There's been 7 teasers all over. I meant WHY SM?? WHY??
AND WHYY you like Kai so much SM? WHYY?

This post is totally gonna be my K-pop rant, so bear with me.


The mighty seventh teaser which include, of course SM bias, Kai.
Which is Taemin-look-a-like on some pictures, and Cha Tae Hyun look-a-like in some.


I say the upper part : Taemin's, the lower part (nose down) Cha Taehyun. And their lips, OMG.

Funny how i say it like Taemin and Cha Taehyun is married and Kai is their son. lol

I always thought EXO would be like 4 member. Don't judge me. SM ent Kakaotalk sent me pictures of maximum of 4 member in one frame.

So i assume it would be like Miss A, boys version, 2 chinese, 2 korean, except their name is not Mr. A, but EXO. Fair enough.

But then i say allkpop and, wut? Another member? Is it how marketing work? after 5 teasers, the last member been left out and THERE. A teaser for you, but I'll stick Kai to you just because he is Taemin Jr. 

Wew. Must be hard to be Se Hun.

But anyway! I think he is my bias! After Lu Han (man, i kept writing Lou Han instead of Lu Han..) the cute one, There's the fierce one!


Even though Se Hun's teaser (Also other's) had a awkward hip thrusting moves. I don't exactly know what they're called. But the part when they grap their wee-wee and throw them away just like they want to give them away. Yeap that awkward part.

Honestly, the dance are just keep repeating in the teaser, like you'll see a somewhat same moves. But TAO's teaser??? Wow, that's new. With the Wushu or Kungfu or anything THAT'S NEW!

I've got enough of teasers. I think they're well known already. JUST GIVE ME THE MUSIC VIDEO! NAO! 

And now enjoy EXO blurry LQ pictures!


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