Nail Polish Edition #3!

Oh SH#T I've been procrastinating so much this Summer Holiday!

At first, I was completely attracted by the visual packaging of the polishes. I mean how cool if I had polish collection with those chic black cap!! So I tried bought one, but ofcourse. big disappointment. 

Aside from cool black cap design, the polish itself is the worst. The liquid is too fluid and the applier brush is too wide and coarse. Dries not really great and it chipped on me so bad!! I don't really like the finish either

The 'Happy Holiday Nails' is a limited edition for last year's Christmas. Even though the packaging was indeed smaller, but if you divide the package price, one bottle costs pretty much the same as a normal size. (I don't actually like the color combination too..Anyway I got it on a discounted price..)

Aside from the nail polishes...
Tony Moly's product is a good alternative for someone on budget. Most known by their eyeliner though. I was once tony moly's eyeliner user (mostly because of their simple chic packaging. Yes I judge by their cover lol) because they're freakin' CHEAP!! And most of the products I got it on sale.. so    really easy on the money here.

Tony Moly is right now promoted by T-Ara's Eunjung and Song Joongki. Once also promoted by Kim Hyun-joong (this guy is everywhere :S) and Ga-in from BEG too

Good news for you guys in Jakarta, Indonesia!! 

I've recently found out Tony Moly stores opened in Mal Taman Anggrek and PIM! Go check it out (..AND the price is SO MUCH reasonable than Et*de Ho*se's!!) 


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