111.000

As the name suggest, it's Skinny! It's one of Innisfree Skinny line product, I think they have several eye-related product such as Mascara and Eyeliner - and honestly I don't really need a brow mascara since I dyed my hair black.

BUT after using the product, I kept on reaching this and it's easily became my eyebrow routine. Why?
1. It's separate my eyebrow, and coat them so they look thicker!
2. You guys know that bushy-on-the-front eyebrow trend? It's definitely easier to achieve with this product because you can really work on the details
3. It's super pigmented, it make my brow looks so much nicer
4. It last a long day - without any clumps!

Ok, the last point, the no clump one is definitely like a given one because you see how skinny is the wand but the fact that it has sooo many pigments it kinda shook me. I wouldn't expect for a product like this with a super thin wand would have pigmentation so good! Lasting power is also superb! But one thing that I concern about this kinda product is looking at how small the product is, will it last a long time or maybe it'll dry out in 3 weeks? Now that's I have to try longer to see and I'll be back and edit this part for more details.

Around IDR 150.000

Next one is Innisfree Always New Auto Liner in #10 Juniper Way and #29 Camellia Garden Path - So they asked me to choose 2 shade for eyeliner and lip color respectively. Juniper Way was my second choice because my initial first option was sold out (but I don't remember which one).
Talking about the Always New Auto Liner, i just realized that the way it re-sharpen the pencil is different from the previous version.

As you can see in the pictures there's a different in the old and new version.
In the old version, you need to turn the cap until there's a clicking sound and it'll sharpen itself.
For the new version, you will need to press the bottom part, and it will dispense the liner a bit and then you turn the cap in and you'll have sharper liner. In the new version, the sharping function in the cap won't work it you did not dispense the product. Meaning you can maybe save a bit more product, because in the old version you have to sharpen the product everytime you remove the cap. To be able to securely close the cap, you have to turn it until it clicks, and that means if you're not using a lot, you'll waste a bit of liner everytime you use. I think it's a better improvement!

#10 Juniper Way is medium brown shade with gold glitters. The shade actually is too light for my preference for eyeliner. I prefer darker one. But this shade is perfect if you like a more natural look or using eyeliner for underlining your eyes, I think this eyeliner is perfect for undereye, especially that gold glitters will reflect a bit.

#29 Camellia Garden Path is a bright pink mauve-y shade. I have a lot to say this particular shade - not in a bad way ofcourse. First, I don't use a lot of lip liner nor use one as a full on lip shade. So I thought I'm gonna use it for the video and that's that. The first time I swatched the product, I found out that the texture is very buttery - not what I expect from a lip liner (I always thought they glides on ok but not as far as buttery). Thennnn when I applied in on the lips the pigment just showed on soooo good on the lips, it even covered stains on my lips. Because it was so buttery, I thought I will have to dispense more product - but! even after 1 full lips application it still so sharp there's no need to dispense more :))) and the shade is soooo good to! Lasting power is ok - like a regular lipstick but I'm shook because it didn't dry out my lips.

Easy to sharpen!

The last but not least, Innisfree Smart Blusher in #5 Shy Camellia Flower
The thing that I love about this product is that it's literally already made for blush so it's really easy to blend! Not like other cream blusher that usually you have to be very careful for not over apply - it seems that it's almost impossible to over apply this product. It's texture is like gel, so it's more watery than creme, even with the brush inside I can blend it to perfection (since it's so watery) but without losing its pigment :) Lasting power is ok, because its kinda hard to layer to make it really pop - it looks really natural with this product so it's perfect for you that love natural look. And because of its watery texture, it's also not a problem to blend it over powdered face. But ofcourse blending it on non-powdered face is easier :)

Overall, I love all these 4 products - it seems like with this collaboration opportunity, I can venture out to products from Innisfree that I wouldn't try if I was on the store! I cannot recommend these products enough <3

Thank you so much for reading, Sugars! I hope I can help you in any way so that you'll make better makeup shopping decision! Any questions? Write it down the comment! And don't forget to follow my Instagram @mysugarcoffee for (almost) daily makeup video updates! Ciao!


