Such a long time since I last updating this blog #sigh.
I even don't have the time to update my kakao talk theme changing post!! 

ARGGH I hate my self for my not responsible in time management. 
Second year was so awful, many tasks waits, and I still don't get that urge to, you know, STUDY.


Anyway just telling you guys I'm pretty much alive and yeah, struggling to my freedom which is NEVER. 

The only thing that makes me happy all week is the ARRIVAL OF MY LARUKU TICKETS. OMG. FINALLY.

Can't post the picture anyway. But it was different from what I have thought. I thought the design would be so much prettier, like at least put Larc's member face won't hurt much right.

Anyway I might not be updating anything UNTIL my Laruku concert, which is also the end mark of my mid test!!! 

Just a short blabber <3 



THIS. could be the prettiest bakery shop (yes, bakery shop) ever I could see in my life. Or until now lah, I'm open for new experience every time.

Before I went to this store, I've seen this place once because we missed out bus stop at Busan University, so I saw a glance of it. It was really eye catching property even if you say it for like a second or two from the bus, because they had this huge lawn with green grass on it, which is not something you would see everyday by the bus

SO INTRODUCING! J Square! Cafe and Bakery in Busan! <3

And the next sets of photos will be PPANG PPANG and PPANG!*

*which mean bread, bread, and bread in Korea

thankyou for posing for me :9

And the rest of the picture will only make you droll, droll, AND DROLL


 cake for ₩ 8.000. I might just bought cakes from Paris Baguette and eat there

the ordered PPANG!!  

It's not taking a long time till you can see this

I always have this theory, pretty cake would NEVER taste delicious.
Because my theory is pretty bread and cake always contains something that actually did NOT get along well, but they're there together, just because they're nice to the eyes. 

BUT THIS BREAD is not kidding me, it was so chewy, and sweet, just really balancing every thing together. Good thing it was not that close to me, if it were I would totally happy for replacing my rice portion with bread :9 NOM NOM NOM

The other thing that fascinate me, it was their logo. It was everyWHERE!! Almost everything were custom-made and the logo is really pretty!!!

pretty card matches my pretty nail <3 

check out their toiletries!!! I want all ladies rest room have these around!!! 

I've never seen a bakery/cafe shop had these so much attention to all their designs and stuff. They really matches everything!! And you why these stuff could actually happens????






I really jelly to anybody owning that design room.

Ok back to the cafe! 

The cafe is actually had it's own building if you see from the upper picture, and it was higher than what I expected. They had a total of 4 floors, the first floor and the second floor is the cafe and the bakery. The third floor is a mini ballroom, and the 4th floor is small meeting room, which you can rent and have your own meeting!!

The meeting room is really looks like a meeting room. No kidding, like what a company had. They had round tables with chairs surrounding the table, a white board, and you could directly order stuff from there :)

the view of the mini ballroom from the meeting room hall :)

the view from second floor to the ground floor! 

pretty interior is pretty! <33333 

SO that's it!! 

I had a lot of trouble blogging this because of the huge pictures i have to upload and apparently making my blogger site kinda broke down. Anyway!! That was my most enjoyable weekends so far, and I can't wait to go back again!!!! 


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