REVIEW : Innisfree's Mineral Single Cream Shadow


Today's review is about Innisfree's "Mineral Single Cream Shadow" - which is still new, I think. I wonder why they only made these cream shadow now, because obviously a lot of Korean prefer 'cream' products. Especially because Korean makeup style usually use a lot of glitters and shimmer, and let's be honest when working with glitters and shimmer, cream products are easier to work with!

Isn't it been a while since I last reviewed a Innisfree product? I know you guys liked it when I review Innisfree products lol


      PRODUCT NAME      
"Mineral Single Cream Shadow"

        type of product        
Cream shadow

#03 달콤가득 바닐라 
#04 로맨스 버건디

6.3 gr / KRW 8.000

Innisfree Official Site

The products didn't came in a box like most other Innisfree's products. But I think it's better that way because of Innisfree's Green concept, boxes aren't necessary anyway. The product came in 5 shades, spreading over lighter shade and deeper one. All of them have either frosty or shimmer finish, perfect for the holiday season. 

#03 달콤가득 바닐라 is a light beige shade with flecks of gold glitters inside. The picture came up pretty brown-ish, but in real life the shade is much lighter. The picture in the web also showed up brownish - I think this shade in particular photographed darker. The shade is closer to cool tone I must say, and you can use if for an overall lid color or bring it down to the inner corner for that highlight effect. 

#04 로맨스 버건디 is a warm burgundy shade - and it's really gorgeous. It has a mix of gold and burgundy glitter flecks inside. You can apply it lightly and it will create a super pretty sienna color, but of course you can pack it on for the real deal burgundy on your lid. 

I like to apply with a flat shader brush to really pack on the color. I realized using brush make the shadow a little bit clumpy when applied, but it didn't happen when I use my finger. Applying with fingers will make the shadow less pigmented, but of course you can just repeat the step to build up the shade. 

Both of the shade I own have some glitters on it, but when I used it came up more like a shimmery finish on the lid, so it's definitely not an over the top glittery, still great for everyday use! :) 

I think both shade blends very great, even combined with other powder-type eyeshadow. I once sets this cream shadow with another eye shadow, and the glitters from the cream shadow still peeking through. Honestly, you don't need to set them with anything because they stays great alone, crease-free on the lid. 

I read some reviews in Korean that some people have trouble with it creases on their lid. I suggest to prime your eyes or powder your lid to get rid any excess oils on the eyes before applying them. Or you can set them with other powder eye shadow to keep them in place. Nevertheless, I don't have any problem with creasing at all, so I'm very impressed! :) 

Long lasting! 
Buildable pigmentation
Easy to blend, creamy texture
No fallouts when applied

Can be clumpy when used with brush
A little bit of fallouts can be seen under the eye when used for a long time

Overall, I'm really impressed with these! I thought they would be a mediocre product and I purely just bought it because of that pretty burgundy. Now they are not only pretty in shade, but also good in quality! :) 

Since I had some singles eyeshadow, and now cream shadows too, I found that keeping these cream shadows is a little bit of a homework because they're bulky, and they can't be de-pot too. For someone like me that has an always growing makeup collection, this is getting annoying. Gotta find some way to store these away. 

However, if you're like me, someone with more than enough makeups, I can guarantee you that these products worth a place in your collection :) 

Thankyou so much for reading, I'll see you soon! xx

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  1. Wow the burgundy looks great!! :) The color is beautiful~ And great review!

  2. The eyeshadows looks amazing! Loving the burgundy color though :D

    Jessie @ bijou-heart ♥

  3. Gorgeous shades!!! I seriously am thinking about buying the lighter shade! It's exactly the color that I love to use as a base for any brown look or even colored looks! It sounds like the formula is great too!

  4. i have to admit that the burgundy shade is really pretty! it's like the more wearable color of burgundy XD

  5. That burgandy! So beautiful!!! I'm not really a fan of CDMA products because I find them more messy and troublesome to use, but I think I will try some soon :). These are so cheap!

  6. I didn't even realise Innisfree had cream eye shadows!

    Beauty Challenged

  7. Good to hear that they don't crease. The shades are absolutely pretty and not too shimmery for everyday wear :)


  8. Goodness! What pigmented beautiful shades! I never tried cream shadows but I'm seeing more and more how they're a popular product on the market nowadays. Nice review!


  9. What a great review! I wondered if these were any good so it's great to know that they actually are! Thank you for sharing!


    Miss Blue Eyes

  10. i want these cream shadows!!!! i bought some for a friend for christmas and now regretting that i didn't get some too! lol

    Chie | The Brown Eyed Fox

  11. Thanks for the detailed review, I'm thinking to give these a go!


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