And the Adventure Continues...!!

... SO my pointless journey continues!! HA

Third Day Destination!

With me as my Aunt and Uncle's guide, and with my first time experience traveling to Seoul, of course i couldn't do a very good job as a guide. So we decided to take a half day tour from a brochure given by the Hotel! 

It was from 8.30am - 1.00 pm and they'll gonna take you around Seoul (as the package you choose) with their mini bus! Our first destination :

A Buddhist Temple which I completely forgot what it is the name..

The main gate! Across this temple there's a temple stay place, so you could actually go to Korea and do your religious tour! 

Put your incense here and pray for your wish!  소원을 말해 봐

 Second destination! Gyeongbokgung Palace! Did i wrote that right? There's the gate and the other one is the guard shift-exchange ceremony! You should come in the time where they change the guard

I see what you did there..

The next destination is the National Folks Museum. It's not something really interested. So I'll show you my picture instead! 생 얼굴! 

That's it!
We went to 4 places actually, we actually went to the Blue Palace. The place president lives, just imagined itu as a white house, but instead this is blue, and had a huge mountain as their backyard.

But since some North Korean spy came and try to sneak some explosion to American Ambassador Office or sth, we just turned around twice and see it from the window. Close Enough

The tour cost you around 35.000 won. And because it was the half day tour, it didn't include any lunch, just transportation and guide. The tour ended and they drop us off at Itaewon. We wander around to search for restaurant and we ate at a Thai Restaurant. Weird enough?

Padthai with a huge ass fork!

Fourth Day Destination! 

Oh yeahhhhhh Guess where am I? Hanok Village! <3

Don't judge me, but this is my first time seeing a friggin snow!! hahaha! COLD BUT ME GUSTA!

This tea have this weird annoying smell but it tastes OK. So this is my ultimate technique! 

In this traditional village, you could rent a Korean traditional costume! 
For the basic one it's 10.000 won. Then there's another package, like the photo package, the package with the tea serving. You will be given around 40 minutes to wander around with your Hanbok (Korean Traditional Costume) and took picture with the beautiful traditional houses around the village! 

When it's nobody around the time is unlimited though (oops. i just made that up.)

They have staff from many country! So it's totally foreigner safe. Me myself i got a Japanese staff but she speaks Korean really well! I thought she was a Korean but with fluent Japanese :S 

Norakness overload seeing snow all over!!

Next destination! Namsan Tower!

Namsan Tower is actually it's old name, the new name is N. Seoul Tower. You go up there you basically could see all Seoul. They have this revolving restaurant on the top of the tower.

I went up using the cable car (8.000 won each for adults) and I went to the Teddy Bear Museum! You have to go up first then you could get in the Teddy Bear museum :) or you could also ride the lift to the top of the Seoul Tower where you could see everything! But i didn't come up lah so yeah. 

Bla-bla bla let's continue

Then we got to Myeondong! But because of the snowy weather, and the wind was harsh, we decided to go back to the hotel. 

Then i want to go to Leeteuk's, Sungmin's, Kyuhyun's mom cafe. Kona Beans? Yeap that's the name, so i went to Apgujong. AND LOST MY WAY. I asked naver.com, I asked every person i could ask for. 

Amusingly, this cafe is new or unpopular so that people always don't even know the existence of this cafe!! After struggling with long-long-long walk, and two taxi rides, and the cold weather, I GAVE UP. 

But here stuff i took at Apgujong. I was really upset and i brought my aunty along. So I felt really bad just to take her out in the cold without any fixed purpose.. :(


That's pretty much my last day in Seoul! 

The next day i spend my whole afternoon in Seoul Station just because my baggage was tooo many so i couldn't left it anywhere :(

So i made my own spot in a cafe and stayed there for almost 3 hours watching Running Man and Arashi shows! :D


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