My lip products HAUL!

Talking about December, all the sales and all the presents.....FIUH it's such a wonderful month to spend, PLUS we survived the 2012 apocalypse so YEY!

So, winding back to my previous post about getting more productive, I actually gonna clean up and posts things I always delayed (typical me). But actually delaying these Haul post gave me sometime to actually try them and could share to you my honest opinion as a consumer! ha!

I did make more efforts as I got more time in my hand right now. I'm so glad I decided to brought back ALL my makeups home. Eventhough I only have like, 2 months here, I already planned some ideas to put on my blog, so keep on that!

Without further a do, here's my lip products haul (korean brands)

Now presenting you the 'in your face' picture of my lips! I thought on showing you guys the true color so I decided to use it on my lips, Here I'm showing you my lips without anything so you could kinda imagined the color on your lips natural color :*

Natural Republic - 'Mango Bebe Lip' collection! 

Did I tell you guys I was obsessed with Natural Republic brand these days? Not only the got so much better packaging (nice design? SOLD), They also working on expanding their collection. Of course, with cheaper price! 

Apparently Japanese do like this brand (I guess either it is because of Jang Geunsuk...or the brand is actually nice for them). Well even if it is because to JGS, then it means they make used of their 'money' well to attract customer! Recently they also using JYJ, even my friend would go coconut at Nature Republic just for the paper bag!

 Mango Bebe Lip - Care Stick SPF 15 in Red Mango

Mango Bebe Lip - Lip concealer

I got two out of 4 stuff in their line. As you can see above, a lip balm and a lip concealer. 

The lipbalm is actually a repurchase. I really like how the color is showing nicely on my lips, but actually it does not doing a goodjob moisturizing. The lip concealer is also not a necessary buy I guess. Because 1. I don't really use a lot of lipsticks that needs extra concealing before it could actually showing up and 2. You can always use your concealer, after you moisturize your lips well. 

Price : KRW 4.400 
Where to Buy : Gmarket (Sorry, cant find the red mango ones TT_TT, so linked to the white mango instead!)

Next is still for Nature Republic,
Eco Crayon Lip Rouge 

 Eco Crayon Lip Rouge in #4 Peachy Pink

Eco Crayon Lip Rouge in #2 Rouge Pink

I purchased them separately, first I get the #2 first and starts using it and it felt nice! So I went back again to get something more light for everyday use, and I bought #4 which ends up not as nice as the redder one :/

The lighter pink just does not glide nicely on my lips and it accentuates my lips fine lines! Making them look dry when they're not! 

Just remember, different from any other similar products, these are more to a lip color than a lip tint. So they won't stain your lips so you might want to reapply them during them day. The plus point is, because they're not a lip stain, it actually doesn't make your lip dry (except for the pink one, where it MAKE your lip looks dried out..)

Price : KRW 6.000

Still from Nature Republic (gosh........)
Adding another petite sticks from my post here 
Petite Cherry Rouge!

 Petite Cherry Rouge in H11 Real Black Rouge

Petite Cherry Rouge in C34 Creamy Espresso

To summarize this products in one sentence : CHEAP AND SMALL. Yep. Which actually quite a solution for people like me that wanted a colorful lipsticks to try, but don't have the confidence to actually finish the sticks! For example like the vampy lips in my first picture? I might be only wearing those once a year!! So having a small stick and a cheap price doesn't burden me! haha

Price : Original for KRW 3.300, but I always got it on 50%disc so KRW 1.650! 
Where to buy : Sorry, can't find the online one you have to go to the store :(

Is the product I really excited about, not from NP! 
Aritaum's World Glam Lip Gloss

 World Glam Lip Gloss in #17 Shanghai

World Glam Lip Gloss #4 New York

You might ask, World Glam?? Wut?? 
If you click down belom, right after where to buy space, I've put down the link to the gmarket page where you could see all the colors in the collection. Basically, Aritaum named the glosses with the images of big cities in the world!! 
Cool idea huh??

