MISS A is too good to be seen IN REAL LIFE!

Another  KPOP Madness! Beware fangirling mode!
(Kinda strange since it is a girl group. But I'll go nuts over this group!)


Yesterday was Miss A's new fourth single TOUCH Busan fansign event! 

Presented by Synnara Record in Busan.
believe me, I don't know any kpop stuff during the winter holiday, because my information-seeker-friends are going home and I had no idea how to know if there's a kpop event and such. 

anyway, the fansign supposed to be only for 150 people. By drawing. 

But when my friends come to the store, it's only being filled with 60-70++ fans. So instead of lucky draw, the early birds get it (because it did not reach the quota of 150 people)

My mind is COMPLETELY blown. It's friggin' MISS A yet people seems not too excited for the fansign wtf. In Indonesia people WOULD KILL EACH OTHER to see their fanmeeting. THIS you get sign too + see the member with your OWN EYES. wtf. I completely remember how people are so desperate and praying on their knees to get picked up at Miss A's fanmeeting lucky draw.

But this one, i just come (late, even) and still get the signs. super wtf moment. 

I fell in love with Miss A since their first debut single, Bad Girl Good Girl. Their bad-ass attitude, PINK HAIR, super catchy beats, and impressing choreography and POWER they put to their dance. They just took my breathe away. My ultimate girl-crush <3

Their logo, the striking two legs, somehow making an 'A' symbol, is the most GENIUS kpop idol symbol ever. The logo describes Miss A's image so accurately. Naughty and playful b*tches, but little and sweet girls inside <3


But for the 4th project, they don't put the legs. Instead the members are lying down with rose petals everywhere or waving some sheer pink peachy cloths. wth. JYP GIVE ME THE LEGS NAO!

This songs is actually kinda shows off different sides of Miss A. Instead of an upbeat dance song, It's a rather melancholy, emo-feel, but it is still catchy and dance-able techno pop song (can't describe it in a shorter terms)

But i can't say i dislike the MV. IT IS BEAUTIFUL. Dark vintage, Roses, weird psychotic movement, JUST LOVE IT.

Can't forget to say the super unique dance. I mean it is so weird that i can't choose the main point dance, because it was.... all too memorable!

Another thing that I noticed even since the teaser was out, is their make up. They put rhine stones under the center of their eyes, black heavy smudgy eye liner of the top, making the eyes looking sad and seems like crying all the time.

check out Jen's tutorial from frmheadtotoe @youtube to make those eyes!

Back to the fansign!! Don't realize I've type SO LONG. 

Min, My now favorite member <3
Her English is SO FREAKING GOOD. If you ever heard how other Korean's english, you'll know what I feel hearing english been pronounced that great. Language-gasm ;)

She is so nice, and I just knew that she is older than me by A YEAR. ashamed. Yet she reaches so many things and I still stuck at 9gag.com

But anyway she said she loves Indonesia and would be pleased to come back again (Of course lah.) 

Next the Chinese members, Fei and Jia! Don't talk much maybe because I'm a foreigner and they already over heard my convo with Min, which is pretty long. But Jia looks so effortless that day with messy hair up do and hipster glasses. I need that glasses!! 

If you say Suzy is pretty and she is your favorite member,

I mean, no offense, but i always thought Suzy was 'misplace' in Miss A. She had a cute image, young and bright image, different from badass image Miss A had. 

But when i saw her real life. MAN! She is a beauty that goddess would totally jealous for. 
If Miss A is a black coffee, then Suzy is the cream and sugar <3 Not too sweet, but enough to make people want to drink some more.

She smiles ear to ear since the start of the fansign, she waves her hand everytime someone got out from the fansign's place, and the cutest was, SHE ASKED THE INDONESIAN WHAT 'SARANGHAEYO' IS IN INDONESIAN AND SAY THAT TO EACH INDONESIAN. SO cute or what lah???

But when it come to my turn, she already forgot how to pronounced it. Still, she's too pretty so it was completely forgiven. 

And anybody says she is fat, you'll she her and should be ashamed for yourselves. 

Anyway that's it my Kpop madness journey! P.S I would never copy my Miss A CD songs to my Itunes because I already heard it 8353986x times when I was waiting for my turn. lmao. 

closing like a boss



The Day!! !

