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Finally I'm back with a 3CE product review! It's the Pore Silky Balm from 3 Concept Eyes. I'm personally not someone that has problem with big pores, but usually pore primers have good oil control so I decided to try this!

3 Concept Eyes

      PRODUCT NAME      
"Pore Silky Balm"

      type of product      
pore primer balm

KRW 13.000

style nanda

"It is a moist primer balm that covers up your pores and smoothens out your skin. 
Its moisturizing and soft touch will calm your skin evenly so your make-up will last longer"

The packaging is, as usual, so good that I don't even want to throw away the box T^T The product's packaging itself is made out of can - The Faceshop has similar product and it's packaging is can too, really similar.

If you're not careful, you can leave dents on the can, especially if you drop it. I had wanted this item since the first time I went to StyleNanda even, but was put off because of the sample's dented packaging. It actually not a very big dent either, but thinking about my clumsy nature, I was simply afraid that it would broke on me within hours.

It was just a hyperbolic thoughts though, because its packaging is actually quite sturdy. No worries! :p

Inside, you'll get a spatula and a sponge to apply the product, and also a plastic separator. I didn't really use the spatula but I still keep it inside. I lost my plastic separator, which now I think I should have keep it, because some dust and stuff started to stick on the balm's surface, which is kinda disgusting. I think the sponge is also the cause because now the sponge gets to touch the product directly.

I read some reviews and this seems to be everyone problem. I think it's hard to get over the problem because the product itself is very 'stickable' and the color is really white, it's really easy to spot on something that's not supposed to be there.

From the swatch you can see the balm is actually pretty solid, but it's really creamy. It's blendable, but sometimes it took me some more time to blend the balm on my face because it tends to leave white marks if left unblended. It's disappears once layered with other face products like bb creams or foundation, but if you want to go with the primer only, you'll probably want to be careful with that.

Once it's blended to the skin, it makes my face 'look' matte - but when I touch my face, it feels velvety, my fingers just glides smoothly! It doesn't make my face dry at all - it's like providing my face a blurry layer for the better!

(Sorry for my disgusting face)

(taken from StyleNanda.com)

The primer is not only covers the visible pores, but it literally blurs out anything underneath. My skin looks 3x times smoother and I realized that it also provide a light coverage that blurs out redness and my acne scars! Since I didn't use the spatula, usually I pat the sponge and rub it to my face.

It does really well smoothing out my face throughout the day. And it's also got a pretty good oil control that helps my whole face makeup last longer. If combined with a oil-free foundations, my face looks oil free for at least 5-6 hours after application, which is crazy considering I have very oily t-zone. I also realized that not all of my foundation works well with this primer in oil-controlling aspect, so most of the time I layered my Banila Co. Prime Primer in Classic Matte and top it off with this primer balm only to the places where my skin is less smooth (around my nose and chin!)

Smoothen out skin
Good oil control
Surprisingly light weight when applied
Slightly cover redness

Some people might have hygiene issue
Didn't work as well with several products

Overall, do i like it? I like it! When combined with the right product, not only it makes my face looks photoshopped (very, very smooth looking) also the primer balm helps with oil control which I desperately need! Despite it's more solid texture, it feels really light on the skin and it didn't broke me up or even messing up my pores.

4 out of 5! <3

Oh yeah! You can order this via Luxola.com (when I wrote this post it's currently sold out tho.. I linked the page on the product description above.

Thankyou so much for reading, have a great day everyone! x

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  1. whoa!! the before after looks amazing! your skin looks like it's been literally photoshopped o_o


  2. LOL! I realized I need to write this review asap when I saw my face in the end of the day and it (still) looked very smooth that I can't even believe my eyes haha

  3. wooww looks like a great product but very tricky since we must blend it very well and combine with the right product


  4. WOW :o Looks amazing in your before & after picture x

    Kay ♡ imladiiekay

  5. Thank you for sharing :) Now I know this product is worth to buy. I've been back and forth weather to try this product or not :D
    I'm following you now on GFC (#293). would you mind to follow me back?

    Take care,

  6. have you try benefit porefesional? is it as good as 3ce ?
    looking for the picture, i think it's a good alternative beside very expensive benefit product..

    Btw i love your post, i follow your blog ^^ it's really interesting to check it out :)
    Thank You


  7. Thankyou for the follow Lina! I've tried the porefessional, I think this are pretty comparable to the benefit's (well, for people with big pore problem, this might works better I think!) :D

  8. Glad I could help! :D

  9. Sounds awesome! I totally agree that some people will not like pot/jar products for hygiene! I'm glad to worked for you! A smooth base is very important!

  10. flawless banget sih ciii <33
    does it feel heavy though? pas nih primer aku uda mau abiss ;)


  11. halo cantik <3 ahahaha not at all! Thought it gonna be heavy soalnya engga liquid taunya engga :3

  12. Hiii filia, are u going to pandora box in kemang this july??

  13. Hi! What is pandora box? Have no idea about it.. :D

  14. Awesome post Filia! I really liked to know this product more, it's seems pretty interesting.. specially the part of the Photoshop effect! I'm currently searching for proper products to take care of my skin in a daily routine base but I'll keep a eye on your make-up reviews too for sure because they are always great! thank you once again.

  15. Aww Thankyou Susie that's really nice of you :"))

  16. Wow I totally need this!! Thank you for reviewing ;)


  17. Good item! and I found it just sold with HK$84 in http://www.facebook.com/buy.cos

  18. I got this beautiful item that works perfectly for me at www.fioncobeauty.com


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