La Petite Lady x My Sugar Coffee Collaboration #2 + GIVEAWAY (CLOSED)


As I promised in the PART 1 of the collaboration post, this will be the real legit post. Cycy, the writer of La Petite Lady blog, and I, we're doing a collaboration (and also giveaway - stay until the end of the post girls!). And this is the post about what we did, approximately last week!

So first, since we're gonna took a lot of pictures that day, we started with - MAKEUP. yeah! To cut the story short, Cycy did my makeup and I did Cycy's makeup. The concept? I did Cycy makeup like the way I did mine, with black liners and pretty visible eyeshadow. And Cycy's did my makeup like she would do to her face, no liners, plenty of mascara and blushing cheeks!

Here's everything that we used : (look! We had same mascaras!)


I still feel naked without my mascara eyeliner lol - Thankyou Cycy for the pretty makeup <3

Now to the OOTD that we did (featuring some hauls yesterday). Both Cycy and I made 3 looks each, based on a versatile item we got from H&M - a white tank!  

I only gonna post mine, you can see CYCY's OOTD at her blog, CLICK HERE


HAT forever21 | TOP h&m conscious collection | CARDIGAN forever21
PANTS zara | SHOES forever21 genuine leather collection | NECKLACE gift 
BRACELET zest & from random streetshop 


SHIRT forever21 hello kitty collection | SKIRT the corner shop
TOP h&m conscious collection 
SHOES gmarket | BEANIE h&m 


CARDIGAN forever21 | TOP h&m conscious collection
SKIRT uniqlo | BELT h&m
SANDALS mixxo | NECKLACE gift & random ol shop 


This is what you've been waiting for! Giveaway time!! 

The winner will get (ALL BRAND NEW) :

ONE etudehouse's Every Month Cleansing Foam in #7 & #8 

ONE tony moly's Delight Tint in #Red / #Orange

Innisfree's Single Eyeshadow #23 and #8 & #7 (each winner gets TWO!)

ONE spikey ring (I have the same one too!)

Various face masks from various brands


(choose one out of 3, or do it all for bigger chances to win!)

♥ 1. Make sure you've followed LA PETITE LADY & MY SUGAR COFFEE blog via Google Friend Connect AND bloglovin.
(if you haven't follow our blogs, your entry will not be counted)

Write down your name, email, and out of this six outfits 
choose which outfit do you like best and why? 
(click on the photo to see it in a bigger size!)

P.S. If you want to see more of Cycy's outfits as well as the details, you can just click here!

♥  2. Follow us on Instagram (@petitecycys and @mysugarcoffee

Repost this picture below on your Instagram and write on the caption: 
"I'm joining @petitecycys and @mysugarcoffee's giveaway! #lapetiteladyXmysugarcoffeegiveaway" 

 Set your account to public! 
(we won't be able to see your entry if your account is a private one.)

 3. Post this giveaway on your Blog/Facebook and why you deserve to win.
with the same format + link to your or Blog/Facebook!!

Leave comment in this post or in Cycy's post with format:

♥ 1st entry, (your name), (your email), *insert which outfit you like best and why?* 

♥ 2nd entry(your name), (your email) posted on my instagram!  
@(your acc name)
For the 2nd entry, you can post maximum 10 entries for instagram photos.
(1 photos counts as 1 entry)

 3rd entry(your name), (your email), posted on my blog! (insert link to your blog post!)

PLEASE post 1 entry in one comment.
 (so, if you did 3 entry you should write it in 3 comments to separate them

 The Giveaway is open to INDONESIAN residents only 
starting from today until 31 July 2014 at 21.00 WIB (GMT+7 Jakarta time zone).

2 Winners will be randomly selected and we will announce their names on 1 August 2014.

You'll get this....

Or this! (randomly selected)

Winners announcement will be made on Cycy's (@petitecycys) Instagram and Filia's (@mysugarcoffee) Instagram. So make sure you follow our Instagram to find out who will win the giveaway! (That could be you!) 

It also will be announced right here on THIS BLOG and also CYCY'S BLOG

P.S. The prize will be delivered to each winners' address (we will take care of the shipping charge).

Have fun and good luck, ladies xx

P.S.S so here's my first collaboration and giveaway post! I'll be lying if I said doing all of these isn't tiring - but! It was really fun, and the giveaway - God, this is my first time ever hosting a giveaway, it's really hard and time-consuming. And we planned the giveaway rather last minute - but I hope you are as excited as I am. 

Working with Cycy was so much fun! (in fact, we're gonna go for another date tomorrow - throw away your oppa Cy! hahahahaa) anyway, I still have some stuff I didn't post as I'm afraid this post will get too long, but I'm going to post it, soon! (though I believe Cycy probably had include all of that in this post) and I'm currently also collecting some stuff for another giveaway because I just can't thank my reader enough :")

Where to find me :
tumblr // youtube // instagram // twitter // deviantart // dayre


  1. Veryyyy nice kolaborasinyaa!!! Beautifull both of you~~~ Love it >O<


  2. Cece nampak jauuuhhhh lebih muda drpd sblmnya xx

  3. you're both so pretty! I wish the giveaway was open to international readers! but oh wells!

    I really like your mono-girl look! It seems really comfy and casual, I could totally see myself wearing that outfit cos I don't tend to wear a lot of colour! And the caricatures are awesome!