Does anybody felt familiar with the word, YES IT'S JYJ DOCUMENTARY MOVIE!!! *gives no time to answer*

I just came back from watching their movie, THE DAY! I WATCHED IT! 

I don't know why I was that frenzy about that, not that I'm a hardcore fan or anything #no offense intended. But honestly speaking, I didn't even know they had a movie! I remember reading so article about that, but I never really pay attention to the details. 

kinda hard to take picture with the backlight zz

I just felt I was being 'pushed' by fate to be JYJ's fan. Seriously! 

Starting that time I got JYJ's World tour in Busan's extra ticket from my friend, it was the cheapest one. But on the concert day, one of Indonesian fan (really, she came from Jakarta only to watch the concert...) got one extra ticket in a better seat. And i just paid around 80.000 won for a 110.000 worth of ticket!! (Because i beg for it. And I've paid 30.000 for my cheapest ticket. anyway..)

Seriously, I only knew 30% less of JYJ songs....

And it continues to the 'In Heaven' CD. My other friend bought 'too much' CD and eventually gave me a pretty cheap discount (only around 1.000 won. lol), but I take it anyway.. 

Today! I didn't had any plan to watch their movie, I don't even knew about their movie.. But my other friend (Seriously, all of these friend are different friend..) got sick, and decided to give it to me........

Like God just effortless-ly gave me opportunity to become their fan!! FATE FORCEFULLY DID THAT. 

It might seems that I don't feel thankful about all the rare opportunities that not all fans could get. But I just felt it was... weird? Do I really am fated to become their fan? But really, i originally Jaejoong's fan back from DBSK Mirotic days, and I'm still am actually. Not as hardcore as i were tho~ 

I just pray that God would give me the chance for an effortless fansign/fanmeeting events. haha. 

So back to the movie. 
It was really a documentary of JYJ's member daily life and activities. And it's either the staff shoots the scene, or they shoot the scenes their selves. And the time the scenes being played, the members would say some comments about EVERY SCENES. THAT's the hilarious part. You'll get to see how the members teased each other. (I mean, teased Junsu) lol

The movie started with the member's house being shoots for first time! From Jaejoong's, Yoochun's, to Junsu's. Hilarious summary : 
-   JJ's cat, Jiji, would always runs away from JJ, you'll see fast forwarded scenes of JJ chasing away his cats. Spotted alcohols in JJ's fridge! 

-   Junsu that always ask to stop filming his house because JJ's house was too 'cool' lol. Instead of TV, the sofas in his living room are intended for watching table tennis game. And his PC-room (gaming room), his acts of animal abuse, machinary abuse and human rights abuse. LMAO. 

-   Yoochun's mother and brother Yoohwan. Yoochun's LP records and books collection. Spotted a Big teddy bear in Yoochun's work room! 

They also covers the member's Chinese New Year (usually Koreans spend the day with the whole family (Junsu with his family and JJ back home to his hometown with his BIG family)

Other activities outside their schedule, JJ with his MT (membership training) with paintball match, Yoochun is snowboarding (with his bro!)

And lastly is their schedule activities such as photo shoots (which is SO FUNNY), make up and preparing time, Junsu's musical, JYJ's fansign and JYJ's Lotte fanmeeting! 

I just want to spoil everything. HAHA. There's so many quotes i could actually quote. So many hilarious commentaries! Even in the middle of the movie, I just want to re-watch it! 

Honestly, I bought a large cup of coffee, because I don't want to fell asleep. I was so tired today, I have to move out from room to room in my dormitory. And it's been years since I watched idol's documentary. i was afraid I was not that into idols anymore, it would bore me. BUT IT WAS NOT!! 

I hope it will be released into DVD or something. I TOTALLY WANT TO REWATCH IT <3 

i want to spoil everything TT_TT should I?



I was totally ecstatic about writing all of these!!
But still I'm sad if only I got better information and better camera :(

So ok let me spoiled to you gais what made my life completed.

저는 제 눈으로 런닝맨녹화를 봤습니다.

There i said it!

and please give me the honor to blog about it.

