Just a little of cosmetic related stuff I bought from my Seoul trip!

1. [Etude House] Skin Malgeum 4 Step kit (free)
2. [Nature Republic] Blusher, Shine Blossom, in #5 Shading Blossom
3. [Innisfree] Eco nail color, in #83 허브 요거트 Herb Yogurt
4. [Holika Holika] Luminous Silk Aura Pact, in #1 Light Beige
5. [Etude House] Dear My Blooming Nails, in #5 짜릿한 레드 (darker one) and #6 애태우는 베이지
6. [Innisfree] Mineral Glam Brightener, in #3 이슬 닮은 은빛
7. [Etude House] 55 Kissful Tint Chou, in #4 Tangerine Chou
8. [Nature Republic] Berry Baby Lip Balm spf 12, in #2 Peach Berry
9. [Missha] Eye Make-up lash (Natural)
10. [Etude House] Pocket mirror (Free)
11. Hair tie with bunny ear in tosca
12. [Etude House] Minime World Traveler Collection Ms. Cutie Perfume Mist, Citrus Fruity
13. [Etude House] Traveling Make up pouch (free)

*and if you see between number 12 and 9, there's a little pencil stuff, I totally missed that. so it was Etude House's 'Drawing' Eye brow pencil in #1 dark brown.

More detailed pictures of the stuffs, I don't know if I want to make a review out of it, because I'm not a make up geek or something, I just like buying cute stuffs :p

But i pretty like how the stuff working for me now, even though I haven't like try all the stuff. Just the holika powder pact, it's like laces all over, I just don't have the heart to like smear the lace over :(

anyway, have a nice and productive week!



Dejavu, you feel me?

Nothing is related to the title :) It's another traveling post!
And it is so not far. It's SEOUL. Again. *See title again*

If you see my Seoul travel post over here and here, it was kinda go-without-any-plan-JUST-GO. But since I was with my aunt and uncle, I can't be very very like go whenever i wanted too. Just to places usually tour guides would bring any foreigners to see.

I'm more to the "I don't need views and beautiful mountains and shit, I WANT TO SHOP".
That's my holy travel quote.

I prefer cities than go and drive for 3 hours to see how trees like from faraway or how clean the air is. No. No. I want markets, malls and street shops! Don't judge me, people also have their preferable choice of travel!

This time I went with my mom and sis. And from my previous 'guiding' I've learned my lesson.

You see, i might have been in Korea for about 1 year, but I'm totally A BUSAN person. I don't know Seoul, I don't even have gone to Seoul for travel yet I have to bring people TO GUIDE them. So what you expect??

SO learning from the past, I've made a lot of difference this time. I think i did a better job. And the plus point, my mom does like shopping better than my aunt, and she knows what she really want to do here, so it was more easy and exciting and more shopping bags.

Basically we went to the same places as the first time I went to Seoul. EXCEPT I asked my mom to choose a hotel that is in downtown Seoul. Not some exquisite hotel in nowhere that took 10.000 won for literally EVERYWHERE.

We spend 3 nights in Ibis Hotel, Myongdong. Which is just 20 steps to my favorite street in Seoul, which is (copy paste) Myongdong. We could just shop for some time, got back to get some rest and shower, AND SHOP AGAIN. sjfnovahwtjah. HEAVEN.

Except for the price of the hotel is almost the same as the nowhere-exquisite-hotel but is not even a half nice. bleh.

Everything when so smoothly for the first time guiding experience (except some time we spend doing-nothing-in-the-hotel-because-theres-nothing-there), but everything I planned (surprise plan. Just went with the flow) went well.

But this time, either it was raining, the dongdaemun Migliore is closed, Seoul Tower's cable car is not working, no snow, and one is the worse WORSE experience ever which is,

So the story began with how Ibis hotel is so much faraway to the Incheon Airport, it cost about 70.000 won. Instead of taxi, i suggest my mom to take the limousine bus, so we bought the ticket. The flight is quite morning, around 10am, so my mom decided to take the bus at 8.30 am because the staff told her it took almost an hour and half.

My KTX ticket also depart in morning, 9.30am, so we decided to go check out and just went out together. The limousine bus had a different bus stop from the usual bus stop, but because of the rain, we can't wait right beside the bus stop. So anyway me and my mom just waited outside of KB bank near the bus stop.

Quite some time passed, suddenly the 6015 (If I'm not wrong) passed by and my mom noticed it. But of course not getting used of 'palli palli' tradition of Korea (which is CRAZY fast.) we are kinda late catching the bus. There are no one there, only us. Then the bus MADE A FRIGGIN' "OH THERES PEOPLE IM GONNA STOP HERE" MOVEMENT. So i stopped running and just walked to catch it for my mom.

BUT YOU KNOW WHAT IT DID? IT DOES NO EVEN STOPPED. The driver trolled us by making a FAKE stopping movements. I still running and I kinda noticed this weird feeling. SO THERE. THE BUS LEFT US. I even see the bus is only HALF EMPTY.

Morever, my morning mood is so not pretty. You don't want to make me mad in the time i supposed to sleep, NOT WAITING SOME F*CKING BUS UNDER THE RAIN. I was so mad, I almost threw something at the bus, because it was still moving so slowly. I then shouted, "YAA!!!" really loud, until people waiting for bus in the usual bus stop stares, and might be thinking 미친 외국인.

Anyway my mood gets better again because the other bus come not as long as we expected it to be. And i send my mom off.

My turn to search my means of transportation, i waved my hand to search for a taxi. It was cold, and I'm wet and my bags are heavy. I just waved and waved until a taxi come. It was a luxury taxi. fml. But i can't care much. Fuck it, the station is not even that far.

But the driver wont took me!! Because i have to go to the other side of the street.....
there's no zebra cross. I have to walk down the subway to cross the street....... WITH 3 BAGS.

fml fml. So i went down the stairs and GO UP THE STAIRS with all the power i have left. After that, it took my about 10 minutes to fetch a taxi. I was wet, cold, my bag (one of them is a paper bag) is ruined. I can't care enough. After i arrived at Busan, I can't even rest because i have to visit my professors because i skipped their first day............ omg

I was really mad until I can't even talk. too tired and so annoyed. I can't even think straight and recollect stuff i did after that :S

But anyway i was thinking of doing mini haul from my trip! So stay tuned!!


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