REVIEW : 3CE Dots Collection Eye Shadow #Sienna


Now it's the eyeshadow palette review from 3CE's Dots Collection! In this collection they came up with 2 shade selections for the palette. The white one is #saddle and it has cooler tone and the black one (the one that I have) is #sienna and it has warmer hues.

Both of the eyeshadow palettes are very neutral, all are brown shades and all of the eyeshadows are shimmers.


      PRODUCT NAME      
"3 Concept Eyes Eye Shadow Palette"

        type of product        
eyeshadow quad palette


KRW 32.000

3CE Official Site

The palette is as cute as ever, with simple black rectangle with transparent part in the middle filled with dots. Though the palette seems small, the eyeshadows is literally filling every spots on the palette so it's quite big I guess. 

As you can see inside, there's no mirror, no applicator included just like other 3CE's product. Thinking that this is a perfect super cute travel palette, the mirror-less packaging is just a big hassle. 

All the shades contain glitters and shimmers, the first 2 have more glitters than the other 2, but all are definitely shimmery. If you look back I used to dislike shimmers / glitters, but now, all I have is shimmers! As I like to keep the other part of my face super matte, it seems a little bit of glitters or shimmers are ok for the eyes. 

I think all matte looks will make you look old too. So, better take your shimmers and be 17 again! :p

The pigmentation aren't that great, they're not really buildable too, probably because of its shimmery finish. Shimmers eyeshadow in general looks less pigmented; anyway the pigmentation gets better a little with eye primer. They're easy to blend - too easy probably, it's easy to over-blend and make all the 3 shades looks like they're one shade only. 

This is a look I came up with using all 4 shades. Once blended the reddish brown aren't really noticeable! 

Super cute packaging
Neutral shades 
Medium pigmentation - perfect for an eyeshadow amateur! 

Expensive price :(
No mirror (and applicator) 

Overall, I think this palette is a super meh product. Nothing special about it other than it being 3CE from Style Nanda and its super cute packaging. I think the price is a little bit too up there, but maybe that's 3CE price range for ya. There's a lot of better palette out there with more affordable price (definitely less cute, but if you're looking for super nice quality, you won't find it in this product) 

Now that I have this palette, I still use it sometime since the colors are great for daily use. But if you're planning to get it, I can't 100% recommend you this product, unless you're a dots maniac then feel free to get this! :p

So, the holiday season's hightlight is tommorrowwww! New Year! This post might be my last post for 2014! 2014 has been a bumpy yet exciting ride and I think I've accomplished a lot and in the same time I spent too much time to procrastinate, when I should be able to achieve more. I really looked forward for this new year :3

Anyway! 2014년 마무리 잘 하시고 내년에 또 봅시다! :) 새해복많이받으세요! Happy *early* New Year!

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Finally, the long awaited review is here. I blame the winter wind that makes me snuggles inside my blanket all the time. 3CE from Style Nanda had recently released the cutest collection ever, the Dots collection! In the collection they have eyeshadow quad palette, lipsticks, hand mirrors and stick on nails.

This time I'll bring in the review for the eye shadow palette and the lipstick!

First I'll go with the lipstick, the "Original 3 Concept Eyes Lip Color" in #802 Love Sick (I didn't choose the shade because of the name that coincidently with my favorite Thai Lakorn. Or did I?) 


      PRODUCT NAME      
"Original 3 Concept Eyes Lip Color"

        type of product        

#802 Love Sick 

KRW 17.900

3CE Official Site


I'm in love with their original packaging and now that they give these little dots - seems like they want to kill me with their packaging. The lipsticks from the Dots collection came with 2 shades, #801 Air Balloon is the black one, and the other being this one. 

One thing that I ticks me about this product is the shade. Yes. From all the pictures and in their official website, it totally likes the shade will be pink with a hint of red.

But if you look at my swatch pictures you'll see that it's definitely not pink, it's more to a red hot warm tone red - which I don't really prefer because it makes my white look less white :( Totally a Christmas red, and it's nice because it's the holiday season! Honestly, it's not a shade that I'll gonna use everyday tho. If only it was a real pink like in the picture!

Nevertheless, I do like 3CE's lipstick and I liked the fact that they actually launch a new shade rather than doing a repackage of an already existing shade. I think the Pink Collection lipsticks' shade aren't new. 