I've already wanting the 'Shanghai' as Aritaum launched it as a part of their Christmas collection. I tried them on store and I just really like the consistency, and the color of course! But suddenly they went on sale for 3 days (Aritaum doesn't really go on sale!) So I was panicked and it truly was an impulse buy. I planned to only buy one, but the pink one also looks nice..... so..... lol

Actually they're really creamy for a lip gloss, but still can't be used alone. Because of the texture it's kinda hard to blend away if you had no foundation before (like lipsticks/lipbalm). But still the packaging it's nice. Reminds me a lot to Mac's Dazzleglass bottles.

.....and which I just knew that it is also NYX's soft matte lip cream's name concept. Coincidence? I bet it's not.

Super duper mega cute signs on each bottles!! I like how the really tried to match every city with a color. I personally thinks they're quite true to the images! 

Price : KRW 12.000 (on the store, I don't know why but the Gmarket one was more cheap!)
Where to buy : Gmarket. also click there to see more color! 

Actually I still have one more to go, but I think I'm gonna combined it with my another Face Shop haul!! I hope that my post is in anyway informative. I've started to think to blog a new series of Howto's related to living life in Korea, so I hope you could stay tuned to that!




HI fellow 21 December 2012 apocalypse survivor! It's Christmas today!
I missed my church morning service today :( But I could still blame on my jetlag.

YES! I'm back to Indonesia for my winter holiday!! I expect myself to be super productive in this 2 months. Productive in like, every aspect of my life!! I'm totally gonna list my 2013 new year resolutions

Anyway to start of this expected productive week, I've made more efforts on my way of saying Merry Christmas in this blog. It's a plus OOTD! For you non-IG maniacs OOTD is abbreviation of 'Outfit of the Day' So, I'm gonna post mine here, today, here!!

Confession : eventhough it supposed to be TODAY, it is not my todays outfit. I would burn in sauna dressing like this in Indonesia. It was a week before when I was in Busan and I would totally dress like this if 1. I celebrate Christmas in Busan and 2. Christmas is in Fall. Actually South Korea's Christmas were so cold I could barely live through.

More cool picts:

Black velvet flowery baroque style pants from H&M and red sweater from a street shop in Seomyeon.
Sorry it's blurry because I took it myself. With a selftimer. No tripod. On my towel drier. ha



My New Favorite! : Banila. Co

Banila. Co products and Forever21 beauty pouch

Banila. Co is one of Korean brand that you internationally not going to hear as loud as Etude House, The Face Shop, etc but I'm not strange with the name as some people have actually recommend me to try Banila. Co products.

I know the name is actually quite ridiculous. A lot of my friends here actually thought the name was supposed to be 'Vanilla. Co' but because Korean don't have a 'V' in their hangul, their pronunciation turned into 'Banila. Co'. So when I actually get into their store, I was like, 'wait, so your real brand name is Banila? like, Banila?' Now I know how my friend Vania's feel, to be called Bania in Korean. That's just......................... off.

Outside of their weird brand name, I like every things that I purchased from there!!
Well, as I said before some people did recommend me some stuff, or actually the brand only because they never stated the specific products to get. So.........

..And it's kinda hard to get Banila. Co in Busan, comparing to Seoul.

Arggggggh I kept on typing Banilla. Co instead Banila. Co. forgive me for future typo.

The first thing that I got from Banila is this BB cream. Actually I got them for sale (duh),  they retail for about KRW 30.000 but I got them for KRW 21.000. I was kinda torned with their other BB cream, I think it was the Let Me Bebe Naked BB cream? just because it was so much cheaper + the sale discount. As I look around, I found these and decided to try and bought it.

Real Face Natural BB cream SPF31 PA++ in Real Natural

I don't have a swatch pic, but anyway the BB cream is definitely on the sheer side, blend really well and actually doesn't have a grayish tone like most of bb creams. It felt really thin and almost like my skin's second layer. I TOTALLY IN LOVE WITH IT. I do need some coverage, but some concealer did the job.

