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With this post STRIPES ATTACK lookbook is completed! :D Now I have to work on the video #sigh. Recently my days are filled with watching Game of Thrones (now I understand 9gag more), photoshoot, not for OOTD sadly, but for my sonbae's portfolio, which also could be mine because I did the makeup! I'm thinking to make a portfolio page after I got the original files! love love

REVIEW : 3CE Full Cover Concealer

A little info here, for you guys who resides in Indonesia, Singapore, or any other South East Asian countries and even Australia - starting from 12th May 2014 "3CE" is available in luxola.com

They're also gonna be in their famous "flash sale" so look forward for that! :))


And now that I'm reviewing the 3CE concealer, that marks my last product to review from 3CE. BUT WORRY NOT. I've planned a lot of more products to come! :D

So this is 3 Concept Eyes from Style Nanda - Full Cover Concealer in #002. Available only with 2 shades and this is the darker one. Retail for KRW 17.900 or USD 19 purchase here

Alongside the full cover concealer, they also have a waterful concealer and a duo concealer for under eye area. I almost want to order the waterful concealer online because 1. they're the cheapest one out of 3 and I just really interested in the packaging. But after I got into the store, I decided to pick this one up instead because the waterful concealer is too watery for my taste.

It comes with a regular applicator like in the picture. Just standard simple packaging, very 3CE-ish and nice sturdy applicator. The color really matches me well, so I don't have any trouble with the blending and stuffs like that. The consistency is very creamy, different from the watery concealer, which in my opinion, just a pretty creamy foundation in a very very small tube.

It's creamy, not sticky, blends well, and it had a slight typical cosmetic scent in it? sets in quite quickly and the staying power is great.

Among all 3CE product I purchase on my Seoul trip, I think this one is my favorite! I like to put it under my under eye circle and I can't say it doesn't crease but it did not crease as much as my other concealer (even my mac studio finish creases on me). This has been my favorite concealer recently and sometime I also put them in my blemishes but I think the staying power is better on my under eye than on my blemishes.

I don't know if you can see or not in the swatch picture above, it had a slight orange tone in it? I don't know if it's a lighting effects or stuffs like that. That orange tone actually makes the concealer a tad bit darker for my skin, luckily it's summer! I'm exposed to the sun a lot and got a little darker. Sooo when I got back to the Style Nanda I might have to buy the lighter shade :p

there the swatch on my eyes. looks good? :D

Overall I'm satisfied with this product, love them enough to want to stock on them! And I do recommend it. Sadly I think you only can get them online if you're living outside Seoul, Korea and I know it could be scary to by something that had to do with shades and stuff like that over the internet. I also make the purchase after I saw the real stuff so I wont do a persuasive sentence more than this :| 

Btw I'm mac NC 20-25, maybe it could give you some ideas! Have a great summer! 

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I think you might bored with these post :( Next time I'll gather all in one long post maybe that's better! And a little update about my life : I've become the Kpop freak of the gang again! After a looong time of non-labil era, I've decided I liked Infinite and EXO. Yes. Exo. I just remembered their names 3 weeks ago and all thanks to Weekly Idol program which drags me into this boyband maniac time again. But still I prefer to buy more cosmetics than their CD. lol. 



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Hello! How did you spend your days today? Me? I missed the 50% off all beverage in Starbucks today but we went there anyway. Been so obsessed with Starbucks Dolce Latte!! And we (means I, Jessica and Vania) went to lunch on some pilaf and steaks :9 also we took some pictures too! 

Well, everyday I'm getting busy and busier, busy with enjoying summer days off with my friends. Too busy to actually sit down and edit some videos :(



REVIEW : 3CE Nail Lacquers + Innisfree Gel Top Coat

HEY GUYS! A little info here, for you guys who resides in Indonesia, Singapore, or any other South East Asian countries and even Australia - starting from 12th May 2014 "3CE" is available in luxola.com

They're also gonna be in their famous "flash sale" so look forward for that! :))


This is my first time to ever review a nail polish, and to keep you interested, I'm going to review 3 product at one!

These 3CE Nail Lacquer in BL04 (light blue) and PK15 (light pastel pink). This purchase is influenced by two Jens on the youtube world, the PK15 is from Jenn Im from Clothesencounter and the light blue is by Jen from Frmheadtotoe. Actually the light blue I have to guess because she didn't say the exact numbers. I think most of 3CE nail lacquer retail for KRW 4.000. Comparing to how much product you get I think it worth the price (didn't state how much it is but definitely bigger than most others)

First, let me tell you how magical Stylenanda store is, the urge to buy something is too strong!! Why? Because if I don't want to regret my visit to the store and have order them online! And the nail polish display GOD it was breath-taking. ha. like little kids begging you 'mommy take me home'. How I could resist on that? Even right now I'm regreting on some things (or colors. might be. you don't know) that I didn't purchase back there.

I'm not pretty sure on what 'clearness' means because the last thing I want in my nail polish is how 'clear' it is, I want it to be pigmented! 