3CE lipsticks are really pigmented and it's not drying on the lips. Even though this lipstick is really bright, it doesn't really stains the lips after the lipstick got erased. It has a glossy finish and the sheen is just enough! 

 LEFT applied really thin with a lot of lip balms RIGHT full lips

Pigmented shade
Not drying
Super cute packaging
Smooth application
Can be used sheerly
Not sticky and nice glossy finish

Shade isn't the same as the one portrayed on the website

Overall, very disappointed at the shade outcome. In real life the shade came out really more to a red than pink, maybe it does photographed pink because the swatch that I did also somewhat came out pink (?) 

I do like the sheer look from this lipstick, so I'll try to keep on using this! Next post will be about the eyeshadow palette, so keep your eyes for that! :) 

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REVIEW : INNISFREE'S Smart Makeup Blender + Long Lasting

Hi! I've featured this product before in my favorite post even before posting a review for it. What is happening!

Today I'm reviewing Innisfree's Smart Makeup Blender in Long Lasting - this is a new addition to the Innisfree's Smart Makeup lines. Basically, products in the Smart Makeup lines are smaller in size compared to other products, to match your skin needs as the season changes. Then. you don't have to spend that much money, or to keep big sized products only to be used the next year when the season changes.


      PRODUCT NAME      
"Smart Make Up Blender + Long Lasting"

        type of product        
Face primer

15ml / KRW 6.000

Innisfree Official Site

The line also came with other 3 to match your skin type and needs. As my skin is on the oily side, of course I chose the "Long Lasting" one. Nothing really special about the packaging and the product itself came in a press tube. 

It's quite small, but when you see the ml size, it's 15 ml, which means is a half of a regular cosmetic products (30 ml). Actually, I'm on my second tube now :o and I used it daily, one tube lasts about 4-5 months. It's small, but definitely lasts quite a long time. 

There's two way on how you can use it. The first is to use it like the usual face primer, apply it to your face before any of your foundation / bb cream / face product. And the second is to mix this product with your foundation by 1 : 2. I honestly never tried the second one, just because I believe setting down your face primer before applying your foundation makes the makeup lasts longer :)

Another good points for this small packaging is it's very, very travel friendly. It's really small and fits everywhere.

The product came out transparent and quite thick in my opinion. It does helps to make my makeup stay much longer, keeping oils in my face to a minimal level. A little blub is enough to cover parts of my face where my makeup get erased the most during the day, means t-zone and my forehead area. 

It has this ever so slightly sticky feeling when applied to the face, but I think it helps to hold my face product more. It does have this shiny finish after ward, I know some people like to use only primer to keep their face oil-free, but with this you do have to put some powder over it if you want that matte, oil-free look. Unless, it'll look like you're oily since the second you apply it. 

Helps to control excess oil
Makeup lasts longer
Affordable price
Travel-friendly packaging

Shiny finish

Overall, this product has completely make me move from my favorite Banila Co. Classic Matte Prime Primer! This can totally be compared to Banila Co's primer, with a fraction of its price! Of course, the biggest difference between the two would be the shiny, dewy finish that this primer gives, but it can totally be covered with some powder.

Another thing that I like from this primer is the packaging. I find that the Banila Co. Prime Primer is too bulky for travel, and it's not only once that the product actually get pumped out inside and messed up my makeup bag.

I've used a whole tube of this, I can swear by this product for sure! <3

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Just before the final week started, me and friends planned a lunch together, calling it an "Early Christmas" lunch together with my 2nd year juniors. Located in Marine City, Haeundae, "Western Spoon" is a small and cozy restaurant by the beach. Personal thoughts: they're on the pricy side but I can guarantee the taste!

Before all the delicious pic of the meals, here's a quick #FOTD

Now to the meals!

probably the best mushroom soup I've ever tasted in my life. 

first world problem lol 

Shot some outfit pics before the sun sets

@yudijo ;)

That's it for today post! I made this post just to show off some pics because the light was close to perfect yesterday! lol. I had so much fun (though me and Reina were just talking about Naruto and people are just like.. wut.), they're the people I had the least time to hang out with but I'm really glad I got to spend some time with these guys just before I graduate :o

I promise I'll work my ass off to write some reviews within this month. I have to get works done before 2014 passes by, am I right? :) 

Thankyou so much for reading (looking at the pictures). I'll see you soon! Pinky promise!

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