SOOO the story begins with my sister mention me in twitter, about an article in Nate, apparently saying that there's a Running Man recording schedule in Busan next monday. I tried to click on it, but the article is deleted (I wonder why i'm not suspicious about it that time). I want to check the reliability of these tweets, so i went ahead and search for some reliable sources in Naver. But instead of the recording plan i tried to search, it shows Running Man Sherlock edition (which was done in Busan too).

I don't even bother to check the timeline of the one who posted those Nate article (which i later found out, he tweeted the DETAIL locations. FML.) (It's @ChannelYJS btw.)

On the day the filming supposed to happen, i was friggin' bored that day and I almost completely forgot about all the filming ruckus. But i didn't! Because in the end out of bored-ness I went ahead and search for the article on RM filming schedule.


I was SUPER panic. The rumored location is really not far from my dormitory. I was thinking should i go, or should I wait. I called my friends, RM fans too, he said he wanted to go, but he can't so he suggested I wait until evening or so, because logically if the shooting is in a department store, they always did that in nightfall. He even mentioned some episodes with similar locations and stuff.

But then i called my room mate, also RM fan, she said JUST GO DON'T THINK I'LL MEET YOU THERE AFTER I FINISHED MY WORK. And there I went!

There's 2 rumored location, one is Shinsegye Department Store in Centum City Busan, and Jagalchi Market btw.

When i arrived at the department store, you know what did i see, THE STORE IS CLOSED. The suspicion aroused more after i saw high school kids hanging around the closed mall with their uniform.

closed department store. It's kinda a monthly stuff, but i never see a mall closing down sooo

Still they didn't close all of the mall, some of the upper floors are still open for public. So i went to took the elevator to waste some time and to make sure the stuff. Then I was PEOPLE INSTALLING CAMERAS. And I swear to you, RM staffs are cute and good-looking. haha. Totally random.

And a lot of people talks with their phones saying stuff like, Yeah the mall is closed, there's RunningMan recording right now... Even though i was sure from the start, I don't feel the members are there yet. I was thinking they're still in the rumored Jagalchi Market doing missions and stuff. The highschooler are also thinking the same way. But from Shinsegae to Jagalchi it would took too much time, so I don't even think and bother to go another place.

student hanging around Shinsegae! 

I hanged out alone in the closed mall for about 3 hours and so, until my friend (my sonbae actually) came and we waited to together. She used to work around Centum City, so she took me to go around the department store, only to find there's a back door which is a perfect spot to peek on the recording. (Because the main door already filled with students and there's a LOT of annoying guards.

No kidding, when i was waiting outside alone, some annoying directors or something got out and said the recording will took place at midnight, and even if you wait you would never could see the casts. I almost lost hope but i went and wait anyway.

So at the back door, we saw some staff are discussing thing and doing some acts we guessed as 'hiding the hints' around the make up corner. We waited outside (in the winter) luckily there's a slight rain but it's not as cold as windy as normal days.

Anyway we just stand and suddenly, WE SAW SONG JIHYO. GOSH. She wore fuchsia colored hoodie? And she was eating lollipop as she walks passed.

Not long after that, WANGKO HYUNGNIM! JI SUKJIN! He wore gray sweat shirt? Anyway he looked so much fatter in real life, i thought he was the guest at first because he was being followed by a camera holding VJ, but we're not familiar with his style and stuff. But when we saw his name tag... Oh gosh. We try to wave hands and stuff, but he just saw and nonchalantly goes by. If he recognized us as foreign fans... would his attitude change???

wonder what mission did he had to do...............

And then we heard some high school student screams. (I really hate it, when they saw someone, they would bang the door and scream like there's no tomorrow. So annoying!! ) But i was curious so i went ahead and saw, THE GUEST. 