Ok I'm gonna skip my praise song on 3CE's packaging. But let me tell you, square cap makes nail polish applying two times easier, but if you have an OCD or something it might be hard to actually match the bottle with the cap in the same line #justsaying

And I was somewhat disappointed with the colors, I want the color to be so pale-you-thought-it-was-white-but-it-really-isn't but it turns out to be more saturated in real life :( The pictures below definitely didn't do any justice. 

The first one is taken like 3 days after applying and the second, blue one taken 2 days after. Quite pigmented and I applied 2-3 coats, 2 coats if they're spread nicely, and 3 coats for those some nails for a good measure. AND you might be shocked on, what 3 days and no chipping?? 

I wouldn't give all the credits for the nail polish alone though. I've been really really really impressed with this Innisfree's Gel Top Coat. I've tried the Gel Nail Polish, from the same line 'gel' line, review here, and hated it (in fact, the color is similar to the 3CE pale pink here).

Its consistency is thicker than any other top coats I ever used. Once you coat your nail with this, the color stays for 3 days without chipping (and continues with less chips than ever!). And it dries real quick, not like seconds quick but it's quick enough to be noticeable. Best top coat ever! 

The only problem is : the price. KRW 8.000 and comparing to the smaller packaging than a regular coat, and top coats always ran out faster than a regular nail polish. Also the non-transparent packaging means you have to peek to see how much product left. But definitely the best and actually-working top coat for me.

I will repurchase all the product above. I've swatched the silver polish in the store and plans to get it next time I'm there (which will be in August!). For now I might have to a little bit stingy on the top coat :(

Thankyou so much for reading, xxxxx <3


Have you checked out my new 'ABOUT' page? :D

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I thought my summer break would be super boring and I'll fill my time with blogging and in front of the computer ALL THE TIME but I was wrong. Yesterday I just got back from the beach (Haeundae beach, which is suck) and today I, Saras and Vania went vintage cloth shopping, and had some great burgers, and tomorrow Vania and Jessica and I will have some lunch (because the others are fasting) and will meet my seniors to discuss about our future photo shoots (Yes, she did the photography and I did the makeup, will post the pictures after I got the files) and for the next week it will be filled with the WW project (which is a short movie were making!) and possible photo shoots. GRAAH. I don't even have time to sit down and actually think about something to write!! 

Anyway. Have a greatttttt super duper fun summer! 

REVIEW : Etude House AC Clinic Intense - Pink Powder Spot

I'm taking break from all 3CE products (no worries, I still have several on stock now!) and decided to review something that is not really new in the market. It's Etude House's AC Clinic Intense - Pink Powder Spot. 15ml and retail for KRW 11.000.

This product is a part of Etude House's AC Clinic line, besides this Etude also have toner, cleansing foam, and all good this for your acne. But I heard that the best from the AC Clinic line is this Pink Powder Spot, so I might as well tried it!

The kit comes with the Pink Powder Spot, Pink Powder Water, and cotton swabs. I never actually encounter product similar like this before. And looking at the instructions on the back of the packaging, it didn't specify on how I should use the Pink Powder Water, so things got quite annoying because I have to go on google and see how I should use it.

This product is a product for spot treating your acne. Good for breakouts and that small zits that appeared suddenly on awkward places (in this case, any zits in the face is considered awkward.) Little goes a long way and this is the last product you want to use at the end of your skin care.

The AC Clinic Intense Pink Powder Spot is dermatologically tested and contain natural salicylic acid, which is good for acne, and sulfur powder to fight blemishes.

Very easy to use! Just dab some on the cotton swab and tap the cotton swab available there, or anything you have, only on the acne spots! IMPORTANT : Don't shake the product, let the powder soaks in the bottom. Dip your cotton swab until it reaches the powder layer.

It felt cool on the skin and smells funny, really really really reminds me of those caladine lotion that you apply on mosquitos bites or when you have chicken pox. Might be the same thing? Haha. Also you have to wait till it dries. I like to put this on overnight, and amazingly I washes off in the morning, so If you won't wake up in those white dots like a dalmatian or something.

Next is the Pink Powder Water. I just wander around naver blog and just found out that this is for the 'Day' skin care! I use this before using the Pink Powder Spot, that's what you get if instruction is definitely not informative enough.

Pink Powder Water also for more to spot treatment. Different from the Pink Powder Spot, you have to shake the bottle first, then you can apply them. The original packaging actually have a smaller opening for you could put on the desired spot, like eye drops, only somewhat bigger. But the sample didn't have that small opening as the original size, so I have to work with my fingers to apply them.

The Pink Powder Water doesn't leave an obvious white spot behind, it leave much more sheer white layer of powder (when dried) and could be blend away. That's why it's good for the day (Just discovered that.)

OVERALL I like this product! Works superb especially on 'open' zits (dries the next morning, could stings a little bit if applied to opened zits, but it works!) and actually reduces the size of my acne and redness all over. I'm quite addicted to the stings it gives when I dab them over my zits, it's just like pain before rainbows (I think I just made them up) and makes me confident that those stings just killed my zits! :D

I really recommend these product! Thankyou for reading! :*

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Don't you just love love love her outerwear? It had a very unique silhouettes, very good for people with narrow shoulders! Yes, her pants is the same one as me, in fact I bought them after I saw hers! haha! 

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