Hello! Today I'm going to talk about MY PRETTY HAIR <3 Hehe

I've summarized the process and all the FAQ into one video, tried my best to fit everything into a-less-than 10 minutes video, but everything is in Indonesian because I'm more comfortable in speaking Bahasa rather than English because I don't have to be self cautious about my pronunciation and grammar and stopping for the whole 10 minutes because I can't figure out what some words in English lol

I saw some of you guys actually did ask for English subtitle, and I admit it, editing video is hellish enough and editing english subtitle is time consuming and I can't bring myself to fully concentrate doing that so I'm so sorry!!! 

But for exchange I'm making this blog post answering most questions I got about my hair <3

Q : Where did you do your hair? 

A : I did my hair in Pasar Baru - I bought all the supplies from a store called "Sentosa" (If I'm not mistaken, I'll fix it later if I'm wrong!), from the bleach, the developer and the dye (and later, the shampoo too). All of the product sold there are mainly from Alfaparf Milano - and that's the same brand I used for my hair too. They offer me and my friend a free service (bleach + dye), only by purchasing all of the needed product from the store and I did that :) lucky!

Q : How much did it cost?

A : I was keeping all my bills to really be precise about this, but being a forgetful and clumsy girl like me, I lost all of it. But here's the things I remember : (All in IDR)

Bleach (I used like the whole big can 250gr if I'm not mistaken) + Hair Dye (Bought 3 tubes, 2 grays and 1 blue for mixing purposes) 
TOTAL : 700.000

While bleaching the hair colorist add some kinda vitamin to keep my hair from damage
TOTAL : 150.000

Bought a foil for hair 
TOTAL : 50.000

Add more tubes for the hair dye for more ombre effect 
TOTAL : 300.000

ALL IN : 1.200.000 (that was expensive lol)

the master that did our hairs 

Q : How many times did you bleach your hair?

A : Bleached a total of 3 times, 2 times in the first day and once on the second day. After it all sets up, the dyeing process began and it was quite quick I recall. 

when my hair was bleached twice <3

Q : How long did it take for all the process?

A : For the first day, we began at around 3pm and finished at about 6pm, the second day was from 1pm to 5pm (Adds up to a whooping 8 hours) 
But, add the factor that it's actually only 1 hair colorist present and he had to do both of our hair, me and my friend's

the results!

Q : Why blue?

A : Ok, the long version is on the video, but to cut the story short, I was planning to have a gray shade instead of the blue, but since they're out of the dye, I have to take the blue one instead. 
But, all of my friends know I'm like this big BLUE fan (except Sailor Mercury, she's like blue allover but I'm definitely not into her. But I'm totally into PPG's Bubbles! lol)

still want the gray! :")

Q : How did you maintain it?

A : Actiually, right now I'm not doing pretty well with the managing part of this whole process because clearly I only have a half of the blue left on the hair :( Tomorrow I'm gonna try to tone my hair and let's see if it does any work.

One thing for sure, the purple shampoo I purchased (also at the same store) is helping me to get rid the brassy root part of my hair, since it gets yellowish and it doesn't really go with all the blue happening below it, but it didn't really help me in keeping up the blue :( so still looking for an alternative or I'm just gonna go with gray later :)

purple shampoo is Alfaparf Grey Pride (Shampoo for white & silver hair)

Q : People reaction?

A : Mostly people are very excited to see my hair lol and I definitely got some stare and gazes, especially together with Clara, the silver haired girl in the picture above lol

Obviously, I'm not an attention seeker that dyes her hair just for the sake of attention and stares - no - I did everything just for my personal satisfaction. I want to have this kinda hair atleast once in a life, take a shit load of pictures and you know someday I'll embrace my natural haircolor back again - or not.

Believe me, don't dye your hair for the sake of your significant other, especially for boys - heck, my dad didn't even notice anything different when I went home with almost-blonde hair. HA-HA

when hair is pretty

when hair is less pretty, but face ok lah

Ok, that's it sugars! Thankyou so much for reading!
Anymore Qs are welcome at the comment section below and I'll see you guys around! Ciao

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Hey Sugars! :D

Today I'm bringing you a very exciting (not) review for The FaceShop "Oil Control Water Cushion" in V203 Natural Beige. 

