REVIEW : Etude House &Rose - Flowering Eyes Palette

Hello! Today I'm going to review something that I've been eyeing for a while (before it was even released. This is a rare happening for me) It's Etude House's Fall 2013 Collection &Rose's Flowering Eyes eyeshadow palette! Retail for KRW 20.000 - I only got like KRW 850 discount ._. I bought them in store and it's a new product so yeah, no discount or such as that.

Looking at the promotion pictures, the &rose collection is definitely screams fall, dark-vampy lips, deep tone colors, all I like! Enough with summer, I want to wear my sweaters!!!

The description on the back stated : "This is a eyeshadow palette that comes with 10 colors that deliver alluring rosy eyes as if petals are gently placed onto eyelids" - considering there's a typo there, I can't take that seriously, but who needs informative description for an eyeshadow palette!

Etude House's packaging is definitely not my cup of tea, but I know a lot of people bought their products for its cute packaging! Inspired by blooming roses, the main color of the product is pale pink, with lace motives all over. Can't say that I liked it, but anyway!

Inside there's a plastic cover with, of course, lace all over. And hey! big mirror! That's a good plus! The palette also comes with 2 sponge applicator, both have narrower and wider end so it's quite good even though I don't use them.

The colors itself varies from brown toned to plum, even dark red! The finishes also varies from glitters to matte, that is something that I don't expect. A lot of Etude House's Palettes have only sparkles, glitters, anything shiny (which I hate) so its really nice to have a mixed in matte and satin finish here! It's also one of the reasons I got this palette btw, matte finishes! :D

The sizes of each eyeshadows are quite big. I say this palette is a little bit overpriced, especially knowing Etude House is a brand that usually have a lower price range.

Each name of the shadows are printed on the back of the case!

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT : Falling | Fade | Innocent 
Delight | Pure | Romance | Blossom | Petal | Gloomy | Poison 

Color Description:

Falling : (Frost - Glitters) Dark Coppery Brown
Fade : (Matte) Grayish Cool Light Tan
Innocent : (Matte) Light Cream
Delight : (Frost) Peachy Light Pink
Pure : (Frost - Glitters) Frosty White with Gold Glitters
Romance : (Frost) Pastel Pink
Blossom : (Matte) Burgundy Red
Petal : (Matte) Light Peachy Tan
Gloomy : (Matte) Deep Purple Mauve
Poison : (Satin) Dark Plum

I think Etude House did a great job mixing the colors, personally I liked 'Fade', 'Gloomy' and 'Poison' the best and 'Pure', 'Romance' the least. The pigmentation of the shadows are great, some did a better job than the other. The matte finishes have a greater pigmentation than the other finishes, though the deeper color still come really pigmented comparing to the lighter colors.

The color that I was amazed the most was 'Blossom'! Not only it's a rare color to begin with, the pigmentation was great and it glides smoothly (the other too!). I like to mixed in 'Poison' with 'Blossom' so it became more wearable.

The staying power is amazing. It managed to stay all day with out creasing (with no primer!) though some colors need some primer for more vivid application. I can't say that it's 'fallout' free but definitely it had less fallouts comparing to other Etude House's eyeshadow products.

I tried to make a look with this eyeshadow palette and I'm satisfied! Overall, I love most of the color and it can be used any time of the season, day or night. The pigmentation was good, the staying power was great!

Some of the colors are out of place in my opinion, for example the peachy pink 'Delight' is too bright for rest of the colors, but then again this palette is usable for anytime of the year. If you're looking for a plumy neutral palette and the price range suits you, then try to check this one out!

I can totally see myself rocking looks from this eyeshadow palette through out autumn! :D
Thankyou for reading! xx

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REVIEW : Innisfree's No-Sebum Mineral Powder

Ever since I posted about 3CE's blotting powder review, some people recommend me to try this product for setting makeups. This is Innisfree No-Sebum Mineral Powder. Retail for KRW 6.000 and I bought it in the store. Apparently this product also listed as one of Innisfree's best seller.