    Steph | datewithsteph.blgospot.co.uk

  4. I love your burgundy cardigan!!

  5. I love dots player style <3

  6. I love it Dots Player because I´m a big fan of clothes with dits and Hey Sailor!
    Amazing Giveaway!

  7. Raden, radenayu.pd@gmail.com
    Loving the the dots player. I think it looks fun and young! :)


  8. GFC: winda
    Bloglovin: winda trisuci
    name: winda
    email: wind.atree@yahoo.com
    My favorite from FILIA outfit:
    MONO GIRL ---> disini Filia kelihatan so chic dan mature banget, look like fun fearless lady XD
    My favorite from CYCY outfit:
    CLASSY LADY ---> disini Cycy kelihatan imut bangeeett, keliatan like lady of england hehehe

  9. name: winda
    email: wind.atree@yahoo.com
    Blogpost: http://wind-atree.blogspot.com/2014/06/summer-giveaway-from-blogger-fellas.html

  10. name: winda
    email: wind.atree@yahoo.com
    Instagram: @wind1403
    Insta post: http://instagram.com/p/pdA0ADkL3i/

  11. name: winda
    email: wind.atree@yahoo.com
    bloglovin: winda trisuci
    GFC: winda
    I love FILIA outfit ---> Mono Girl
    because you look so mature and look like fun fearless lady :)
    I love CYCY outfit ---> Classy lady
    because you look so cute in that outfit, especially the hat. Looks like england lady ^_~

  12. Filiii... Itu sapaaa yg gmbr? Lutune

  13. hai kak I join your giveaway :p
    name: Lucy
    email: lucywijaya@hotmail.com
    I love the slouchy red outfit, it fits you well
    casually simple daily wear <3
    hopefully will be the lucky winner
    good colaboration kak ^^

  14. name : Cinta

    email : cintami.andoko@gmail.com

    instagram : amourpixie


  15. Name : Cintami Andoko
    email : cintami.andoko@gmail.com
    bloglovin : Cinta (amourpixie.blogspot.com)
    GFC : Cintami Andoko
    love the Filia's mono-girl because you looks so comfy in that outfit also loove that hat on you !
    for Cycy, i love the classy lady one because she looks like england upclass lady :p

  16. yusida rizka oliviaJune 21, 2014 at 1:42 AM

    GFC: yusidahh
    Bloglovin: yusida rizka olivia
    name: yusi
    email: yusidarizka@gmail.com
    My favorite outfit is mono-girl, thats kinda classy and simple. I like it, you can use it when hangout with friends or go to campus but without the hat :p hahaha

    second favourit outfit is classy girl, because I love to wear skirt too hahaha and she's looks stunning with that top

  17. yusida rizka oliviaJune 21, 2014 at 1:45 AM

    GFC: yusida rizka olivia
    Bloglovin: yusida rizka olivia
    name: yusi
    email: yusidarizka@gmail.com
    My favorite outfit is mono-girl, thats kinda classy and simple. I like it, you can use it when hangout with friends or go to campus but without the hat :p hahaha

    second favourit outfit is classy girl, because I love to wear skirt too hahaha and she's looks stunning with that top

  18. yusida rizka oliviaJune 21, 2014 at 2:03 AM

    Yusida Rizka Olivia


    posted on my instagram @yusidahh ! http://instagram.com/p/peSxAxIlpG/
    hope I can be the lucky one <3 :D

  19. Shannen CorneliaJune 23, 2014 at 2:31 PM

    Shannen C, itscagth@yahoo.com

    have to favorite outfits here. The first one is hey sailor! since it's
    summer it would be better on wearing such a clothes. The color
    combination looks good and stunning on her. The second would go for the
    slouchy red, gosh, I'm a sucker for white feat cardigan - because OH MY
    GOD, it would always looks good together.


  20. name : Cinta
    email : cintami.andoko@gmail.com

    instagram : http://instagram.com/p/pio-DUNSKh/

  21. name: candise thewatt
    email: candiseethewatt@yahoo.co.id
    bloglovin: candise thewatt
    GFC: candise thewatt

    I love Filia outfit = slouchy red
    when filia wear slouchy red, she looks like a beautiful woman, elegant, simple but fashionable!

    I love Cycy outfit = hey sailor
    I like when cycy wear hey sailor,because in that picture she looks younger or can be called with teenagers. if I can wear I can wear it to attend a wedding and also to go to the mall with friends or my parents!

  22. name: candise thewatt
    email: candiseethewatt@yahoo.co.id
    instagram: candxse

  23. name: candise thewatt
    email: candiseethewatt@yahoo.co.id
    facebook: Candise Thewatt


  24. I'm joining ♥ 1

    Name : Yuanita Ratna P
    email : yuanitaratna21@gmail.com

    I love Fillia's "Slouchy Red" since it reflects back my typical daily style which is more laid-back but with a touch of girlish ♥

  25. I'm joining ♥ 3rd entry

    Hi, Yuanita Ratna P, yuanitaratna21@gmail.com , I successfully posted on my FB! >>> https://www.facebook.com/yuanita.pratami/posts/10204413045873388

  26. I love slouchy red :D
    Name, gfc, bloglovin : sabrina tedjokusuma
    Email : sabrinatjo@Gmail.com

  27. Nanara KyuminnieJuly 1, 2014 at 2:51 PM

    your name: Tahani Rahmalia Sari

    email: Xianyi1997@yahoo.com
    filia: suka sama yang Slouchy red soalnya kalau nggak diperhatiin baik-baik terlihat seperti dress ya hoho multifungsi jadinya. selain itu sometime terlihat formal karena membuat terlihat manis dan anggun tapi juga terkaadang terlihaat santai dengan bantuan cardigannya. keren pokoknya

    cycy: summer picnic soalnya kelihatan cocok sama musim sekarang yaitu summer hehe selain itu mirip kayak dianime-anime gitu manis, cute, feminim tapi kelihatan sporty.

    wish me luck :D

  28. name : Cintami Andoko

    email : cintami.andoko@gmail.com

    posted on my blog !!


  29. you two have fantastic style and this giveaway sounds interesting!

  30. Mau sandal mixxo-nyaaaaah :3

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