The Faceshop

      PRODUCT NAME      
Oil Control Water Cushion

        type of product        

v203 Natural Beige

KRW 23.000

The Faceshop Website

Nothing really stands out about the design from this cushion BUT they recently released a collaboration with "My Other Bag" and made these cushions from TFS 1000x cuter - and that happened just after I departed from Korea. Oh, that's life

here's their collaboration product :

Sadly, the product itself didn't come with a refill, but I see that now most cheaper roadshop brands didn't even bother to give an extra refill (Except Missha, she's an exception) 

the ingredients

My first impression of this BB Cushion is - "WHAT SHADE IS THIS WHY IT'S SO ORANGE" kinda thought :

The cushion part where you can see the product is like sooooooo orange, that it makes me think my face look slightly like a mandarin orange when I first applied. Well, it's not that bad, but still it really affect my opinion about the shade.

I'm very excited when TFS stated they're gonna launch a cushion for oily skin - I guess not a lot of brands actually marketed their cushion for oil control, so far I only see Laneige, Innsifree and now TFS!

This is a chart from TFS website, sorry it's in Korean, but anyway, it says that this cushion is positioned in the Cover + Matte side.

I can't really agree about the matte side, (or the cover side too tbh)

Looking at my swatch below you can see that the cushion has a strong yellow tone, the coverage it's rather meh (you could build it up, but I rather not because.. it gets cakey)

For the matte finish, you can see that it's not a matte finish, but rather a natural, not-so-dewy, it's-not-makeup-it's-definitely-my-skin kinda finish.

Tbh, I expect this cushion to be matte. But nooooooooooooooooooo

The lasting power was so-so, works better without primer (I found that most cushions work better without primer.. why is dat idk) 

For me, this cushion works best without primer, and without setting powder - what? without setting powder? YES. I usually just use a very minimal amount of powder, like for the under eye and the sides of the nose - I do not recommend to use setting powder all over this cushion because it'll look hella cakey and it's not even at the end of the day. With setting powder, it successfully made my face looks like a block of cement in an hour. Wut.   

Then I realized without powder, I love this cushion so much more. 

Even though it's not matte, but I guess it's doesn't make your face like a tempura fries either. So glad also my face didn't turn out orange during the day. 

This product is a so-so, ok lah product to me. I guess it worth the try. Since my face is in a very decent condition lately, I feel like I gravitated towards cushions more and this TFS cushion is not an exception :) 


I'm giving you guys a chance to actually try this cushion and see how you like it! 

I'm gonna make it easy since I actually have another TFS Oil Control Water Cushion in V203 Natural Beige in stock! I even add some premium "The Therapy" Skin Care Set from TFS 

Until 15 May 2016

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That's IT Thankyou so much for reading and wish you luck! <3

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I promise after this I'll review the Doraemon Cushion! 
Right now let's stuck to the lip tint review first ok! :D 


      PRODUCT NAME      
Jelly Marmalade

        type of product        
Lip Tint


KRW 3.800

A'Pieu Website

This lip tint didn't came in a box, which is obvious because it's really, really affordable and for it to come with a box will just adds the expense and will not make the price to be that low ok anyway lol

Like the due eyeshadows, the Doraemon's on the packaging all are different and that's what makes all Doraemon collector to lose our mind. lol

The tint is more to a gel than to water tints, which makes it easier to apply! What I like the best from this tint is that it doesn't settle in my lips line and it really applies evenly. Most tints tend to settles too vivid in lips inner corner and stays like that for the whole day, but these tints didn't do that and I really appreciate that!

It's not as stained as much as other lip tints, but in return it is not as drying and what I like the best is it fades out beautifully - not like other that looks flaky and unpleasing at the end of the day.



There's nothing that goes wrong with this lip tints, everything is just so great and awesome and it's Doraemon and it's very affordable - really. It's been a while since I'm into this old school style lip tints and I'm glad that I got this lip tints really! 

Plum shade is not that dark at all, so much wearable and great for a kick in your daily makeup. 

SO thankyou so much for reading this review! I'll see you some other time! OH and also IF you want to try this liptint, make sure you're joining my GIVEAWAY because this liptint is also one of the present yo! :D 
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Finally! New video on my youtube channel :

Used my hairclip for this video, and people kept saying 
"You know, you should grow your hair.." -.- 
Which I did and I can't look like that since my hair is so thin and definitely not at all voluminous
I'll stick to hairclips and wigs lol

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Who else is excited about VIXX's April 2016 comeback??? I watched the video before this morning and I was surprised with Jellyfish's sudden VIXX teaser photo release on the twitter just hours ago. And I see how cute Leo was with all this cute orange-ish freckles and his deep eye bag just can't get more loveable! 

