REVIEW : Innisfree's Long-Wear Cushion

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Today I'm going to review something that I've been really enjoying to use recently - Innisfree's Long Wear Cushion. As an avid fan of Innisfree, I'm honestly more than excited to know that they're gonna release a long-wearing cushion! Finally, I GOT THEM YES.


      PRODUCT NAME      
"Long Wear Cushion"

      type of product      
Cushion Face Cream

#23 True Beige

15g / KRW 20.000

innisfree official site

I seriously had a big expectation of this product. As someone with oily skin, Korean brands seems like didn't really care and keep on making products for people with dry skin, which are the majority of all Koreans are.

It's like "FINALLY, SOMEONE UNDERSTAND", when Innisfree's coming up with this kinda product. Because no matter how dry your skin is, being super oily and sweaty on summer is just not attractive. 

On the box it said :
  • Long-lasting makeup with Long-Wear Complex that's strong against sweat and sebum (oil)
  • Leaves the skin feeling smooth, refreshed and soft with an even skin tone that calms pores and bumps.
  • With the sebum control powder contained, keep skin looking brighter for longer without looking dark and dull.

The packaging is not as different as other cushion products from other brands - can I just give award to Cushion product as the best innovation for like, my whole life? Or maybe for the whole Korean Brand market? Cushion itself is very compact and easy to apply, it's hard to over-apply or caking up and most products are really light-weight.

It comes with an air puff, also a plastic lid to separate the puff from the product. Big mirror is a must for touch ups, so there it is. Different from most other brand, Innisfree cushion did not come with a refill, so a cushion and a case -that's it. But it didn't matter for me because usually one thing last me a long time. (Refill is KRW 10,000)

There's a secure seal, make sure you check on that especially when you ordered it online.

And that's the product on the puff. Innisfree's shades are usually on the fair side, even #23 (darkest shade) sometime looks too light on me - but luckily it's still look natural.

The product has Innisfree's signature scent, just like other Innisfree's cosmetic products in general. Also this product contain SPF 50 PA+++

At first it's really creamy like other cushion, but it turns into matte finish soon after. It didn't make my face look flat at all (because of the matte-ness, still maintain natural skin look) and it doesn't feel sticky too (like the long-lasting smart foundation). I still need powder to set it, but miraculously this cushion stayed on my oily face without primer!

You can also see that the cover is quite good to! Considering cushion products are light weight, it's really a plus when it also come with good coverage. When applied, there's a slight cooling effect for the skin!

Below is a comparison between 2 other cushion products that I have, you can totally see how matte the long-wear cushion is!

Buildable coverage
Light weight on the skin, natural finish
Matte finish
Long-lasting power is awesome
Not sticky, smooth finish
Easy to apply
High SPF
Cooling effect
Travel friendly
Refill is compatible with other Innisfree's similar product's case

Only available in 3 shades (and they're relatively fair)

Overall, this cushion product is da bombdiggity, it definitely fulfil all its claims. As a product that is released for the summer, I think it has all the quality needed for a 'summer' cosmetic, high SPF, long lasting, good coverage, and the advantage of cushion product in which is super travel-able. 

Also, the cooling effect when applied, it's subtle but in hot-humid summer days, I really don't mind a little bit of cooling. Sometime putting on makeup during summer days could be very annoying because it's stifling! And as I stated before, if you have the case for Innisfree's melting foundation / the old cushion - you can buy the refill and put it inside the case you have because it fits!

I'm totally recommend this product, especially with people with oily/combination skin - especially most cushions have dewy finish, this one has matte finish that is more compatible for us! I can totally see myself using this a lot this summer! xx

sorry the case is super reflective D:

ThankYou so much for reading! I hope you'll enjoy the rest of the week as I will enjoy mine! 
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  1. Wow, I am super impressed with the coverage of this one and I think I might finally buy my first cushion product now! I hated seeing and hearing about how sheer or light coverage they are from a lot of brands but this one looks wonderful! Great review!

  2. Innisfree always impressed myself. I just try the Mineral Melting BB Cushion, but I think I will try the others cushions!

  3. I hope you enjoy the product as much as I enjoyed this <3 hihi! Thankyou as always! <3

  4. I don't like matte result for my face makeup result but this product is quite impressive for summer makeup items. The matte result make my skin feel fresh >< and live the cooling effect too~~ nice review onn hihihi


  5. thanks for the review. I used the mineral melting cushion and it makes me feel so unnatural, it did not adhere to my skin since I have dry skin I guess
    which is your favorite among the 3 cushions you mentioned?

  6. artesya inggittaJune 18, 2014 at 7:19 AM

    aku pake bb cushion nya, dan ini kayaknya juga wajib dibeli nihh. Coverage sebagus itu kahh?

