First one up on the 'STATEMENT LIPS' Look Book : CLARA! Rocking the biker chic fashion keepin it simple with monochrome and denim. I do apologize (for this picture and all the future post) about how the 'statement lips' does not appear as 'statement'-ly as we wished them to be, as the lighting is quite unfriendly.

Her round glasses is from Primark, her tanktop is from Zara, black short unbranded (bought in Nampodong), arm candy is bought in Singapore. Her denim jacket is thrifted and her platfrom is from Argyle & Oxford. which is Vania's sisters brand, check them here! Finally her lipstick, is Shaka in DRAMA.

Look forward for another post from the Statement Lips lookbook!

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  1. that denim jacket really completes the whole look!patiently waiting for the next statement lips post ><


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