Sorry about this bad photoshop edit lol this is the best I can do~

The blue lens I used turns out to be not as blue as I want it be :( like Leo's, and now that I see my under eye bag is not as dark as Leo's :( Ah anyway, it's just an inspired and cover makeup so I just did the best I can :")

1. Makeup Geek's Desert Sands all over the lid (warm brown matte eyeshadow)

2. TonyMoly's Backstage Gel Eyeliner in Black for eyeliner, and draw it along the eye natural line so that's it looks like puppy eye~

3. Using Etude House's Look At My Eyes in BR407 (slightly darker than the lid shade - or you can use the same one) to fill inner and outer lower line, and I filled the middle part with Makeup Geek's Mirage (matte cream white)

4. Line my lower line, inner part and outer part with Dolly Wink Eyeliner in Raspberry Red and the middle part with Etude House's 101 Pencil #59 

I applied blush on the center part of my cheek with The Saem Saemmul OR01 Mandarin Kiss (Matte orange shade) and draw the freckles with brown eyebrow pencil (I'm using Sariayu Pensil Alis in Brown)

Made the usual gradient lips with plum/burgundy lip tint, I'm using Tony Moly's Liptone Get it Tint in 06 Dark Night and on top I apply clear gloss / lip balm with glossy finish


I can't get my eyebag to be darker and I have this freakin double eyelid and no matter what I do I can't get my eyes to be as cat-like :( what can I do, I will never get even 1% like Leo :")))))))

Anyway, Let's support their comeback~~~~!!!!!
I hope they'll back with this awesome concept and the song please please be good

Finally I can get to see Leo again on the stage......singing........and dancing..........with the members not kissing matahari on stage


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KYAAA FINALLY I GOT THESE! I saw these products first at Pearypie's Instagram and I was like I GOT TO HAVE THEM and here they are! Not endorsed but I got these from IG @thebehaviour for IDR 168.000 each

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I got 3 shades from 12 shades available. All of the shades are nudes and neutrals, most are cool tones and taupe-ish - very kekinian and there's definitely a shade for everyone!


      PRODUCT NAME      
Lip Lingerie

        type of product        
Lip Cream

#04 Ruffle Trim
#08 Bedtime Flirt
#09 Corset


NYX Cosmetics US


It didn't come with a box and the applicator is on the flat side, the applicator is stiff so it makes exact and clean application easy! 

#04 Ruffle Trim

04 Ruffle Trim is probably my first love from the whole collection, it's my kinda nude, just nude cream mixed with a little bit of coral!

#08 Bedtime Flirt

#08 Bedtime Flirt is similar to #04, but it's a lil bit lighter and nuder - also definitely cooler than #04
I was afraid that 04 didn't came of too nude on me, so I pick this one up to compare!

#09 Corset

#09 Corset is taupish brown - I saw several swatches before I purchase this, and I saw 09 is not that nude. But when I confirmed my purchase, I saw another swatch picture and it turns up to be so pale. But  I guess I should go for a new color so it won't be similar with other lipstick in my collection, but it turns up to be tooo pale for me :(

On the first application, the texture is super heavenly smooth, it's like mousse and it's really smooth on the lips. In seconds, the product sets on the lips and it looks dry - but when both of my lips touched it felt little sticky, felt like they're gonna stick together and cracks so hard.

The stickiness after it sets didn't come off, it kept on being sticky. And after it sets, I just noticed that I have so much lines on my lips :( Really, really emphasise my lip lines, but luckily since all are nude it's not that noticeable. Lasting power is amazing tho and make sure your lips are properly moisturised before application!

Overall, the feeling of when it first applied and after it sets is totally different and kinda disappointing. After all it's something that I really really wanted to try and probably I'm expecting too much from it. 

However, I saw that a lot of more affordable lip creams are more pigmented in color and not a lot of nudes are available, so I'm pretty much happy with the shade selection! In conclusion, even though the feeling in the lips is not the best, the shade is definitely da bomb! 

So, what do you think? Do you want to try them? :D
Leave me a comment down below! 

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