  7. WOW your before + after pic looks amazing!

    Kay ♡ imladiiekay

  8. I purchased it a few days ago and finally today I‘m going to give it a try! Since my skin is a dry skin type, I‘m quite worry that it might looks cakey on me. But it definitely looks good on you ci pilichiii♥ Thanks for the review xx

    Love always,

  9. I actually want this because of the cooling effect and I've never have a cushion face cream before. But I guess my skin is too dry for this product...


  10. OMG filia, I've been looking for the review post about this product which contains before-after picture just like what you did here. thanks so much for the review anyway..

    Hazeldazel Blog

  11. I just got this too >.< I've been loving it so far. It's the only cushion that doesn't look cakey on me lol

  12. me too! perfect base for summer >_<

  13. you're welcome! I hope this post helps :D

  14. hayo! Jessica actually also get one loh, maybe wait for her review? so far so good I think hehe

  15. cycy <3 I'll wait for your review too :p

  16. it's low to med (very buildable) haha tapi buat sesuatu yang se'ringan' itu, coveragenya bagus! :D

  17. I think IOPE would suit dry skin the best, but the coverage is as good as the rest, but definitely is buildable! :D but it's also the most expensive out of the 3, but you get free refill with it!

  18. my sister also changed her melting bb cushion with this and she was very impressed >_<

  19. Aku msh tggu punyaku datangg >_< untunglah bagusss :)

  20. Hi love your post! :) I was wondering, If I am NC 30, what shade do you think would suit me the best? :)

  21. Iyah habis mukaku kering jadi pilih-pilih gitu hehehe~ ga bisa sembarangan tar jadinya jelek takutnya :/

  22. Thanks for this review! This cushion is something I definitely want to try out!


  23. Tiffany ChristinaJune 18, 2014 at 10:57 PM

    Sorry out of topic. What's the lipstick you're wearing and the shades of the innisfree shadow pencil? How are they compared to the NYX jumbo eye pencil? Thanks :)

  24. I'm MAC NC 25-30 and I use the #23 :D

  25. heheheheh review dong ce! :D

  26. I was wearing Etude House's Dear my Darling Lipstick in PK014! My shadow pencils are in #2 and #4 - I never use the NYX jumbo eye pencil so I can't compare them :s but they're quite creamy and has shimmers! :D I gonna review them soon! :D

  27. Well, you convinced me to try this one too! Thank you! :D

  28. Well, you convinced me to try this one too! Thank you! :D ~

  29. Hey, thanks for the review :) it's very detailed. I see that you have use lots of Innisfree products, I wonder if you have ever try the Mineral Melting BB Cushion?

  30. hi stellar, hope you don't mind me asking. what cushions did you use that's cakey?

  31. The Hera UV Mist looks very cakey on me though it's a very popular cushion in Korea. The Laneige one is a bit cakey as well but not too bad :)

  32. hai fiii, aku mau nanya kamu punya website lain selain ini? aku nemu postingan yg sama persis soalnya. coba deh di cek http://www.findallpills.com/2014/06/review-innisfrees-long-wear-cushion.html hmmmm :/

    btw, innisfree yg ini kayanya oke banget. dan yes kamu ngejelasinnya detail banget :)
    oia selamat untuk pencapaiannya :D

  33. Thankyou Anistya! well... I just checked on your link and wth was that!? that's awkward... hahaha! but thankyou for the info! :D and can't thankyou more for the compliments <3 :*

  34. I haven't tried the Melting BB cushion! But my sister has, and the main difference between the Melting BB cushion and the Long-Wear was probably the matte finish and also long-wear has slighttttt better coverage! It's thanks to you for reading and commenting <3

  35. definitely try them out!! :D

  36. Wow.. the coverage is amazingg.... it looks really nice on you ^^
    i have tried the old one innsifree cushion and i love it. goona try it out soon
    thanks for the review! great post ci... :)


  37. Hi ya sis ^^
    I wonder if the cushion refill can fit into Etude's any cushion case?
    I've been experimenting and found out that Verite cushion can fit in any cushion (yaay...) and am finishing the verite one to try if my Laneige bb cushion can fit in the same case too ^^

    I also got a couple of questions more, since its matte finish, will it cling to dry patchy areas?
    And #23 still looks white-ish. I already thought of etude's any cushion as whiter than my neck area when applied, but your swatch looks even lighter shade.
    Jadi maju mundur ^^"

    please help?

  38. Sadly innisfree cushion can't get into etude's any cushion case (it's too short). Well, I have oily/combination skin so honestly in this humid hot season I don't have patchy skin area, but I think as long as you moisturize well it shouldn't be a problem, and because it has pretty light consistency, it won't cover all your skin.

