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First of all, I wanna thank HOTDEALS in KOREA (FB fanpage)! This product is their giveaway winner gift (which I won! WOOHOO). I know I'm kinda late, I saw other winner already made a blog post about this. So the admin there contacted me and realizing I live in Korea, and going to Seoul on couple of days (blog post here!), she decided to give it directly to me!

But unfortunately I have to postpone our Seoul trip, so it was just last week when I received the package! (지영이 언니 커피가 맛있었어요! 잘 마셨습니다<3)

Ok so here's the inside

There's Skin79 The Premier skin care line - Gold Capsule Essence and Gold Eye Solution, also Skin79's very famous BB cream (supposed to have another one, but I think it slipped to my friend's! Talking about 8 girls living in the same room for 4 days, things happen!)

Honestly speaking I never saw Skin79's skin care product. I know their BB cream is super popular, I'm sure you almost never saw their skin care too! 

First off, the Gold Capsule Essence! 

Wrinkle Improvement and Whitening - Specialized major ingredients of Gold Tea make a dream of ideal skin come true by making your own beautiful skin through the real effects of gold. 

Retail for KRW 50.000. Yes it is expensive. But I think you get a lot of product, it's an essence and a little goes a long way, you don't need as much as creams or such for your whole face. 

As I read the informations, it's good for anti-wrinkle improvement and skin lightening effect while maintaining skin's ideal oil and moisture balance. You might think why did I need 'wrinkle' improvement when I'm in early 20s? 

You have to fight wrinkle before they even there, so I might well start as soon as I could! 

The pumps dispense a right amount of product for your whole face. So I usually only need 1 pump. The product is quite thick and transparent, and it has a faint fresh soap scent which I'm completely ok about it. 

The swatch above is the first pump ever after I open the product. After a few pumps away, it started to dispense a micro super duper tiny gold glitter like particles. I think it might be the little yellow dots inside that started to be pumped out too. I don't find any different though between those two (glitter/non glitter). Though the glitter will blend away once you spread them, don't worry you wont be The Cullen after you applied this. 

According to the instruction in the packaging, you should apply this on the last step of your skin care routine. As for me I use this after my serum, which is the Innisfree Green Tea serum :)

Because the product is quite thick I like to apply it on the night. And also it controls oil so that I don't wake up like a tempura out of the deep frying pan, super oily and disgusting like I usually did. For the wrinkle / whitening effect, I don't think I'll see that much improvement as I just started using this product for a week.

Next is their Gold Eye Solution. Similar to the essence it promotes whitening and wrinkle improvements which both I super need for my eyes now.

It's said on the product that it helps to keep delicate skin around your eyes moist and sleek for a long time. And brightening up stressed skin with dark rings (?). Retail for KRW 47.000 (And I got it for free! yeah! you might want to check the Hotdeals in Korea fanpage really) and you do get a lot of product for an eye cream (15ml)

Different from the essence it did not dispense any golds nor glitters. Just a regular white-ist cream and quite thick. (sorry no swatch picture). And like the essence did, the product have a faint fresh soap scent. 

I've been in a non-regular sleeping pattern as I'm in a super holiday mood. And I spend 90% of my time in front of my computer lol. Unlike the essence, I saw a quick improvement in my under eye, less dark circles, less visible wrinkle (my concealer doesn't crease as much now).

The pump really is unique, and did I mention how I love pumps? Pumps keep product hygienic and doesn't get the product all over your hand. Both of this have pumps, and I really appreciate them!! 

Really I'm looking forward for improvement in my skin with these products. Especially the essence, I hope with constant usage, my skin really does get better!!! :D

For the Skin79, I've tried them a couple time and they're ok! I'm sure you could search the mother internet for the review (not gonna make one) as they're so famous already! teehee

Thankyou so much for reading!

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  1. the gold eye solution looks really useful! anyway, im thinking to buy laneige bb cushion, is it any good? .-. aku liat fashion show nya pas sblm pindah ke spore hehe, nonton fs yg di korea ajaa :p nanti liputan nya post hihi

    1. Laneige bb cushion is good! Tp di Korea lbh byk yg pake IOPE air cushion, but they both are good tho! haha oh gt? :D aku pikir km udh balik aja ke jakartaa lols. iya nih dulu ntn kameranya masih buluk :D

  2. Oh looks like a nice product sweetie!
    Thanks for your review!


  3. Wow you're so lucky! Congrats on winning.
    It's really nice to see this kind of review since there are only a few Korean products that grab international costumers' attention.
    btw I would love to see post about the current Korean make up and skincare trends haha XD

  4. I have never seen these products too! You are so lucky to get em for free!!

  5. You're so lucky to win this giveaway <3 aku jg ikut tp kalah,,hahaha eh tp menang di giveaway mereka yg berikutnya :-D
    jd penasaran sm the Gold Capsule Essencenya, sayang mihiiiiil (>_<)

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