REVIEW : 3CE's Face Blush in #Love Filter

Hello! How's the holiday fellas?
After the super exciting trip to Raja Ampat, I mainly just hang out with my friends - or most of the time sat down in front of my computer and watch Thai TV series "Hormones" or Korean drama "It's OK, That's Love". Both are super good tbh.

Today I'm going to review a 5 out of 5 product that I've been super duper lovin' this days - it's 3CE's face blush in #Love Filter.

3 Concept Eyes

      PRODUCT NAME      
"Face Blush"

      type of product      
pressed blushed

#Love Filter 

KRW 17.000 / USD 18.72

Style Nanda (en)
Style Nanda (kr)

I forgot how long do I keep this product in my wishlist, but never got it because I'm not a blush kinda girl. If you see my blush collection, shades that I have are similar to each other really. And that is this kinda peachy-pink color. One reason, I think this shade is the best for my feature and I think a lot of people definitely can use this kinda shade.

Described as "pearlescent coral pink" - this blush has a very beautiful warm coral pink shade, almost looks like it's orange in dim light. It had the slightest pearl infused, almost invisible to the eye, and can't see any of it when applied.

It had a beautiful satin finish, without any chunks of glitter even involved. Still, the shade is pigmented - and believe me with my skin tone (which is still considered as - dark - in Korea) looking for a blusher that actually shows color on my face is more than hard!

And the texture is 'creamy' - well it's a pressed powder but the surface is so silky smooth and it didn't appear as chalky at all. Also it didn't have many fall outs too!

Love the shade! 
Creamy texture, super smooth
Good Pigmentation
Pretty Finish


Overall, again it's a 5 out of 5 product - I LOVE THIS. Well I might be a little bit lying if it didn't have any (-) points, it's hella pricy for a Korean brand. But again, I don't use blush a lot and I don't mind spending more for something as good as this! And the size it's bigger than my expectation - so that's nice :)

I really recommend this blush to people who are looking for a good one! And I think the shade will definitely go well with huge range of skin tones <3

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  1. klo masuk indo mungkn hrgnya ampir 200k kali ya fil? T.T kayaknya oke banget ini blush
    우와! You went to Raja Ampat fil? Cerita di blog untuk lengkapnya donggg >< pnasaran abis

  2. Waaaaaa the looks flattering on your face. I envyyy, not because of the 3ce blush. Because i havent found my "it" blush til now :(
    Btw have you watch Full House Thai version ? I love it more than Hormones (eventhou havent watch the season 2 hehe)

  3. Aaa bagus finishnya! 3ce emang relatif lebih sih produknya apalagi kalo dijual di olshop sini ._.'

    Btw, I'm watching It's Okay It's Love too, I'm totally hooked on the show! lolll the OSTs are so gooood!



  4. wah hasilnya bagus bangeett di kamu Filia!!


  5. flawless bingit sih Fil *.* huahahhahaa.. :p
    wahh warnanya bagusss.. cocok d kamu :*

  6. Omgahh, the shade is so pretty! Thanks for the review.

    Michelle xo

  7. ih cece tipuan camera kalii :*

  8. I knowww bahkan sebenarnya pake won juga udah seret dompetnya.... huks...

  9. Really really really???? Recently I've been hooked to thai tv show! Didn't know they had such good quality T_T KAPAN INDONESIA BEGINI huhuhu

  10. INDEED THAI MOVIE & SERIES GETTING BETTER AND BETTER. Gue udah meracuni banyak orang sih & semua suka sm full house thai. Ya udahlah kita mah pasrah aja nonton ganteng ganteng serigala wkwkwk~~

  11. OMG, it does look soooo fresh and pinched on your cheeks! I totally want to buy a blush now!

  12. ci filia l love 3ce brand so much ! Ahh, I hope I can meet up with youu. >_< . Add my line dongg: andreahamdan :*\


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