It's LEE DA HAE! I don't know her honestly, but she is so pretty closed by :) I don't zoom that at all by the way. But because of seeing Lee Dahae, I MISSED MY CHANCE TO SEE GWANGSU!! My seniors who stays on our spot sees him :( aaaaa

'stupid' gwangsu with massive winged name tag. HAHA

Anyway we're too tired to do another round of waiting. So we decided to leave the place. BUT SUDDENLY. The legendary announcement... HAHA OUT, HAHA OUT was heard even outside the Department Store. WOW. It's a shame i couldn't see Haha because it means he's gone to the prison alr :(

When we moved to the front door, there's a large crowd hanging out there. We ended took small peek and we saw all the other casts! We even saw Gary! But of course our favorite MC, Yoo Jaesuk. When Yoo Jaesuk went by, all the onlookers where so hyper, me ofcourse, joins the crowd and wave our hands at him. He is SO KIND, he reply our waves!!! Not like *cough* jisokjin *cough* 

Anyway. We are quite satisfied AFTER the next day we heard that the shooting still continues IN JAGALCHI MARKET. AJBGIEVTBKLCGLSZBE. FML.FML. I didn't expect that!!! (of course if i saw @ChannelYJS tweet i would not be surprised because it was CLEARLY tweeted..) But when we knew about it, we thought the recording could be already finished and it was too far to catch too. So we gave up TT_TT 

Anyway again, it still a great experience. I CAN'T WAIT TO WATCH THE BUSAN EPISODE. And i just hoped when Running Man is filming in Busan, I was more prepared, and i wish there's no class, and i could stalk them and hopefully I could see Yoo Jaesuk close enough. Too many wishes I doubt they would come true. lol!

Closing like a boss with a semi-emo picture.



How's life been treating me so far!

Winter, cold, broke, nothing to do.
That is my winter break summary

You know when somebody had been doing nothing for more than a week, its body will be accustomed to do NOTHING for the rest of its life. fml. Because it is happening to me. I ought to search something to filled in my holiday!!

Because after my TOPIK test, i don't have any class to attend anymore, nor i had any part-time job from the start.

I've been watching A LOT of tv-show, i watched Friends, The Big Bang Theory (thankyou 9gag!), several reality tv shows, Modern Family, BUT THEY BETRAYED ME. They ran out way before my holiday finished.

And i found out another addiction recently, it's GHIBLI STUDIO! I've only watched My Neighbor Totoro (which it fantastic btw) after my senior forced me to do. Feels like I've lost my half my childhood happiness because I didn't watch it when i was 6 or something.

So i download a bunch of Ghibli's masterpiece and TOTALLY ADDICTED. So far I've only watched the one I'm familiar with but I'm going to watched it all. My favorites so far are Howl's Moving Castle, Spirited Away and Nausicaa. It was too magical and not long after i watched it, i still dreamt about the world the Ghibli characters are living in.


There's one time i can't sleep and it was because of caffeine i drank just before i went to sleep (damn you canned coffee!) Usually it didn't do any good to me, but this time, I was FULLY AWAKED. Can't sleep and too active to just stayed and read comics.

SO i walked to Gwanganli Beach. After asking here-and-there (Actually it was pretty close by, but I just can't remember the way, stupid me). Believe me or not, i arrived to the beach by smelling the sea and following the stream. haha. like a dog

It was tiring but i think it's worthed the walk! I mean, i could smell the sea so early in the morning. There are almost nobody around, except some grandma-grandpas doing morning exercise.

I almost couldn't capture anything when i walked to gwangan, because it was literally still really dark. It's around 7 am I guess. But because it is winter, it's not yet the time for the sun to awake...

The fish boats just arrived

The fish market is so fresh! They just captured it and cut it on the place. The smell reminds me of Indonesia traditional markets. Makes me missed my mom a lot! ;")

curiosity beats the brain. Touched the water AND IT WAS FREEZING COLD. 

didn't notice these great graffiti on my way. Realize it was awesome only after the sunrises.

After all that journey, I was really hungry so i stopped by the nearest McD. fml. My effort seems flew away in the second i asked for more salt to my breakfast set. lol

And i had sore feet for about 2 days in a row. That's what you get if you had 'surprise' sport. 

Closing up with my picture. ignore my greasy hair.



So, What's your dream? (hyperbolic one)

Yup, my question, what's your dream?
Is it came true? Or did you working on it right now? Or did you gave up already?

How many dreams do you have? How big is it? How small is it? 

Did you pray for them? Or did you wish it upon the falling star?

There's this one dream. One wish that I've been swearing to myself to make it come true no matter what method I use. Depends on who sees it, it could be big, it could be a small dream.