The second stuff is their face primer, 'Prime' Primer in classic. This packaging is a limited edition packaging for their 7th(?) anniversary. Aside from the packaging, the amount and the price is slightly higher than the original packaging. It cost me about KRW 22.000, the original one is KRW 18.000.

The reason why I ended up getting the limited one is :

                    What's is more cuter than a pink-illustration packaging????

I did wanted the classic matte one but f*ckit I'm taking these baby home.

Short story, after the BB cream purchase, we got back to our guest house (That time me and my sister were in Seoul for short weekend to accompany my aunt and nephew sister) and my sister begin to try the bb cream we bought together with the primer sample. She said it was tooooo good she beg to get back to Banila to actually get the full sized primer. Plus, she did a search on the products and it was said a Korean primer must-have.

Actually these primer come in 4 other type for each skin types : classic (combination typed), classic matte (oily skin), Hydrating (dry skin), Hydrating shimmer (dry skin). So choose carefully for your skin type or it might not work as good :D


She did get her primer, but the staff talked me to buy the primer, and the primer powder. Gosh my ears are so thin. 

The last thing on my purchase were this 'Prime' primer finish powder. I know it's not stated here but it's for the oily-combination skin. The dry skin one is the white one! Take precaution if you want to get one!! Price : KRW 22.000

I didn't get the brush, i got for free (woot woot!). Another one of their 7th anniversary sale special, buy the limited edition primer + this primer powder, get the kabuki brush for free! I guess that's another one plus reason for why I did get the pink limited cute one. Still confused why they put these on their primer line, because powdering is totally not a primer-ing step of make up. But once again, judge any Korean makeup by their cuteness and effectiveness, not by their Engrish.

These combination, primer + BB cream + translucent 'primer' powder = PERFECT

GOOOOSH my makeup stayed all day!! I'm a student you see and I put on makeup almost everyday and for almost 10+ hours per day. So creasing makeup (read : losing some of your foundation on your T-zone / acne spots) is not a new thing for me. But these baby kept my BB cream still!!!! I also tried them with my Revlon Photoready Foundation and it still worked really well! Money well spent, Filia, well spent.

The kabuki brush were also beyond expectation! It was reaaaaaally soft but still dense enough for the micro powder applies and sets nicely :)  I just lookover their site, the brush retails for KRW 14.000!! That's where the quality came from :o

For the samples, they gave me one of their best selling products. I think it was their cleansing cream (above) and a face mask. Haven't tried them and I think I'm gonna liking every Banila. Co products shoved into my face. So getting excited to try them! :D 

Conclusions are, I really like Banila. Co face / base products. They do have higher price range comparing to other Korean brand, but if you would like to invest on a nice, long lasting BB cream I would totally recommend these! Some things though I did notice on my twice visit on different Banila. Co shop (and several by just looking through the window) is that they always have one male staff. I don't know why but male staffs always successful talking me into buy their products!!!. Cute one have much bigger effect tho. I think it's one of their sales strategy :/ 

Anyway I'm gonna do another hauls of makeups and Christmas packagings! :D Stay tuned!!


forgot a thing, go ahead to www.banilaco.com for products list and info. I know it's in Korean, but you could check out their best selling stuffs and ...other...stuffs there!



Oh yeahhhh I finished all my finals!!!!!!!!

Anyway I'm planning for doing a Christmas shopping, which I'm shopping forrrrr MYSELF! :D

But really, I don't think Indonesian have this tradition where you should buy your family / friends present for Christmas, because being together is already a gift for us..


No just kidding, it's my pretty way to say that I prefer to waste money for self

Again, just kidding :D I think Indonesian still had this tradition that Christmas presents are from your parents unless you're a big adult that could actually afford nice gifts and stuffs. And I'm going to follow the traditional way of Christmas, waiting for presents under the tree! :D

But actually I did bought some presents for my people in Indonesia! I remember really on the summer I went back to Jakarta and everyone were macaron freak!! Everything was macaronized and actually I did liked them. So when I saw these, I was like, this is the thing I'm gonna brought back to Indo.

