REVIEW : YSL Matt Touch Foundation in #3 Opal


Today I'm going to briefly talk about a product that I showed from my Japan haul last May, I uploaded my haul in instagram (@mysugarcoffee, if you haven't follow that already, follow now!) and a lovely lady (@jp0304) requested a review for this particular product!

I mainly focusing on Korean brands (or Asian brands) to be exact, but I could do some high-end reviews (or maybe other western drugstore brand products) that I have - I didn't do review for those kinda products because I found so many helpful reviews out there already, but I would if you guys request it! :)

Yves Saint Laurent

      PRODUCT NAME      
"Matt Touch Foundation"
Teint Mat Longue Tenue

      type of product      
Mousse foundation

#3 opal

30ml / USD 52


"Matte is back and more modern than ever. Create that coveted, classic look in a fresh new way with this ultra-light, oil-free foundation made with a unique mattifying formula that won’t settle into lines, or leave your complexion looking dull, dry or out-dated. White Water Lily extract helps purify and control oil, while special radiance-enhancing pigments hide imperfections and illuminate the complexion. Hour after hour, skin feels fresh and refined and stays comfortably matte, so you can face the day without any worries. SPF 10. Ideal for combination to oily skin."

The packaging (box) is shinning with YSL trademarks, all gold with the logo in the middle - simple yet elegant. With a whooping retail price of USD 52, I'm pretty sure the production cost simply goes mostly to the product, because you see, there's nothing special about the squeeze tube and I don't think it's that pretty either. People wouldn't believe that 'tube' cost half a hundred dollars.

I was quite unsure at first when purchasing this. I don't exactly recall where I bought this product exactly (Well, I bought it in Japan, in some drugstore in Harajuku) and they were on sale, for half of the price - yes, I bought this for around KRW 22.000 or something. (I heard that this product is discontinued. maybe because of that I got it for cheaper price? I'm not sure)

That time they didn't even have all the samples for each shades, heck they only have like 4 shades available. And I bet with myself (when else you can find a 50% off YSL product?) and just picked with lightest shade available, which is #3. 

I was sold by "OIL FREE" statement, clearly written in the tube. It contain only SPF of 10, usually foundation do have low SPF anyway. It has fruity scent that is also a trademark of YSL I think, it just smells so.. YSL-ly. 

Quite scared to try this product at first, because of the super mixed reviews from makeupalley - I really just expecting the worse. I think to myself, even if it is a flop - at least I bought it for almost half the price anyway and just forget about it. 

When I swatched them on my hands, quite shocked to see how salmony orange they are. Fortunately, its succesfully blended into the skin once applied. It didn't even showed a tiny bit of orange tone after blended, which is a big plus. 

Smells great
Matte finish
Great oil control
Smoothens out skin
Really creamy, very easy to blend
Light weight

Non buildable, low to med coverage only
(see the swatch on my face, the second layer only uncover redness that was covered before)
Use a lot of product 
Not cheap, at all
Easy to over-apply, could settles to face line when happens

The best way I find to apply this product is with makeup sponge, and I think it produces the best application out of all ways I tried. Also this product works wonder with 3CE's silky pore balm and together the oil control is so amusing! 

As much as I want to use this product everyday, I have to use more product to cover my whole face. Not only I feel that I'm wasting up the product, I felt like it took more time to do my whole face with this. 

Nevertheless, using this product is somewhat a new, but pleasing experience to me! :)

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  1. Oh my gosh, I didn't even know YSL had a matt foundation. Thanks for the review! I'll have to check this out. The foundation looks so much darker than your skin, I was surprised how well it blended in with the last two photos.


  2. I'm such a huge fan of your asian products review but this really looks amazing! Like a matte mousse? I love the finish though on you, I would be happy with this, I don't need so much coverage! Thanks for reviewing, I'd love to try this out in the future!

  3. Wah uda dilapis 2 hasilnya masih sama kayak 1 layer ya kak. . .
    Btw review khusus Banila co. Prime Primer Powder Finishing punya kak filia dong (yg dulu haul Banila co itu),,
    aq kepengen beli mumpung Innisfree no sebum powderku uda abis. kira-kira bagusan mana ya kak?

  4. Hmmm~ the packaging is kinda looks so-so and the coverage looks the same whether it's 1 layer or 2 layers. Probably I expected too much from YSL hahaha~


  5. Aku punya udah habis engga bisa review hahaha menurut aku si innisfree no sebum, lebih bisa bikin matte (dan powdery bgt gitu) dan powdernya halus banget. Trus banila co jelas isinya lbh banyak (dan packagingnya lbh bgus, semacam anti tumpah haha), dan dia engga terlalu powdery gitu, masih keliatan natural :))

  6. Such a shame the coverage didn't impress you. Hooray for great oil control though, glad the foundation did well in that department.


  7. the coverage is very sheer ya! i never tried any ysl product, cukup puas deh dgn korean brand aja kkkk :3


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