HOW TO : Eyeliner-like Eyeshadow Look

Hey! Last night (or the night before. Idk. Some nights ago!) I saw a pinterest post of an eyemakeup look and I decided to recreate it! 

This eyeshadow look has a pointed end and totally dark on the outer area of the eye. I think this look is really easy to recreate, and it's fun! It has an enlarging effect even without eyeliner :p 


First, apply a beige / skin colored shimmer shadow and apply it all over your lid.


Now, apply an warm tone brown / orange / or any mid tone shade you like, filling only the half of the lids. And also bring it to the lower lash, filling on the half side with the same shade.


Take a darker shade, here I'm using an espresso shade, run it over the shade before. Blend it, but don't over blend because you still want to have that contrast effect between the 2 shades.


Now, taking my angled brush, dipping it into a matte black shade, I outlined the sharp edge, just like I would do with my eyeliner! 


Fill in the outline with the matte black shadow, leave the end side darker and gradually blended to the inner corner. This step is really easier than how it looks! Just make sure that the end is darker!


Last step! Highlight the inner corner with a shimmery light beige color. Then curl your lashes and apply your favorite mascara and you are done! 

I totally dig on how the look turned out! It's really easier than what I thought it will be! I think this look is dramatic, but subtle in the same time. I'll definitely gonna do this look again as I usually depend on my black eyeliner all the time. And that's not healthy! :p

What do you guys think? Will you recreate this look?

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  1. Beautiful! I'm not one to experiment with eyeshadow (I literally never leave the house with some sort of eyeliner look, haha), but I'm definitely going to try this out! :)

  2. I normally don't use any eyeshadow cos I have an awkward eye/eyelid which I dunno how to apply eyeshadow to (make it look good) :/ but this look is beautiful! Thank you for the tutorial! I'm definitely gonna attempt it!

    Steph | datewithsteph.blogspot.co.uk

  3. Love the look! I sometimes use gel liner and smudge it out to look like eyeshadow for subtle look :)

  4. Marcellia MargarethaAugust 25, 2014 at 12:01 PM

    Thank you for the turtorial Ci! Abis liat ini jadi pengen coba pake ><


  5. tutoriallnya keren bangetttt

    jadi inget makeup ala jiyeon...


  6. Oooo...this is very very creative and subtle! I love it! I've never tried this but I think I might! I also have been really wanting to do a rainbow shadow eyeliner look! :p

  7. Onni ya~ Kangen main makeup sama kamu T__T ngoceh tentang makeup sampe berbusa hahahaha

  8. Wow this is such a cute look and it's nice and subtle! Perfect for those days when you really don't want to bother with eyeliner. I'm definitely going to try this out sometime soon!

  9. Definitely love the eye makeup on you! It kinda open up your eyes with less effort! xx Major love!

    Love always,

  10. love your eyes makeup !
    stunning !



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