REVIEW : 3CE Nail Lacquers + Innisfree Gel Top Coat

HEY GUYS! A little info here, for you guys who resides in Indonesia, Singapore, or any other South East Asian countries and even Australia - starting from 12th May 2014 "3CE" is available in luxola.com

They're also gonna be in their famous "flash sale" so look forward for that! :))


This is my first time to ever review a nail polish, and to keep you interested, I'm going to review 3 product at one!

These 3CE Nail Lacquer in BL04 (light blue) and PK15 (light pastel pink). This purchase is influenced by two Jens on the youtube world, the PK15 is from Jenn Im from Clothesencounter and the light blue is by Jen from Frmheadtotoe. Actually the light blue I have to guess because she didn't say the exact numbers. I think most of 3CE nail lacquer retail for KRW 4.000. Comparing to how much product you get I think it worth the price (didn't state how much it is but definitely bigger than most others)

First, let me tell you how magical Stylenanda store is, the urge to buy something is too strong!! Why? Because if I don't want to regret my visit to the store and have order them online! And the nail polish display GOD it was breath-taking. ha. like little kids begging you 'mommy take me home'. How I could resist on that? Even right now I'm regreting on some things (or colors. might be. you don't know) that I didn't purchase back there.

I'm not pretty sure on what 'clearness' means because the last thing I want in my nail polish is how 'clear' it is, I want it to be pigmented! 

Ok I'm gonna skip my praise song on 3CE's packaging. But let me tell you, square cap makes nail polish applying two times easier, but if you have an OCD or something it might be hard to actually match the bottle with the cap in the same line #justsaying

And I was somewhat disappointed with the colors, I want the color to be so pale-you-thought-it-was-white-but-it-really-isn't but it turns out to be more saturated in real life :( The pictures below definitely didn't do any justice. 

The first one is taken like 3 days after applying and the second, blue one taken 2 days after. Quite pigmented and I applied 2-3 coats, 2 coats if they're spread nicely, and 3 coats for those some nails for a good measure. AND you might be shocked on, what 3 days and no chipping?? 

I wouldn't give all the credits for the nail polish alone though. I've been really really really impressed with this Innisfree's Gel Top Coat. I've tried the Gel Nail Polish, from the same line 'gel' line, review here, and hated it (in fact, the color is similar to the 3CE pale pink here).

Its consistency is thicker than any other top coats I ever used. Once you coat your nail with this, the color stays for 3 days without chipping (and continues with less chips than ever!). And it dries real quick, not like seconds quick but it's quick enough to be noticeable. Best top coat ever! 

The only problem is : the price. KRW 8.000 and comparing to the smaller packaging than a regular coat, and top coats always ran out faster than a regular nail polish. Also the non-transparent packaging means you have to peek to see how much product left. But definitely the best and actually-working top coat for me.

I will repurchase all the product above. I've swatched the silver polish in the store and plans to get it next time I'm there (which will be in August!). For now I might have to a little bit stingy on the top coat :(

Thankyou so much for reading, xxxxx <3


  1. i really love pastel color nail polish! yep..result warna nya kurang pale ya...aku waktu itu beli opi yg warna pastel hasilnya lumayan pale,maybe you should try ^^

    1. iyaa padahal aku liat di youtube super pale :( efek cahaya kayaknya. PENGEN BANGET COBA BEL aduh tak tertolong lagi tapi OPI disini sudah harganya lebay carinya rada susah. pret.

  2. love the colors!! :)


  3. Hi dear, does the 3ce Nail Lacquer smells "nail lacquer" like some other brands do?
    I don't know how to describe the smell, but other brands smell like the nail lacquer remover, which is not nice =(

    1. they do smell like most other nail polish, but definitely not on the strong side!

  4. Nice colors! I loved them. ^^ <33


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