REVIEW : Sephora's Sun Disk Bronzing Powder


During my stay in Indonesia, naturally I've been 'exposed' to a lot of Western brands more than Korean brands. So expect to see some, not a lot, western brand reviews in this blog! Hopefully when I'm back to Korea I can start to look for interesting products to review ASAP! 

So, today I'm going to review a product from Sephora Collection "Sun Disk Bronzing Powder" in 02 Moyen Medium


      PRODUCT NAME      
"Sun Disk Bronzing Powder"

        type of product        
Face Bronzers

medium moyen

30 g / $22

Sephora Collection

I'm pretty sure this is a limited edition (?) or discontinued, but I guess you can still found these in South East Asia Sephora branches. Sephora does have their regular bronzer collections, sizing only 1/3 from this huge as* sun disk (sun disk is 1oz, the regular is 0.3oz - with only $5 difference). Pretty sure they both are the same product.

I've been keeping my eye for this huge bronzer for sometime - and that make me question, why Sephora did not exist in Korea? Anyhoo, I bought this on my trip to Thailand almost a month ago. My father is the one that convinced me that I should just buy the big one instead. Lol.

size compared to my phone!

This product is HUGE. Like, big huge. Sizing in 4 ½ inch, it also come with a huge mirror. The packaging is right up on my alley, black, sleek, nothing more – and the fact that the lid didn’t open 180 degree over to the back; it made the packaging look more expensive than it is.
The surface of the bronzer is covered with micro shimmers, but luckily the shimmers are invisible to the skin. The shade medium is I think a good match for me; it’s not too light, not too dark and muddy.

indoor lighting 

outdoor lighting

The shade is on the neutral side, when seen under indoor lighting, it looks orange-y – but actually it’s not. It’s just a perfect shade for everyone to enjoy! I see a lot of people compare this product to Benefit’s Hoola, I personally haven’t tried that so I wouldn’t know. Some people also complained about the poor lasting power. For me, bronzers or blushers lasting power is deeply affected by the base product! And for me, I had no problem with it disappearing during the day or such.

The shade is buildable without looking anywhere patchy. And when I swatched this product using my finger, I just realized how ‘creamy’ they are. Well, they’re pressed product but the texture is just soooo smooth! They’re also not that crazily pigmented, I don’t have to worry about over-applying.

Buildable and easy to blend shade
Creamy and smooth texture
Huge product, affordable price
Nice packaging

definitely not for travel purpose

Overall, as someone that live from eyeliner and bronzer, this is da bomb diggity!!! Major love and I bet this product will last me soooo long. I’ve been using this product everyday this month and it hardly made any dent to the surface.

I think this product is great for someone that uses bronzer daily, like me – or you guys professional makeup artists! I think for the amount of product you get, this is totally affordable and definitely a good investment!

Thankyou so much for reading guys! :*

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REVIEW : B.LIV by Cellnique's "Off with Those Heads" Sebum Gel

the product is given to me for review purpose but it did not affect any of my opinions / honest review.
* warning disgusting nose pictures ahead * 


Today I'm going to review a product from a brand that I've just heard, like 3-4 weeks ago and it's B.liv by Cellnique "Off with Those Heads" blackheads sebum gel.

If you haven't heard of this brand (probably you did by now because you are reading this post) - this brand is not a new comer in the skin care world. Mainly focusing in skin care products, Cellnique, the creator of B.liv brand, has been the leading paramedical brand in professional skin care industry for over fifteen years. And in 2006, Cellnique introduced this "Off with Those Heads" product under the brand B.liv, focusing for younger, on-the-go consumers.

B.liv by Cellnique

      PRODUCT NAME      
"Off with Those Heads"

        type of product        
Sebum Gel

15ml / $ 39
30 ml / $49
45 ml / $ 63


Comes in a compact packaging with a pump attached (which is totally my favorite type of bottle - ever), 2 pumps is all you need to cover your face. 