REVIEW: Lamica Beauty Brushes!

Halo semuanya! Hari ini lagi-lagi aku ngeblog pakai bahasa Indonesia ya karena we're talking about Indonesian local *very good quality (ok i'm spilling the review) Makeup Brush! Kalo kalian emang suka banget sama makeup, pasti banget udah tahu (and follow me in my instagram lol) brand LAMICA ini yaa

Aku pertama kali tahu Lamica itu dari instagram, sekitar 2 tahun lalu. Inget banget at that time, bener-bener pilihan makeup brushes di Indo (yang bagus menurut aku ya) mentok-mentok masami shouko atau armando yang bisa dibeli di department store dan kalau beli online ya Real Technique, Sigma, Morphe (eh kok banyak ya HAHA) tapi aku itu orangnya ga terlalu suka beli brush via online, dan pas IMAE 2016an ya kalo ga salah, aku bertemu akhirnya dengan konternya Lamica dan aku langsung kalap 3 brushes (DISKON SOALE lol)

ini brush yang aku beli 2 tahun lalu, masih OK BANGET kondisinya
yang aku punya (left to right) 
111 Flat Contour Brush, 204 Short Eye Shader, 305 Eyebrow Brush

And now here! 2018! Lamica actually collaborated with my Instagram account! hahahahah yesh!
They let me chose allll makeup brushes that I needed to make a full video tutorial di Instagram. Dan karena memang Lamica itu basenya online, aku cuma lihat gambar dan aku tulis nomornya dan bam! and quickly, they're home!

Pertama, walau aku engga pilih set, tapi aku teteup dikasih leather case yang UUUUU dan leather casenya parah very sturdy, dan mereka itu nempel pakai magnet. Berasa kayak mahal banget!

Semua brushnya masuk ke dalam box ini, dan mereka aman banget sampai rumah. Bahkan untuk brush yang lebih gede dan fluffy, they came in a protector!

Di video Instagram aku lebih fokus untuk nunjukin gimana aku pakai brush-brush itu, dan karena keterbatasan platform (1 menit) aku engga bisa jelasin ya dan karena aku anaknya emang pada dasarnya males edit video, I'll write it for you! (dan hemat kuota kans - aku itu emang orangnya pengertian banget loh). ANDD because I already tried it like a couple weeks, aku bisa kasih tahu pros and cons for every brushes (yang mungkin engga detail tapi kalo ada yang harus aku jelaskin secara detail akan aku tulis!) dan aku juga akan link balik ke website Lamica Beauty per individual brushnya jadi mudah kalo kalian mau navigate lebih jauh. OK LET'S GO!

IDR 200.000

Ini termasuk baru di koleksi Lamica Beauty. SUPER FLUFFY DAN BESAR. Gue merasa bedakan itu 5kali lebih cepat haha
Personally aku suka banget brush yang sintetis (bisa dilihat dengan ujungnya putih, biasanya gitu) karena less shedding (rontok) dan lebih mudah untuk dicuci!

IDE 200.000

Ini juga termasuk baru, bahannya terbuat dari natural goat hair tapi alus bangetttt. Di Video aku pakai brush ini untuk blush karena emang tujuannya aku pilih brush ini untuk blush - tapi kenyataannya ini brushnya itu gedeee banget. Sehari-hari aku suka pakai untuk powder juga dan sangking sukanya aku selalu bawa brush ini untuk travelling!

IDR 95.000

Aku pakai ini untuk aplikasi highlighter karena menurut aku daripada brush yang fluffy, brush seperti ini bisa banget buat highlighter jauh lebih "keluar" warnanya, lebih blinding if I must say. Termasuk baru juga di koleksi Lamica Beauty. Selain untuk highlighter, aku juga suka pakai untuk baking di bawah mata! Bentuknya ga spesial sih, aku punya masami shouko yang mirip sama ini juga :) tapi untuk size, Lamica punya masih lebih gede karena masami shouko punya itu lebih untuk aplikasi makeup mata