'No-Sebum' means Oil-free, you may notice that the word 'sebum' comes a lot in Korean makeup description. It's a dermatologic word for oil that is on our face / hair to keep our skins moisturized.

As I stated before in my 3CE's post, I did hesitant to pick it up because -- I super hate the packaging. I know it's cheap but doesn't mean the packaging should look any cheaper. But I did buy it in the end (because my mom paid for this. kkk)

Innisfree is famous for their natural and organic ingredients, and definitely one of my favorite Korean brand. This powder have two types, the loose one and the pact (powder pact retails for KRW 10.000). I saw a lot of beauty gurus / bloggers said this is their HG for korean brand's powder and very good for people with oily / combination skin.

The product also includes a puff (I lost it before I could take the picture) and also come with a protective stickers over the powder holes. The powder comes only with one color, white, which I believe to be translucent so that'll match everyone skin tones.

The powder is very fine and light. I found that applying them with fluffy brush is not enough, i like to apply them with my Real Techniques Buffing Brush and dap it all over for more concentrated application.

Some people said they liked the size of the powder, because it easier for them to bring for travel and touch ups (the powder pact, not this one I suppose). So I bought this product in Seoul, I opened the seal and use it, put them back to my makeup pouch. Then when I got home, the fine powders got everywhere, the worse? The powder was so fine, even the packaging itself can't keep them inside perfectly. I tried to really close them up and shake them, and it still gets to the sides, and the time you open it up the powder flew everywhere.

Banila Co.'s translucent powder has a secure lock, and it covers the holes so that the powders don't flew everywhere. That is one thing I like more from Banila Co's translucent powder.

Here's the swatch of the product :

TOP before powder application | BELOW after powder application

The powder may seem really white, but this powder is seriously the finest powder I ever own. It instantly mattifies anything you put before. And honestly, I kept on reaching this product more and more, more than my other translucent powders. 

Still, in the summer this No-sebum powder is not enough for me, I layered some more pressed powder on my T-zone and my forehead area. It still does a great job on mattifying your skin considering most of Korean brand product is targeted for dry skin, searching for a good product for oily / combination skin is a challenge itself. 

So? I say this product had exceed my expectation. I see now why a lot of people raved about it! Moreover its cheaper than other similar product I discover. 

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REVIEW : Skinfood - Salmon Darkcircle Concealer Cream

Yellow! I can't believe my summer break is coming to the end. GOSH. I will back to the 6th semester next week, though I get to make one off day which is on Monday. So my blog schedule could be messed up now since I have other activities, like choir practice and my part-time job to do other than my school stuff. Even though I know I'll be busier (much, much) but I felt like I enjoy blogging more when I was busy!

Anyway, to the review!

Skin Food's Salmon Darkcircle Concealer Cream is something that I wanted to purchase from a long time ago. I see a lot of beauty blogger that raves about them and I was reminded again by Sasyachi's blog post, reviewing the product. I've put a mental note to pick one for myself. Retail for KRW 8.000 and I bought them in store. One little thing for Skinfood : the store don't do any kind of sale or discounts so it doesn't matter which time of the year the price will be the same!

The one that I picked is #2 Salmon Beige, there's only two shades available. The description label sure is hidden, I like the idea of hiding them under the label, that way the packaging would like less words. The description is "A dark circle concealer cream with salmon oil that effectively conceals dark circles while promoting brighter, softer skin. The highly concentrated formula applies like a second skin and stays put without clumping, no matter how many layers you apply."

It said that it contain 'salmon oil' but worry not it doesn't smell fishy or something similar to that, tho the samples in the stores did smell like one! Maybe it's expired or exposed to the sun a lot, so if yours started to smell like one, that is a one big sign to stop using it and get another one!

(You can see I'm very very impatient, I used them even before I took the picture.. )
The color had a slight salmon-pink color that is great to fix discoloration (dark circle) under the eye. The texture is kinda thick at first, but it has a smooth application, so the key is blend blend and blend!
Not only it covered the darkness under my eye, it also adds some brightness.