The main function of this product is to clear blackheads and whiteheads without painfully squeezing out your skin which can lead to skin irritation. Other than that, it's also have other benefits such as : keeps acne under control, control oils, unclog pores, provides a gentle exfoliation, and soothing and hydrating properties. 

The main ingredients of this product is Tea tree oil, Aloe vera extract, Witch Hazel extract and Peppermint oil. 

I use this sebum gel after I wash and dry my face. I use this first before any other skin care routine and I use it religiously in the day and also night. I mainly need around 2 pumps and focusing on the center part of my face, because that's were the blackheads and whiteheads and all the disgusting pores are located and gently rub it into the area.

The gel consistency of this product make it so light on the skin, and immediately absorbed to the skin. It has a cooling effect when applied - which provide at least a little bit of freshness in this super hot and humid country I live in. Also, after applied oils on the skin is instantly disappear - in a good way, it doesn't turn your skin dry and flaky, no - but it's definitely reduces the shiny appearance. I was a little bit thrown back with the scent, it has a strong alcohol-like scent, but honestly after a few usage I'm not bothered anymore!

I'm not someone that have the greatest white/black heads problem in the world, so probably my before-after picture won't be as dramatic as you would think. But I do see a noticeable amount of black & white heads that disappears, even though I only use it for only 2 weeks! 

The biggest improvements that I saw during these 2 weeks are the uneven skin texture caused by enlarged pores in my T-zone is became so much smoother! :o and during the day I noticed my face produces less oils! Skin irritation like redness and blemishes are less visible too. 

less red than ever, still blessed with the super dark and big darkcircles tho. 

Reduces the appearance of black & white heads
Reduces oils
Minimizing pores appearance
Reduces redness and blemishes
No breakouts
Super lightweight on the skin
Cooling effect

Strong scent
Contain paraben

Overall, I LOVE THIS. Nuff said. The product claimed that the difference could be seen in 2 weeks of application, and honestly I didn't expect a lot from 2 weeks. It totally blew me off with all the goodness it gave to me. Oh yeah, a simple google search will do but Bubzbeauty from youtube apparently also liked this product :>

I would recommend this product to people with oily/combo skin. The product itself is pretty much a perfect product for people that live in tropical country, as the product mainly fixes problem that occurs when living in a humid and hot country. 

People with sensitive skin might want to be careful with this as this might came off too strong on your skin. And I think people with dry skin could definitely use this along side their usual moisturizer for more hydration. 

I'm really thankful for B.liv team that let me try their super awesome product! :> Get to know more B.Liv by following them in their social media :



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HOW TO : Eyeliner-like Eyeshadow Look

Hey! Last night (or the night before. Idk. Some nights ago!) I saw a pinterest post of an eyemakeup look and I decided to recreate it! 

This eyeshadow look has a pointed end and totally dark on the outer area of the eye. I think this look is really easy to recreate, and it's fun! It has an enlarging effect even without eyeliner :p 


First, apply a beige / skin colored shimmer shadow and apply it all over your lid.


Now, apply an warm tone brown / orange / or any mid tone shade you like, filling only the half of the lids. And also bring it to the lower lash, filling on the half side with the same shade.


Take a darker shade, here I'm using an espresso shade, run it over the shade before. Blend it, but don't over blend because you still want to have that contrast effect between the 2 shades.


Now, taking my angled brush, dipping it into a matte black shade, I outlined the sharp edge, just like I would do with my eyeliner! 


Fill in the outline with the matte black shadow, leave the end side darker and gradually blended to the inner corner. This step is really easier than how it looks! Just make sure that the end is darker!


Last step! Highlight the inner corner with a shimmery light beige color. Then curl your lashes and apply your favorite mascara and you are done! 

I totally dig on how the look turned out! It's really easier than what I thought it will be! I think this look is dramatic, but subtle in the same time. I'll definitely gonna do this look again as I usually depend on my black eyeliner all the time. And that's not healthy! :p

What do you guys think? Will you recreate this look?

