REVIEW : The Face Shop AQUA CC Starter

Now let's ride on the CC cream's wave and talk about CC cream related product! It's The Face Shop Aqua CC (Color Control) Starter! Don't be fooled with that swatch over the packaging gais, it doesn't have any color! Read my review until the end!

Based on the packaging, Face It Aqua CC Starter is a make-up base exclusively designed to maximise the feeling of CC cream application while refreshen & hydrating the skin

First Impression on the product : Wuuuut a moisturizer plus a primer?? I have to pick them up! But I was quite disappointed when I swatch it, it was so liquidy (talking about aqua, should have take the hint) and doesn't feel like a primer at all, plus no color or anything like the packaging had.

But I actually need a day moisturizer and decided to use them anyway. It contain SPF 30 PA++ which is never a bad thing getting extra SPF for the summer days! Another thing, it felt really cooling on your skin! Glides ok, not sticky at all! Perfect for the hot summer, hot hot summer

Overall, I do enjoy this product! Cooling and moisturizing, even if it said to maximise the cc cream application, I don't feel that this product lengthen any of other product I layer on top. Even so, I heard your face will absorb makeup better if it's cooler, so a good thing I guess? Anyhoo I like them as my day moisturizer! (and the SPF don't have any white cast on flash, no pictures though but just want to let you know!)



  1. O.O There is even CC starter now. I didn't know about this product! :D
    Looks like it's not necessary at all.

    1. Yeah.. Just like a different name for day moisturizer! But faceshop recently gave this product for free on their cc cream purchases

  2. im thinking of buying the cc cream
    Are you thinking to buy one bc i dont see any review of it


    1. I don't have any plan to buy it anytime soon.. because the cc cream is too shiny and too light for my taste! But I have heard a lot of good things about it especially on youtube! maybe there's a review on youtube that you can watch! x


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