Down below is the swatches on my hand and my face (warning, super gross eye close up with dark rings)

(LEFT) before application (RIGHT) after application

Although it clearly stated to be used after foundation, I like to apply them before my foundation. And on some days that I want more coverage, I like to double them up with my 3CE's full cover concealer. I found that doubling these concealer made them last longer, less streaks, and they don't set to the lines as much as if I were the 3CE / other liquid concealer only.

I recommend to apply them with finger, as the heat could really help the blending process. Sometimes I also used beauty blender or sponge if I'm in hurry and it works well too. But I always think that sponges absorbed the product way too many and even if you take the same amount of product, sponges will do less than other beauty tools, such as you finger? brushes, and puffs.

For a concealer, the jar is sure looks big, but if you take a look on the side, it's actually not as deep as you would think. But comparing to the retail price and other brand's concealer, you do get a lot of uses from this.

Overall, I liked this product and would love to recommend them! I usually keep my expectation low so that I don't disappoint much, but I've already expect so much from the product. (from reading other beauty blogger's posts, from the fact that it always sold out in some Skin Food stores) However I've been very satisfied and I could say this product had filled my expectation!

Thankyou so much for reading! See you soon! xx

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OOTD : Graduation Day + NEWS

...Not my graduation actually...
Our friend, senior and also big sister finally graduated! We started our new life here together, but she's a graduate student, so she gets to graduate first!! Envy! lol So we all went to her graduation ceremony and took an OOTD!

But before we go into that, I'll slip in a mini news here.. Indonesian Student in Korea, specifically in Kyungsung University, in Busan is going to hold an Indonesian-night-kinda-annual-event called "Knock, Knock, Indonesia" and we're in the middle on raising the fund.

We will showing traditional dances such as Betawi dance, Batak dance, Saman and Bali dance, also Indonesian traditional songs and costumes, wrapped in one awesome night! We opened a pre-order for the merchandise to help us raise the fund, so if you're interested in the item, you could comment down below, or email me at filiaparamita@gmail.com for question and details!

MEN T-SHIRT (available in S/M/L/XL) IDR 120.000
WOMEN CROP TEE (available in S/M/L/XL) IDR 120.000
CANVAS BAG (36 x 40 cm) IDR 90.000
NOTES (15cm x 20,5cm x 0,7cm) IDR 60.000



CROP TOP h&m | LONG SKIRT unbranded bought in Korea
NECKLACES (short one) diva, (longer one) unbranded bought in indonesia | 
BAG gift | SHOES gmarket

I really like my heels! It's not that high but still looks good and the heels had this unique cutting on the back which are the reasons I'm in love with them. Once again, happy graduation Mbak Uli! :D Have a bright and greater future ahead! xx

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REVIEW : Banila Co. Summer Fantasy 02 Passionist

You guys know how I much I adore Banila Co. and this product is something I have eyed for a long time now. I've went to the store back and forth and swatch them everytime I'm there, but I finally splurged for one this summer. Finally out of some colors, I chose this one. 'Summer Fantasy' Blusher 02 Passionist. Retail for KRW 20.000

I'm not a blush person, really. I don't go to makeup stores and buy blush on impulse! The reason is because I always had the worst blemish and redness in my cheek and nose area. I never had the slightest idea to add some more 'red' in area that is literally red already. The store staff recommends me to pick this color because it's more to a coral than to pink, said it would matches my skin tone more.

Talking about the packaging, I think you guys had the same thoughts like I did. Totally similar with Benefit's Box Blush. Well, only the shape of the packaging but not the designs and stuff. I think Banila Co. is somewhat wanted to have the same concept like Benefit's (they also going to launch a kit, which you guess, have similar packaging as Benefit's makeup kits).