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This is the posts that some of you might have been waiting for, again, sorry for the delay (supposed to be yesterday) but I think it's more fair to make it past 22nd and thus here I am!

Ok first, I want to thankyou to you ALL for the nicest comments I ever received in my whole life, and the fact that most of the comments are freakin' long -  clearly stated 'simple' in the post, but you guys definitely took it to another level and write almost a chapter there. Ok lah that's totally hyperbolic, but you guys get the point!

Honestly you guys make it VERY, again, VERY hard for me to choose - and I definitely wished that I had more gifts for you guys to share :") Sorry I didn't reply the comments because it's easier that way (I can just read yours instead of reading mine too..). Most of you guys came here because of the makeup reviews, but never did I ever thought that you guys liked my super weird 'dialog' posts! :o

Without further a do, I'll announce the winner of this giveaway :

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Super congratulation on the winning!

AND actually, I do have a secret 2nd winner. The winner will get the Etude House's Bunny Nail Polish, 2 The Faceshop's Auto Gel Liner (in black and brown) and Innisfree's No Sebum Powder, and that's :

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Soooo I will have to ask both of you to email me at mysugarcoffee.hotmail.com (within 2 x 24 hours) so that I could send you the prize(s)!

Again, I can't thank you guys enough for joining this giveaway. I do want to express my gratitude to everyone *sending virtual hugs and gifts to everyone*

I definitely will try to keep on the good work and of course to improve and to update MOAR!

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REVIEW : Too Cool For School's Hot Girl Lip Sticker Lipstick in #2 Hawaiian Flower

Hey! (PS. for Indonesian reader, I have a giveaway going on >> bit.ly/MSCgiveaway)

Today I'm going to review a product from Too Cool From School! I'm sure you guys have heard of this brand - not only because the name is pretty catchy, this brand is famous for their school-themed packaging and their multi-function products. Looking at their store, it doesn't look like a beauty makeup store, but more like quirky and fun stationary store filled with colourful pencils and markers.

Too Cool For School

      PRODUCT NAME      
"Hot Girl Lip Sticker"

        type of product        

#2 Hawaiian Flower

2.0g / KRW 8.000

This product is not a new product from Too Cool For School, I've always see it on display as it's also one of their best-selling product. Come on, how can you resist on it's cute plaid design and the compact size? This time I didn't buy this by myself ;; my friend, Natasha bought this for me as a gift from her Singapore trip :p 

The lipstick is in a mini size, very cute and compact but still contain a decent amount of product. The shade that I was given is #2 Hawaiian Flower - a bright pink fuchsia colour. It's sooo me, this is a colour that I gravitate toward if I'm to wear bright vivid coloured lipstick. 

One thing that I notice, because the small-ness of the product, applying the lipstick can be so precise and detailed without lip brush. Especially working with such a bright colour as this! (Easy to make gradation lips look too!) 

The finish of this lipstick is definitely not matte, but not too glossy too. And it glides easily - without accentuating any lip lines. The pigmentation is good too, even though the colour is bright and vivid, it's still wearable for daily use! 

Whenever I put a lip balm before, the colour didn't stain my lips - but if i skipped lip balm, it seems that the lipstick lightly stained my lips. And honestly, I love the stain colour! Because it's like a soft version of this shade - atleast it didn't disappear completely or I would totally look super pale when it wiped off. 

There's nothing special about its lasting power. It didn't stay after a meal, but it didn't feather out everywhere. I can just easily reapply (and reapplying is easy because the stick surface is small so off we go!) 

Good Pigmentation
Glides on the lips
Didn't accentuate any lips line
Staining on the lips
Easy to apply, defined and detailed application is possible
Compact size, cute packaging

(I got this for free maybe that's why I had such a good experience with the lipstick
but really I LOVE THE SHADE)

Overall, the lipstick is not just amazing product, but the shade is just so me that I can't skip a day without wearing this. lol. And the lipstick size fit perfectly to my makeup pouch! 

Have you ever tried any product from "Too Cool For School"? :D 

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