REVIEW : INNISFREE'S Smart Makeup Blender + Long Lasting

Hi! I've featured this product before in my favorite post even before posting a review for it. What is happening!

Today I'm reviewing Innisfree's Smart Makeup Blender in Long Lasting - this is a new addition to the Innisfree's Smart Makeup lines. Basically, products in the Smart Makeup lines are smaller in size compared to other products, to match your skin needs as the season changes. Then. you don't have to spend that much money, or to keep big sized products only to be used the next year when the season changes.


      PRODUCT NAME      
"Smart Make Up Blender + Long Lasting"

        type of product        
Face primer

15ml / KRW 6.000

Innisfree Official Site

The line also came with other 3 to match your skin type and needs. As my skin is on the oily side, of course I chose the "Long Lasting" one. Nothing really special about the packaging and the product itself came in a press tube. 

It's quite small, but when you see the ml size, it's 15 ml, which means is a half of a regular cosmetic products (30 ml). Actually, I'm on my second tube now :o and I used it daily, one tube lasts about 4-5 months. It's small, but definitely lasts quite a long time. 

There's two way on how you can use it. The first is to use it like the usual face primer, apply it to your face before any of your foundation / bb cream / face product. And the second is to mix this product with your foundation by 1 : 2. I honestly never tried the second one, just because I believe setting down your face primer before applying your foundation makes the makeup lasts longer :)

Another good points for this small packaging is it's very, very travel friendly. It's really small and fits everywhere.

The product came out transparent and quite thick in my opinion. It does helps to make my makeup stay much longer, keeping oils in my face to a minimal level. A little blub is enough to cover parts of my face where my makeup get erased the most during the day, means t-zone and my forehead area. 

It has this ever so slightly sticky feeling when applied to the face, but I think it helps to hold my face product more. It does have this shiny finish after ward, I know some people like to use only primer to keep their face oil-free, but with this you do have to put some powder over it if you want that matte, oil-free look. Unless, it'll look like you're oily since the second you apply it. 

Helps to control excess oil
Makeup lasts longer
Affordable price
Travel-friendly packaging

Shiny finish

Overall, this product has completely make me move from my favorite Banila Co. Classic Matte Prime Primer! This can totally be compared to Banila Co's primer, with a fraction of its price! Of course, the biggest difference between the two would be the shiny, dewy finish that this primer gives, but it can totally be covered with some powder.

Another thing that I like from this primer is the packaging. I find that the Banila Co. Prime Primer is too bulky for travel, and it's not only once that the product actually get pumped out inside and messed up my makeup bag.

I've used a whole tube of this, I can swear by this product for sure! <3

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  1. Ohh I do not think I would like the sticky feeling unfortunately! ^ w ^


  2. My holy grail primer is the Hourglass mineral veil and it's just sooo pricey lol. Maybe I'll give this a try! Hopefully it will work as well so I can have this as a more economical option :P It's pretty ironic though that it has shiny finish. You'd think a long-lasting product gives matte finish lol


  3. It looks like a great product despite its shiny finish!

    Jessie @ bijou-heart ♥

  4. Seems so nice! I wish it came with a bit more product x

  5. Oh my, I'm really going to go out and check out this line! I totally am trying to buy smaller sized face products, nothing over 30 because I don't know when I'll finish it! I'm glad you love this product and I totally need a face primer right now!

  6. I'm sosososo in love with innisfree products lately, i've been wanting to get sometimes for their smart make up lone for a while now ;u; i really thinking of getting this after your review.
    Thank you!




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