REVIEW : Makeup Geek's "Vegas Light" Palette

Hi! Today I'm bringing you guys, sorry, not a Korean makeup review, but a eyeshadow palette from Makeup Geek! I'm sure by now you've known already about a cosmetic brand called "Makeup Geek" and today I'm bringing you a closer look to "Vegas Lights" palette.

Makeup Geek

      PRODUCT NAME      
"Vegas Lights"

        type of product        
eyeshadow palette

USD 38

Makeup Geek

So, actually I didn't know about this palette, like, before. But one of my makeup-maniac-hoobae, Ratu-ssi (read her blog HERE!), offered me this because of some mis-order but I hurriedly agree to purchase since I read (and watch) a lot of great review about this palette. 

Here's the shade description on the web : 

Casino : Shimmery saturated metallic gold with orange undertones
Sin City : Shimmery golden apricot / golden medium orange
Roulette : A rosy, burnt shimmery sienna
Mirage : Pale matte beige with yellow undertones and silky finish
Desert Sands : Matte, medium terra-cotta
Bada Bing : Deep brown with flecks of gold

From LEFT to RIGHT : Mirage, Casino, Sin City, Desert Sands, Roulette, Bada Bling

As you can see the shades are very pigmented, and the palette has mattes and shimmery shadows, and paraben, talc, animal cruelty free product! The size of all the shadow is definitely bigger than standard eyeshadow size. All of the shadows are warm tones shade. My favorite out of the bunch will be "Mirage" and "Roulette" :) 

Some of the shades are totally wearable daily, but for me, "Casino" and "Sin City" is hard to pull off because it's basically too warm for me. But I used "Casino" from my "Yospan" dance eye look and it does look amazing. 

"Casino" and "Bada Bing" on the eyes. 

The shadows are buttery, it's very pigmented but it's also easy to blend. The packaging too, there's a mirror, which is always good. I just discovered this while browsing on the website, the eyeshadows are really easy to be de-pot! But they're really secure too because instead glueing the shadow pots, they use magnets instead. 

de-pot and put in again - no worries! 

Another eyelook from the palette! Roulette is indeed my favorite shade out of the bunch.

Overall, I love this palette! A lot of people seems to be so interested with this palette when I brought this to the makeup room. Of course, the shades are so pretty and wearable, but in the same time you can make dramatic looks from this palette. USD 38 seems to be a huge number, but each of the shadows cost only USD 6,33 each! :)

Anyway, it's not often that I got to purchase something from overseas, so I was so excited! (and psst, more western brand review to come!). Thankyou so much for reading :)

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  1. reminds me of a a monarch butterfly pretty :)

    Fancy Nancy’s YouTube

  2. Ah~ They look so buttery and so pigmented! I love the looks you came up with. These shadows would work so well during the winter/fall season~ Thanks for the review!

    Love, Aimee

    My Blog | New Blog Post

  3. I love these colours! Although I'm not sure how I'd make them work!


    Miss Blue Eyes

  4. So pretty ciii~





  5. I love how they are removable from the pan and the colors are so gorgeous! Love the pigmentation, your eye makeup looks amazing ♥

  6. hooh ci, silaken di beli :3

  7. I knowww I usually use not more than 2 shades at once :p

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