MACARON LIP BALM! Say whatttt!
I was like super excited to see this on the store, by the way its from 'It's Skin', a Korean Brand.
I don't usually went to look over It's Skin because they're nowhere near my uni.

Anyway I ends up buying 8, 2 pieces for each color. I totally forgot about the price but I went away and checked on Gmarket and the retail for about KRW 5.800

Sayyy what?? No, I don't remember that I bought them for that much O_O really Nichkhun-oppa? I do remember they went about a little bit over KRW 4.000, moreover on 30% discount sale. Maybe because it is a international site so the charges more, I'm not pretty sure.

Let's jump onto the products!!

 #1 Strawberry

#2 Green Apple

#3 Grape

#4 Pineapple

Overall the cases are cute, obviously. Macarons, the king of Instagram? They're gonna always be cute and yummy. It actually really good on photographs because they do look like macarons, and the plastic cases are also really nice. 

But in the real life, I don't think it's well made enough because they do look like just a cheap plastic case. And if they really sell it for about 5.800 then it's not worth enough I think. But it's cute enough for present and gifts so I go ahead and bought some

I don't actually try to put on some on my lips, because I just bought 8 of them and I'm afraid that it's not enough for all of my friends. I'm gonna let them choose whatever they want because I actually also bought some face masks, but I think they're gonna like these better haha so any real life friends reading these, you might want to hurry and meet me so you get these baby! 

The smell are nice, I don't expect that the yellow one is pineapple, I think they're lemon or something. I like grape the best, because it smell rather nice and I just like lipbalms that smell nice and strong <3

For It's skin I also like their 1-minute-drying nails or something, they do dry really fast! Gotta get more color from them. Also their baby face lipsticks. WHY? Because they got little wings on them <3 IM SOLD. oh and they're pretty cheap too! lol



I see wings!!!!

If I have to list my obsessions :


and the third one, is super related to my ultimate one :

3. WINGS! 

If you not know who the hell is number 1, no he is not Dr Jekyll's Hyde. Nor Hyde park.

Right is Jaejoong's, Left is Hyde's <3 credit pictures to google.com

Jaejoong is also one of people in the world I consider, too pretty to be alive, I've met him real life at JYJ concert and in the cinema for his film, read them here. I don't actually even know that JJ had his tattoo upgraded with some wings! Did I liked people according to their obsession on wings? Curious, curious.   

Anyway, i fell in love with wings not long after I fell for hyde! And i just think they're pretty and artsy and if someday I decided to get a tattoo, I WANNA WINGS!!! 

As a wings lover, I still choosey on my favorite wings stuffs. Not all wings I like lah, I also see the designs. But but but recently I made a certain purchases on Accessorize in Seoul that I super super super love!!!!!!!! 


I don't usually would bought something from Accessorize in Korea, I know they're not that expensive in Europe, but in Korea they're really not kidding. The prices were like, .......wow

But honestly the products inside were so cute x 100000000000!!! I could only stare and burn my heart with jealousy over European or anywhere where Accessorizes stuffs doesn't cost you a $30++ for a hairpin.

ALSO!! Matching with my earrings


I'm still can't wear it until now because it would drown in my scarf. I'm totally bringing this baby home to forever summer Indonesia!!!!

And, one thing. The price!! The earrings cost me about KRW 5.000 and the necklace were KRW 12.000. WHAT A STEAL!! Really I stare to the jewelry section to see if there's any of these wings collection I might be missing.

I really like these!!!!!! AAAAAAAA the gold was perfect!!! And the wing sizes are perfect!!!! MORE PRODUCTS PLEASE!!!



Everland, the Halloween Theme Park!

Gosh. I already left them in the folder to blog about it, but still.... procrastination 1 : filia 0

It's been a while, but if you remember, around September or so, Korean celebrate their Thanksgiving day or more widely known for Chuseok!
Detailed explanation click here (cr: Allkpop.com)

And fortunately, Western people or more to American are also celebrating Halloween!

