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Face 2 change Photo Ready Cushion BB

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Cushion BB

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I don't know if I had said this before but GUDETAMA IS MY SPIRIT ANIMAL. I love Gudetama to death, and its creator must be genius.

This time, Holika holika collaborated with Gudetama to launch "Gudetama" collection earlier this year. And I'm beyond excited for the whole collection!!! Most of the products I bought for the sake of self-satisfaction, so I don't have a lot of expectation of the products performance whatsoever.

First on the review is the cushion, as per usual there are 2 shades, 21 and 23, and I chose the darker shade. The cushion came in 3 different design you can choose, and I have the hardest time choosing what I like the best!!

Every details in this product is filled with gudetama! From the cushion puffs, until the secure peel are all filled with gudetama details, which I can't throw away :(

For me, out of the all cushion's character from all other brands, this Gudetama cushion has the best quality. It's heavier and sturdier than other cushions in general. 

Inside the cushion box, you get 1 cushion case with the cushion, and extra refill + puff.

The product itself, comparing to other cushions, Gudetama cushion shade's is slightly grayish. It's like the old BB cream formulation all over again. I never seen any cushion that adapts the old grayish formulation - though some cushion do have brightening effect, they simply just tone down the shade to a fairer shade instead of adding grayish shade to the formulation. 

This cushion have SPF 50+ PA+++ which is more than enough for everyday use. Though it has the grayish shade, it doesn't have white casts on pictures!

TOP : without flash // BOTTOM : with flash

The finish of this cushion is super dewy. 
Unlike other cushions that mostly work better on their own, this cushion works better with primer. I used my Innsifree's Smart Makeup Blender in Long Lasting primer and it increases the cushion longevity and looking nicer at the end of the day! 

My experience with this cushion is actually quite unique. Ok lah, I said that I had 0 expectation but I do expect it to perform good lah I already pay the money for the cushion. Beside, my all time favorite BB cream is from Holika-Holika (It's the Aqua Petit Jelly BB btw) so I do hope it's as good as that BB cream.

My first impression where not as good, I thought the cushion was definitely too fair for me, it made me looked washed out and people will definitely commenting on how weird my foundation shade is bla-bla-bla. BUT after I finished my makeup, the cushion oxidised and became pretty much like my skin shade - I honestly don't see anything weird that I saw when I first applied it.

Then, the day goes on, I did touch up with face powder only to get rid of all the oils, and I went out at night (that's around 8+ hours of application) AND my friends commented how "fresh" my face looks and I was like.. Really? wow this cushion is AHMAZING. Note : I used it with a longlasting primer.

You know how BB cushions or face product in general tend to be uneven at the end of the day? This isn't doing that. Though I see some of my blush and my highlighter, or powder or anything I put over this cushion does disappear, but with a little touch up, I look fresh again!

Of course, this cushion don't have a great pigmentation, but like most cushions, it has a low to medium coverage.

Overall! I love this cushion, I don't think I'll love it but I kept on reaching for it!! I think I'll cry myself to sleep when I ran out of it! 

Soon more Gudetama goodies review'll come up! Stay tune!! 

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REVIEW : Starry Light Lashes Collection (All Model)

Hey! I'm back to review these eyelashes stash from Starry Light! As you know, Starry Light is a brand made by fellow blogger, Ms. Stella lee from stellalee.net <3

She's kindly sent me the whole Starry Light collection, which contains 5 pairs of eyelashes and an invisible eye tape! :D 

Today I'm going to review the lashes collection first!

Here's 5 pairs of the whole collection, from up to bottom :
Andromeda, Sagitta, Orion, Cassiopeia, and Corvus (bottom lash)


is described as lightweight and delicate with extra definition on the outer edges

THIS is the lashes for those who never tried lashes before, because it's sooo natural and so easy to apply. Eyelashes with definition on the outer edges are good for enlarging the eyes and for cat eye look 


is described as loosely woven, pretty but subtle, for a natural and delicate look

Sagitta is similar with Andromeda, but with less definition. It will probably best for those who have very, very sparse or probably no eyelashes since this eyelashes copy how natural lashes look. 

For me, I don't see the point of wearing eyelashes "naturally" since the burden of having falsies in your eyes is the same, but it less visible lol


is described as stunning spiky lash, for a more defined and dramatic look

From the first look, I'm interested to Orion the most. Because I've never seen an eyelash with this design! I love how Stella plays with definitions.

but after playing with the lashes, I found that Orion is the most difficult lash to work with, maybe because it has thicker lash band than the other models :( 

If you see on my eye swatch, you can see that the inner corner part is hardly sticks on my eye, because I just can't get that part to stick well.


is described as sleek and beautiful, densely woven around the middle part for a natural dollish look

This is definitely my favorite model out of the bunch!! It looks like I stack 2 eyelashes, but it's not! Which definitely time saving and less heavy than actually layering eyelashes!


is described as gives enhancement for lower lash, perfect for completing a natural look

Obviously, I can't say under eye lashes are for "natural look" - but these does look natural. Honestly, I'm bad at lower lashes application, and most looks awesomely fake on me. But these are superb! Because Stella already made the eyelashes to be sparse so it'll look natural, without having you to cut the under lash by yourself!

Overall, out of the bunch, I love Cassiopeia and Andromeda the most, and of course Corvus! 
Orion is disappointing, but it's still look great with more works to put it on. 

me using Andromeda lashes!

They're reusable, not sure how many times you can reused it, but as far I can see that after two times of usage it still keeps its shape and the lash isn't pulling off!

Each pairs cost 35k
and you can order it HERE : 

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