First it was a wish. But I was too obsessed and i realize there's a BIG chance it would never happen to me. I've cried, prayed, prayed until I cried and slept with wet pillows and red eyes. I even say that wish to every wish-maker-stuff I've met.

That wish is seems so hard to reach and there's a big possibility it would never to come true. That's why i called it 'dream'.

It's been almost 5 years since i first wishing for it. You can say it was my ultimate dream!! It was not like a life accomplishment list, nor something I want to be, like a career. I'm a carefree, follow-the-flow type of person, never made any big goals in my life. But I felt like if i could someday make this dream come true, then I could do anything with the power from that dream!!!!

The sad thing is, it was not something i could reach ONLY with my power. I mean, it will be easier if I put much efforts in it, but still to accomplish it would need a big bunch of lucks!! Because the time I could achieve it, the 'dream' itself might no be there anymore...

I'm frustrated.

Because one day, I never knew the fact that my decision to study abroad would actually be the BIGGEST obstruction EVER!!

You might know lah if you read my blog ranting and ANGRY about something, yup IT IS STILL THE SAME THING!!


You may say I'm lebay and stuff. But it was really my dream since I was in middle school TO WATCH THEIR FRIGGIN' CONCERT LAH! 

I was devastated, SO MUCH. But maybe i was an adult enough wtf so i could actually bear with it and secretly hoping it was cancelled/fake/delayed until I could watch it. Selfish, i know.

ONE DAY. I was studying for my Korean test, got so bored, i opened facebook and......... the Indonesia concert has made official and bla-bla I was so sad and i swear to my computer..

So i click the website information page, to make sure it is official and stuff. AND IT IS. *cries*

..... I scroll scroll scroll suddenly......


I was like.......... wtf? I clicked the link to buy ticket like crazy. I was trembling, and i can't believe it was coming true :") I can't believe i was missing this information!!!!!!!

Actually the ticket buying itself was so dramatic. I couldn't buy the ticket with my mac, so i ran to my neighboring room, knocking like a crazy mad woman, and ask to borrow their friggin' computer BECAUSE L'ARC IS COMING!! wtf. 

fml. How could i miss this!! from here

Every Indonesian here might know I was a BIG LARUKU FAN. So they're like congratulating me over even before i got the ticket (because tweeting status is more important than buying the ticket lol)
After i reserve the ticket, I ran (really, i ran) to the ATM, only to realize i don't have enough money because I'm buying 2 VIP tickets. All that action was unknown to my mother / father. HAHAA

Of course after all that commotion, the ticket was saved, I ask my mom to call me (because I'm cheap) and I told her everything. And she was really OK about. LIKE REALLY OK. Don't say anything, and even said ok tomorrow I'm gonna transfer your ticket money ok? 

BEST MOM EVER!! But she got kinda annoyed knowing I'm buying a heat tech shirt. Wow. I guessed my mom is a secret Laruku fan? lmao

I was TRULY LUCKY. Because i bought the ticket almost after 8 days of pre-sale ticket sales is opened. But i still get to buy the nice ticket one! I heard the Indonesia one sold out really fast! I even logged in to the indonesia site to see how many they still had, and they had none VIP seats left only less in an hour!!! Holy cow! 

The nicest thing is, people are truly congratulating me on how I could actually watch them. Like all people i knew, knew that i liked L'arc~en~Ciel a lot. Even my mom, dad, sis, and people are mentioning me in twitter about L'arc concert, i just friggin' happy :")

Now I'm waiting to get the ticket delivered to me, I don't want to jinx it or anything so I'm posting as soon as i got the ticket! *happy happy tears*

As i already got the ticket, I was planning to spend my CNY angpao on forever21.co.kr, i don't think anything about the future of my february because i spend A LOT even before february started. GOSH. I clicked on a wedges ankle heels that i see quite comfortable and I NEED THAT FOR THE CONCERT!

Because it was standing and stuff, I NEED MORE HEIGHTS! HAHA.

I watched this documentary on Laruku concert in Japan or Korea not long ago, people are coming with large bag, and the inside? Concert goodies and HEELS. Really high one. SMART!

If it is as comfortable as i imagine it would be, then HELLO CONCERT HEELS!! YOU ARE MINE!

my online ticket.. i wanna see my real ticket paper ticket fast!!! 


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