    Well in the end it really depends on your skin needs sih! Kalo memang kering sekali, mungkin bisa engga bisa pake ini :)

  39. ok, makasih ya sis udah dijawab.
    I'll put this in the next-order list ^^

  40. Is there a right way to apply cushion? I use etude's and my face always gets cakey after a couple of hours no matter how light I apply it :(

  41. Thank you for the great review. Do you know where I can purchase this? I looked on prettyandcute.com and it was not available. I'm looking for #13 as in MAC I am about NC10, so I think that #13 will be light enough. Sometimes my skin is on the dry side, but I moisturize well. I'm hoping that this will be a good match. I was also interested in the IOPE one with the free refill. If I'm a MAC NC10 w/kind of dry skin, which would you recommend? And then, where can I purchase living in New York? Thank you so much. I am new to your blog, but I love it!!

  42. Jessica WitjaksanaJuly 12, 2014 at 2:30 PM

    Thank you for your review! I'm planning to get one of these bb cushion in Korea. I'm still torn on which shade is best for me though. I tried Laneige #21 on my hand and it seemed to be 'tanner' than my natural skin - does that mean it's the right match or what? And somewhat a bit too yellow-ish on my face. My skin tone is more towards the cool side - the Laneige SA recommended me the #21 just because I think most Asians are using the #21 one.
    And which one is best for Summer? I heard the Laneige Pore Control one is also good for summer? And one last question (sorry I asked so many questions >.<) I plan to go to Korea this summer, is the bb cushion always readily available? Like, they won't be sold out over there? And how much is for the innisfree and IOPE bb cushion there? Where are the best place to get them?
    So sorry for asking so much! Do keep up with the reviews, I always enjoy them! :D

  43. Sometime your hand shade and your face shade could be different, I suggest you to swatch in in your neck area to find out the best shade (also they tend to oxidise, so it really depend on the 'skin') It's true most Asians uses #21, but the tone (yellow, pink, warm and cool) are totally different per brand. I don't know how 'tan' it came off in your hand, but from my swatches above, looks like most are too tan for my hand, but when applied to the face some does goes on brighter than my natural face shade. So it really depends :s and because you're going to Korea, maybe you could use the chances to actually try the product yourself! (And most south korean SA will recommend you to buy shade lighter than your natural shade, so be careful! lol).

    if you're talking about Innisfree's Cushion then yes, they should be available everywhere! Innisfree stores is everywhere in the country, I'm sure it's easy to spot some. (and you can find laneige & iope in Aritaum store, and innisfree is in... innisfree). Even if one store do ran out of cushion products, you can always look for another store in 100m radius. Innisfree cushion is 20.000 won, IOPE is around 38.000 or 40.000 +++ (IOPE price varies, not really sure.)

    Thankyou for asking Jess! and reading my blog too :D

  44. Hi, please tell me long wear cushion better than innisfree smart foundation?

  45. definitely this long wear cushion is much better than the smart foundations :S

  46. OMG sorry to get to you sooo late :< I think the summer sale is mostly for clothing brand. Cosmetics brands usually have their own sale dates (mostly at the end of the month, or the first week, or in the middle of the month - really depends and mostly need membership - in which you will require to have Korean cellphone number,,) mostly on sale they offer 10-50%, buy one get one sale or free refill (for cushions). I study Korean in Indonesia for 6 months, the Korean language course is provided by my uni for Indonesian students to prepare them before uni. I heard that the Korean embassy have Korean classes that are good too, so maybe you can check that out!

  47. would you recommend this for NC30 skin shade?

  48. Nice Blog :) I just ordered the IOPE air cushion xp though. Due to my dry skin and many reviews I read and watched to find out which cushion is best for my skin type. Sadly I live in Germany where you can't find any of this products, so I'm forced to just try out by ordering and I hope it suits my skin XD I'm half vietnamese, so I have tanned skin, I usually have one of the "medium" skin tones on foundations, so ordered natural # 23 Ice Beige and hope it's the right tone.
    BUT what I actually wanted to say, that I like your blog, even if I just read it for the first time XD

  49. Hi! Been following up your blog for quite some time and appreciate the numerous reviews you did for so many products! I have tried the cushion products and it actually 'cakes' after sweating and doing touch ups.. Does the long wear cushion 'cake'?

  50. Thankyou! What cushion did you try? This cushion has matte finish, and most cushions has dewy finish, so this one is somewhat cakes as soon as I apply it, but it's not a problem for me since I have very oily skin! :)

  51. Thankyou Patti!! <3 Sorry it took a while for me to reach you :/ so how's the cushion? I hope it matches your shade!!!