Most time in Chuseok, Korean spends time with their family. And foreigner? It's just a golden weekend for us! (Really really tired explaining to Korean why the heck we're not coming home for Chuseok. Because NO, WERE NOT CELEBRATING IT. Believe me, the question comes out so much that you could thought.)

So Everland, a theme park in Seoul have this online foreigner discount ticket! Just because most of people that will hang around to play during Chuseok is, US the foreigner. Which is a total wrong concept. Because in modern day apparently celebrating Chuseok in Everland is becoming one of their tradition! Nayyyyy for long friggin' queue.

Or maybe we just picked the wrong day to go to the Theme Park.

You can check the ticket pricing in their site AND scroll down to print their SPECIAL FOREIGNER DISCOUNT! I believe I pay less than the price stated on the site, because it was their Chuseok / Halloween special I guess.

What you have to do is just click the 'print this page' button on the discount page and bring it to the counter. Notice that the counter for people with this coupon is different, so try and ask the staff if you have difficulties finding it.

As a theme park, of course they have to have a THEME!
That time it was their Halloween theme! We got so excited because in Indonesia, we don't celebrate Halloween, in Korea they also not. So Everland, good job on choosing Halloween over Chuseok, because I rather to see a huge jack-o-lantern everywhere rather than 떡 (ddeok : a rice dumpling?) everywhere.

They also have many Halloween and accessories. Which is nice because you wont see much in Korea during the Halloween season. And the most exciting thing in Everland on Halloween season is...........

Oh yeah, HORROR MAZE promoted by 2PM and Miss A Suzy! For travelers, I must caution you this attraction only open for several weeks, during their Halloween period. So make sure to check their website is the attraction still available on your visit! 

To enter this attraction, it will cost you KRW 5.000 (not included on the entrance fee). Honestly speaking, I'm too afraid to get in. And to spend KRW 5.000 walking in the dark and be scared and screaming and stuff I don't think it's worthed lol. But really we spend a long long long time to decided whether or not we get in or not
According to my friends that have been there, It is scary. Because the ghost would literally scaring you, like surprise attacking in front of yo face!! Dude. Did you ghosts are not afraid to get punch in your face? What if, imagine, a boxer got in an it is his reflect to punch someone in their face if he is surprised? Dude. don't.
I also heard that they'll give you a mission choice, you could choose either the long ones or short ones, but I heard there were 5 missions you can choose. But never actually got in there. Can't guarantee it's true. 

Did I said that Everland is also a ZOO???
Oh yeah I did, just now. Everland is also a Zoo. I don't know nothing about that, I almost thing I got into this secret passage to a nearby Zoo :/ 
Not only real animals, FAKE ANIMALS TOO! 
Sun Go Kong? is that you???? 

Speaking of theme park, Parades is also the one to look forward too! 
I don't think Everland have their own, mascots. Or even a theme songs that played trough out the park until you sick of it but once you hear it you'll think of the theme park. You feel me?
So the parade is just foreigners dressing up as colorful things I don't really recognize with a huge LED lights all over the vehicle. And seeing the Halloween Parade, it just gets to us that the Halloween stuff is actually for the kids.... so the parade is just meh... kids stuff! 

... a LED Planet with tentacles? ..............

My tips on going to Everland :
  • Dress comfortably. Because Everland is HUGEEEE. 
  • If you want to check out the parades, they have A LOT of parade. So there's this big board somewhere in the park, where they put every parade schedules and places. Also waiting time for every attractions, so be sure to check on that
  • If you're not a first timer, but you still want to go back to Everland, just make sure the second time you're going they have a different theme going on! It's Christmas theme right now!! 
  • Loose your pocket!! I mean meals on theme parks are EXPENSIVE. But standing and walking all day could really exhaust you, so rather than faint over heat + tiredness, eat whatever you want there! My recommendation : Churros sticks!! 
The one that you should take note if you're using public transportation is to check on their schedule and their last schedule!! Because Everland is map-wise already outside Seoul, so taking a taxi could really be a burden. Make sure you check out the bus and train to match your schedule!! 

more pictures ;))

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