Oh yeahhhh I finished all my finals!!!!!!!!

Anyway I'm planning for doing a Christmas shopping, which I'm shopping forrrrr MYSELF! :D

But really, I don't think Indonesian have this tradition where you should buy your family / friends present for Christmas, because being together is already a gift for us..


No just kidding, it's my pretty way to say that I prefer to waste money for self

Again, just kidding :D I think Indonesian still had this tradition that Christmas presents are from your parents unless you're a big adult that could actually afford nice gifts and stuffs. And I'm going to follow the traditional way of Christmas, waiting for presents under the tree! :D

But actually I did bought some presents for my people in Indonesia! I remember really on the summer I went back to Jakarta and everyone were macaron freak!! Everything was macaronized and actually I did liked them. So when I saw these, I was like, this is the thing I'm gonna brought back to Indo.

MACARON LIP BALM! Say whatttt!
I was like super excited to see this on the store, by the way its from 'It's Skin', a Korean Brand.
I don't usually went to look over It's Skin because they're nowhere near my uni.

Anyway I ends up buying 8, 2 pieces for each color. I totally forgot about the price but I went away and checked on Gmarket and the retail for about KRW 5.800

Sayyy what?? No, I don't remember that I bought them for that much O_O really Nichkhun-oppa? I do remember they went about a little bit over KRW 4.000, moreover on 30% discount sale. Maybe because it is a international site so the charges more, I'm not pretty sure.

Let's jump onto the products!!

 #1 Strawberry

#2 Green Apple

#3 Grape

#4 Pineapple

Overall the cases are cute, obviously. Macarons, the king of Instagram? They're gonna always be cute and yummy. It actually really good on photographs because they do look like macarons, and the plastic cases are also really nice. 

But in the real life, I don't think it's well made enough because they do look like just a cheap plastic case. And if they really sell it for about 5.800 then it's not worth enough I think. But it's cute enough for present and gifts so I go ahead and bought some

I don't actually try to put on some on my lips, because I just bought 8 of them and I'm afraid that it's not enough for all of my friends. I'm gonna let them choose whatever they want because I actually also bought some face masks, but I think they're gonna like these better haha so any real life friends reading these, you might want to hurry and meet me so you get these baby! 

The smell are nice, I don't expect that the yellow one is pineapple, I think they're lemon or something. I like grape the best, because it smell rather nice and I just like lipbalms that smell nice and strong <3

For It's skin I also like their 1-minute-drying nails or something, they do dry really fast! Gotta get more color from them. Also their baby face lipsticks. WHY? Because they got little wings on them <3 IM SOLD. oh and they're pretty cheap too! lol


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  1. yes :) I noticed that some are stamped and some are not, I think the older ones do not have the stamps but I don't think it's fake tho because I bought everything in the store :)


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