IDR 135.000

Ok, ini brush yang cocok banget untuk apa sodara-sodara? Betul sekali! Untuk Contour Pipiiiii
Nah lucunya nih, brush ini sama brush 105 Tapered Face Brush itu terbuat dari bahan yang sama, yaitu natural goat hair, tapi brush ini lebih kasar dari yang 105. Dan menurut aku susah banget cari brush mode angled seperti ini yang bukan natural hair made, kek yang fiber gitu ga pernah nemu - aku padahal berharap ini untuk halus ya (karena pernah sekali aku makeup-in orang dan dia bilang brush aku "kasar" padahal biasa aja sih DAN itu bukan brush ini ya)

IDR 95.000

Nah, di halaman koleksi produk Lamica itu ada 3 jenis concealer brush, dan aku sengaja pilih yang 127 karena aku engga punya brush model seperti itu. Dannn dua piliha lain itu aku udah ada bayangan bentuknya bakal gimana, dan pas yang aku pilih dateng aku lumayan syok karena... gede banget! hahaha ini beneran engga bisa untuk kek detailed job (seperti mbak Pony Effect yang kalo conceal jerawat itu penuh cinta dan perhatian) NAH lo ga bisa ini sekali jadi punya! That's a good thing tho! Kadang sangking gedenya ini w pake buat apply foundation lol

IDR 125.000

Berbeda dengan brush yang lain, brush ini pendek pegangannya DAN ADA BUNGKUSNYA! Bisa banget untuk dibawa jalan-jalan! Pertama kali liat brush model kayak gini karena liat video promosinya Ver.88 di facebook dan mereka pakai brush model seperti ini dan aku masih penasaran jadi aku pilih brush ini.

Overall, aku suka karena dia modelnya compact, travel friendly tapiiii hasil sapuan dese nih cenderung streaky, mungkin karena bahannya sintetik tapi engga se-tebel itu jadi foundation suka bergaris

IDR 75.000

Classic Lid Brush ini cocok banget untuk sapuin warna langsung ke whole lid - hanya ini bisa banget kegedean untuk yang punya mata kecil :)  brushnya aluuuus banget super love!

IDR 65.000

Nah, brush ini tidak se-precise namanya haha karena dari foto dan namanya, aku berniat pake brush ini untuk inner corner highlight, tapi ternyata lebih cocok untuk memberikan warna gelap di outer corner :) So that work out just fine!

IDR 75.000

Aku pake brush ini tentu untuk shading hidung AND I LOVE IT - bentuk dan size dari brush ini cocok banget ngt ngt untuk shading hidung. Langsung dari alis SRRRET ke bawah hidung!

IDR 75.000

Eyeshadow brush yang mirip sama pencil brush ini sedikit lebih besar daripada pencil brush. Dan walaupun warnanya putih guys ini terbuat dari natural goat hair, jadi dia tetep alus tapi rada megrok? apa yang bahasanya kayak mekar keluar keluar gitu rambutnya :)

IDR 75.000

Brush ini menurut aku unik banget, karena dia ini ada fluffy brush dan teteup flat! Aku suka banget untuk ngeblend eyeshadow dan ini tuh tipe-tipe brush yang cocok banget untuk blend eyeshadow pas kalo mau bikin cut crease!

Gimana guys review hari ini? Sudah tjukup menjawab pertanyaan-pertanyaan brush mana yang harus kalian beliii? Atau seenggaknya bayangan deh mau beli yang mana? Seumur-umur aku juga engga pernah beli brush se-set gitu, aku malah selalu beli individual, pokoknya ada uang aku beli satu, sesuai kebutuhan deh! haha 

Dari belasan brush ini, ini favorite gue yang bener-bener rekomen banget untuk beli dari Lamica Beauty :


Overall, aku suka banget sama kualitas brush-brush Lamica Beauty ini, dan kalo kalian browse websitenya ada makeup tools juga seperti beauty sponges dll. And aku seneng banget bisa kolaborasi sama brand yang aku percaya dan sukak!

Kalo kalian ada pertanyaan seputar brush brush Lamica ini bisa langsung komen di bawah! I'll see you around xx

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