  52. This would be a tad too light for NC30, maybe with light application you can still make it work! :)

  53. I dont seeon how long it lasts so somebody pls tell me

  54. Does the bb cushion oxidize on your face? When I used the face shop cc cream it oxidized pretty bad and i just walked around with a super yellow face OTL

  55. what etude any cushion's shade do you use on the picture above?

  56. hi, have you tried laneige pore control bb cushion? i heard it's for oily skin too.
    i wonder the comparison between laneige and innisfree one.

  57. Hello dearie, I'm so glad that I stumbled upon your review on this!

    I've been having dilemma on which bb cushion to get; Hera, Iope, Innisfree or Laneige.. I have a slight oily combination skin, more oily on the T zone, and it's summer all year long in my country. I've heard great reviews on Laneige Pore Control bb cushion & Innisfree long wear cushion for slightly oily skin, especially good for humid climate, but Hera and Iope lives up to that reputation as well. I'm so torn!

    Do you have advice on which to get? Thank you! :)

  58. Hello! I've been really wanting to purchase a cushion (especially Innisfree's) but one thing is that I'm Hmong and have yellowish/darker skin and their darkest color I'm positive that it's too light. Would you think it'd be okay? Do you have any other cushion brand you suggest that is good and for darker skin? Thanks so much!

  59. If you're not sure about your shade, and you probably won't have the chance to try the product on your skin, I suggest that you look for Laneige's cushion products, because they came in darker shade (than other brand's cushion in general) - here's my review on the cushion! (I also did a swatch comparison, so you'll see if this matches your skin more!) http://mysugarcoffee.blogspot.com/2015/03/review-laneiges-bb-cushion-pore-control.html

  60. Hi! I'm currently using the IOPE air cushion!
    In your opinion, how is this one in comparison?

  61. Sophie Victoria IskandarMay 22, 2015 at 9:25 AM

    Hey i have dry skin and alot of acnes on my forehead, but sometimes very oily on my T areas esp when im sweaty...i want a matte finished look and good coverage for my acnes...yet not too cakey since i have dry skin.....please help?:( its very hard to find a good bb for my skin type :/ bcos its expensive if i need to buy both :'(

  62. My face skin is oily at Tzone and dry at the rest parts. I have to say that now its about 34 Celsius outside and very low humidity. With this conditions cushion doesnt help with oily Tzone. Its still oily. But when temperature is go down and humidity is up, then it helps better with oilness.
    If I dont use very rich cream for dry parts of my face before applying the cushion, its makes my skin more dry.
    After applying its visible at wide pores at my nose and at wrinkles at my forehead (I m 42). But its easy to improve it with using a little amount loose mineral powder after cushion.
    Ok, I m done with bad things.
    Good things:
    Cushion gives very good coverage for redness and small irritations and pigmentation. And its do it with a very thin layer. You dont feel it on your face. I didnt notice any cooling effect, but its not important for me.

    Cushion gives very good sun protection.
    Its doesnt irritate skin, non-comedogenic at all.
    Easy to apply and easy to wash off.

    Its my first cushion. I m not sure I ll take a refill of this certain one for the next summer, but definitely I ll try other ones, and may be I ll back to this one, who knows. In any case its a very good quality product, I dont regret about spending money and use it with pleasure.

  63. Hi!Im wondering if you prefer the long wear cushion VS the water glow cushion?I heard that the water glow is slightly more moist and has lesser coverage(but i dont mind) whereas the long wear is more long lasting but better.I am a combination skin and I have oily T-zone.but i love moist products.And also i wonder if the long wear cushion gives a really matte finish or semi matte?because i like the glow even though i stay in singapore.and is the L.W.C drying?thank you^^

  64. hi love, i have had this question for the longest time, does innisfree cushion fit into etude house case? because i already have an etude house any cushion and i really want to try this LWC but i also wanna save up some money. thank you ^-^

  65. Innisfree cushion does fit to Etude House case, but not securely fit (?) - I mean it's kinda hard to securely close the case when Innisfree's cushion is inside :P

    Orrrr you can just buy the refill you know. The refill inside also had a cap and I've seen not only 1-2 people, but a lot of people going out with just their cushion refill because it's lighter that way!

  66. Chalimi FithratuJuly 4, 2015 at 11:41 PM

    Cushion products always grabs me xD This one is no exception. Especially because it's staying power, sounds promising :) Good review

  67. I purchased the etude house cushion in W24 honey beige and it make me look ghostly !!! :( do you have any suggestions for a cushion compact with a slightly darker shade? Thanks


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