REVIEW : P.Direction CC Cream Plus

This time I'm reviewing a CC cream from a lesser know brand, P. Direction.

Honestly this is my first ever time to ever try purchasing and using a CC cream. More over, the one that changes color to adjust to your skin color. And this brand is, I know, unknown to most of people I guess. Me myself it's my first time noticing this brand. If you're in Korea, you can get this brand at Olive Young, I got mine there.

Retail for around KRW 28.000, this brand is shorten from 피현정 디렉션 (Pi Hyeonjeong Direction) and apparently exclusive for Olive Young (after a few research). I don't know detail about who she is, but the internet states that she's a Beauty Creative Director for CJ group's Olive Young, and being this brand is being known to the customer mostly from Korean Beauty Program, "Get it Beauty"

For the basic informations, this CC cream contain a whooping SPF 50+ PA+++, 7 in 1 skin care (Oil Control, Complexion Improvement, Brightening, Skin Protection, Anti Wrinkle, and UV protection). This one I have is 02 Color Change. Sadly they only have 1 shade, even though it supposed to change into your skin color, people with much more darker than me might be still too light. That's the sad truth of Korean makeup.

The packaging is I love! Who doesn't love pumps?? Black sleek packaging, I'm in! It contain 30ml of product.

While I've stated the 02, the 01 product actually have some difference here. 01 is complete care, more like major CC creams in the market. But the 7 in 1 skin care they have is different, they have Firming, Moisturize, Coverage, Skin Protection, Anti Wrinkle, and UV protection. For their ++ skin care, they also have collagen and hyalurone.

Well now I know I made the right purchase, I have an oily combination skin, and if my Korean read right, oil control is the one I need so 02 is my product. But for you drier skin owner, you might want to consider 01.

When dispense, the product is white and have micro beads (that disappears while blending). The product is somewhat thick, not so thick you can't blend them into your skin. They're super easy to blend!! Which a super plus for me, because you have to blend them into your skin to make them look like your skin, but I've encounter many many CC creams that requires to really massage it for it to change color. Duh! I don't want to massage my face every morning!

This one blends super easy, matches my skin color (super match!), and have a super slight sun-block scent to it. I'm super ok with the scent because I think sun-block-screen-anything smells good! :D

Above is before, below is after applying the cc cream.

I must say as a CC cream, this does not have much coverage as my normal bb cream or foundations. And even though it's said to have 'oil control' the finish is not that matte, still look dewy in someway. I usually powder them with some translucent powder and I'm done! Because it needs to be blend out nicely, I apply them with my hands with some hope that my heat helps the blending job faster. 

I don't think there's much difference (I use my worse side of face to demonstrate it, looks not that different with my better side of face, and less eye bag!)

It's also said in the internet source, you can double this 'Color Change' with other foundation, and it will act as a primer and UV protection for your face. 

Overall, I'm quite satisfied with this. It does feel heavy, and I don't supposed CC creams should feel heavy at all. The solution is, by using less product! The dewy finish, I could get away with some powder, and the other are, nothing, I have no complain! I've been using this for a 'good skin' days, but recently my skin have been acting up I have to put foundations with stronger coverage! 

Thankyou for reading! 



  1. aah, thankyou for the review! anyway i've just realized that you live in korea! what do you feel about living in there? :D

    1. you're welcome! Hemm how does it feel like...Well it's all nice because I'm on my summer break, but lie's quite hectic in school time :D but it's all good I got to feel all 4 seasons! :D

  2. Excuse me, where can I find the brand in Korea? Does myungdong have? Thank you :)


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