If I have to choose I prefer makeup products with sturdier, or plastic cases. Not only they look like they cost more, the durability is something that I would choose over cute packagings because I'm very very very clumsy with all my stuffs. Durable packaging = I could be more clumsy with myself.

The blush also comes with an angled blush brush, which I couldn't care because it's kinda harsh and didn't pick up much product. But I just keep them inside anyway.

As I said before the color is coral, with gold shimmers all over it. The real thing looks more a bit orange-y than the picture (The picture comes out pinkier). It had gold glitters all over but once applied doesn't come as chunky as the glitters in the pan.

The pressed blush is so far the hardest product to swatch ever. The blush is really sheer. I had to go back and forth, again and over to make a decent swatch that my camera could actually catch. I've used my densest brush to apply them to give maximum pigmentation but it is still come as pretty sheer.

The sheer color means also you can't never over-apply the product. The shimmers on it also makes the blush a 2-1 goodness because it also gives off a highlighting effect on application. I'm not happy with the pigmentation though, but the sheer color gives off a very light, subtle blush look, that sometimes I can't even see with my own eyes.

Overall, it's a good product, but I don't recommend it to you. As there are so much similar blush like this on the market, with better pigmentation, and of course better price. At first I was quite disappointed with the blush, mostly because of the pigmentation. After a few tryouts, the blush gives off a very natural finish that it's good for everyday. After all this blush is a Korean brand products, which I found it rare for a korean brands to have a strong color payoff for their blushes.

Thankyou so much for reading! have a great day ahead! xx

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REVIEW : Banila Co. Eye Love Eyeliner Pencil - Deep Black

This time I'm gonna review another amazing product from Banila Co. - The Eyelove Eyeliner Pencil in Deep Black! Comes in 2 color, deep black and deep brown. Actually I was sooo close on reviewing The Faceshop Faceit Styling Auto Gel Liner which is also my favorite, but then I purchase this one as I also run out of the faceshop one.

I love my faceshop gel liner, but I love this one so much more. So I decided to review this one instead. It retail for KRW 14.000 - I think its pricey, as other Banila Co. products are. And for writing a better review, I went on a little research about the product, and I found out they placed on No.3 on their 'Blind Test' for the search on Eyeliner with smoothest application. Read the article here (in Korean)

It claims to be waterproof, easy-drawing, super longwear, and smudge proof. And I'm quite agree on all of it! I'm not someone that likes to draw on my lower waterline, but I like to fill in the gap between my eyelashes with pencil liner. And until today it doesn't smudge on me or even disappears in the middle of the day leaving those gaps white. About the lower line, give me the best eyeliners ever and I'm 100% it will still be smudging away seeing how humid Korea is right now.

Talking about the smoothness of this eyeliner, gosh it really glides like a gel liner, in form of a pencil!! (like the name didn't spell that out loud). And the pigmentation, I think this is the blackest eyeliner I ever had in my life. Only in 1 strokes, you'll get a super black line, effortlessly, no tucking your eyes stuff like that!

Tried to smudge them by going over them 34089589times and this what it looks like.  

Wiping them off with makeup wipes. Still have some left.

The trick is, also works with other eye liner, is to wait them to set for a few good seconds and it will not budge. Unless you want to smudge them for that smoky look than you have to do it fast! 

The eyeliner glides on so so so smoothly I thought it was a khol kajal liner, or something like that, eyeliner that is for smudging. But I take a leap of faith and bought them, and they magically sits through the harsh humid and hot summer days on my waterline, without smudging! 

UP none DOWN with the eyeliner. Super Black I love it! :D

Overall, I love love this product! Only one things that I dislike is the fact that this pencil needs a sharpener to be sharpen. They're not an auto type liner! I always felt that I'm wasting some of the products if I have to sharpen them :( But in the other way it wouldn't be sharp enough for me to like the waterline. I would love to try other Banila Co. Eyeliner's, I really hoped their auto eyeliners are as pigmented as this one! 

Thankyou so much for reading! have a great day ahead! xx

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