REVIEW : Aritaum's Honey Melting Tint (in #14 Pink Lemonade and #16 Lady Dessert)


I got my hands on these!! It's Aritaum's "Honey Melting Tint". I'm always tricked by the packaging, I thought they were just an ordinary colored lip balm and never bothered to even checked them out. Then my junior was raving about these and also I'm much more convinced after reading Rini's review HERE.

Now they're releasing 6 new shades for the summer, "Summer Neon Limited Color"


      PRODUCT NAME      
"Honey Melting Tint"

      type of product      
lip tint

S14 Pink Lemonade & S16 Lady Dessert

KRW 8.000

aritaum official site (korean) 

First, the packaging. They didn't came in boxes, but do they have secure seals so make sure it still intact when purchasing! It is easy mistake as a lip balm (like I do) but they're actually legit lip tints! The outside cap is resembling the shade inside, which quite accurate I say. 

You'll see in the pictures below that the inside black tube goes up more than the product itself (does that make sense?) to secure the product from melting and breaking down because it's so creamy - think about Revlon Lip Butter - both has similar tube system that I think is perfect for lip products with creamier textures! 

Including the regular shades, they have 16 shades (10 + 6). The summer shades are more neon and it focuses on pink and orange shades. 

Both have this sweet, fruity scent but also mixed with a "cosmetic" kinda scent, I felt that's kinda weird, but the scent didn't linger so I just moved on from that. 

I was planning to just get the summer neon one and a regular one but my friend again, said that summer is coming, so I should probably pick up bright colors instead. So, I listened to her and I fell in love with both of the shades! 

Especially with "Lady Dessert" - I was afraid that it will came too orangey but it didn't, and "Pink Lemonade" is definitely not as neon as I expected to be. 

Both stained my lips even after all the glossiness has gone, but "Pink Lemonade" has more vivid stain left. 

These products have creamy texture - not as smooth as a legit lip balm, but it's definitely comparable! They are not sticky, very comfortable on the lips. They sure have better lasting power than similar products on the market -  they still transfers to straws, or when I kiss my palm to test it - but not as visible as other creamy lipsticks I have.

Both has glossy finish, I do think some advertorial pictures from aritaum.com are a little bit exaggerated. Like the vividness of the shade or even the glossiness. You know the drill - ad always lie. lol

You can see above that 2 shades that I own didn't have the same pigmentation. "Pink Lemonade" definitely came off more bright and is pigmented enough with only 1 swipe. "Lady Dessert" has to be more layered to make it as vivid as "Pink Lemonade"

I can still see my real lip color see through the product - which is nice because it will slightly toned down the whole neon thingy. Because the lip tint surface is kinda huge - I still have to be in front of a mirror when applying or re-apply during the day. I can be a little bit messy with "Lady Dessert" - but I didn't want to take the change with "Pink Lemonade"

Sleek packaging
Creamy texture
Light weight
A ton of shades
Lips staining

Huge product surface could be a problem
for people with thin lips
(or just clumsy like me)

Overall, this is 10 out of 10 - I love these stuff! This is like a perfect combination of lip tint + lip stick + lip balm. I know there's more colors available and I really want to try it all! Again, this product is again a result of someone's good review, but this is totally over my expectation.

I find these are pretty much similar with Revlon's lip butter, but I believe these stay (much) longer and stains my lips better - and both are moisturizing! And I found that some Lip Butter's has shimmers but these melting tints have none - they just glossy and I completely prefer this Melting Tint over the Lip Butters.

Thankyou so much for reading guys!
Have a nice day! xx

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  1. Ah no 16 nya bagus yaa :D warna pink coral gitu hehe


  2. love the orangey one on you !
    pretty !!
    and love your eyes !

    anyway mind if we follow each other ?
    i've already followed you..


  3. there's something inside me that says "i wanna rock neon lips too" but then im like nope nope nope nope nope bc im not confident enough. if i'm brave enough to give it a go, i will probably go with the pink one (even though the orange one looks more toned-down, but give it a go means give it a go lol). i might try this in the future, the price range is pretty similar to revlon kissable balm stain thingy (which it kinda reminds me of) so yea might as well try this one instead.

  4. Very lovely colors. i like it very much and buy me one too :)

  5. Jarang nemu moisturizing lip tint. Yang pink lemonade bagus, Nyi! <3


  6. Both colours look very nice, especially the one on the left. Thanks for sharing your views on them!


  7. iya aku suka bgt warna gitu! utg engga neon banget :") engga nyoba soalnya haha

  8. yeah I think this one is better! I wanted to try the revlon kissable balm too but i'll stick to these! :D

  9. seriusan kagak nyoba? wakaka~ baguslah hasilnya oke :D

  10. Oh they really look great! I would love Lady Dessert, a great peachy nude!

  11. now i really want a lady dessert~ wow i think the color is just fantastic~ thanks for review~


  12. the color comes out fantastic! i wanna get this now..


  13. I wish I knew they released new shades! I actually just bought shade #9 on gmarket!
    Lady Dessert looks really pretty on you!

  14. Lady Desert is beautiful! Love the packaging as well, simper but very pretty x Both color looks gorgeous on you.

    Kay ♡ imladiiekay

  15. Yang lady dessert warnanya bagus tuhhh:D
    Jadi pengen beli tapi udah kapok beli lip tint yg kayak gini;__;

    I double dare you to take a peek to my blog!!<33
    Adventure of P-Chaaan!!

  16. I wanted to pick these up when they were on sale on an online store, but now the sale is no longer on :( and now i regret not getting them after reading your review, booo haha.

  17. where did you buy these from? I'm having a hard time finding online stores that stock the new colors! Thanks for your review :)

  18. I'm currently residing in Korea so I got them from the store D: I tried to look in gmarket and it's not available too.. maybe because it's still very new D:

  19. yeah! I got this on sale, a lot of my friends also regret that they didn't pick these up on the sale.. now we gotta play the waiting game for another sale! D:

  20. kenapa kapooookkk! D: bagus kok ini enak2 :D

  21. cece ayo beli ke sini hihi

  22. thanks for the informative review!!!
    i've already ordered mine after reading your post and now they're on the way! I've ordered #4 and #8. Can't wait to try them out!! they are now available on gmarket. check this out!!



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