Weeeeeks ago lovely @vanessaawoo on Instagram requested for me to do a simple how-to on how I do my eyeliner! And I say, that's a great idea! I'm sure you guys have sick with all of my reviews and stuff. Time for a little How-to, shall we? ;)

So, what is eyeliner for me? Simple, eyeliner is LIFE. Eyeliner might be first makeup product that I own, and been experimenting ever since. I should say that I really like my routine now and I've discover some awesome products too.

Now let's jump in to the tutorial!

        PRODUCTS I USED :       

Eyeshadow Curler (Shu Uemura)
The Rocket Mascara (Maybelline)
Beige Cream Shadow (Innisfree)
Cream Matte Eyeshadow (Etude House)
Brown Matte Eyeshadow (3CE)
Eyeshadow Brush (Real Technique)


Starting off with just eyeshadow - I think eyeliner sticks better to powdered surface. So I use Cream Eyeshadow as the best and slightly layered with Matte Brown Shadow. I also highlight my brow bone with Cream Eyeshadow. You can totally skip this and powder your lid instead. 


Line your upper waterline. To do this easily, tilt your head up and put your mirror slightly lower, while lightly tuck your lid (super lightly!). It might be uncomfortable or ticklish at first, but after a few times you'll get used to it.  


For my liner, I always use Pen Brush Liner, it's easy to control and I think it's the best for making clean and fast lines. I like to start from the middle, I slightly line to see how thick I want it to be. 


Following the natural lid curve, continuing the line I drew before. And at the end, I flick it out somewhat heading to the end of me eyebrow. Because I like my eyeliner to be thick, I give a small gap between so later I can fill them in.


Next, a lot of people find this to be quite tricky. To connect the whole line, just follow your lower eye-line angle and elongate it until it meet the end of the upper line you made before! When I want to make it longer, I usually just drew it out more continuing the lower eye-line. 

Sometime when I did mistake and the end is not as sharp as I wanted, I just take a cotton bud with a little bit of makeup remover and just slightly pulling it upward so that it makes the end sharp!


This might be the easiest part, fill in the gaps! :D If you line your waterline (step 2), the line will look much cleaner because there's no visible gap between your eyeliner and waterline. 

Make sure you go through your eyelashes gaps, because sometimes I miss some when I'm in hurry D:


Still in the filling in the gap step, don't forget the inner corner! 


Now is the last eyeliner step, the finishing part! After I get all those done, I look straight into the mirror and see what might look weird. Because my eyelids are different from one another, usually what happen is the difference with the liner thickness (or sometimes, the 'flick' angle, again, correct with cotton bud!). 

What I did, I correct stuff while I open my eyes. In the picture, my eyeliner went inside to my eyelid and isn't very visible, so I just add some more to make the line look even (the inner part looks more thinner).

 Sometimes it looked perfect when I close my eyes / tilt my head up, but you see sometimes the lid 'hides' the eyeliner and make it look uneven when I opened my eyes. 

Then, do the same process into the other eye! :p I promise you the other one will be so much faster, but you still have to be careful if not you'll know what will happen! 


The finishing touch! I add Black Eyeliner Pencil to 1/3 of my lower lash line, and put on some mascara!


       MORE TIPS :      

1. Think of eyeliner and makeups and beauty stuffs are skill - the more you practice, the better you at your skill, same like every other skill! Even when you're going nowhere, just play with your eyeliner - so when you NEED that eyeliner look, you'll be ready by then! ;)

2. Study your eye shape - the same eyeliner look will look different for everyone. Experiment and see what look / style suits you best!

3. For pen brush eye liner - store your eyeliner upside down when you think the liner came out weak / not as pigmented. 

4. REMEMBER : It's easy to draw more, it's difficult to erase. 

What do you think? :)
Have any question? Comment down below!

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  1. so neat, Fil ^^
    km cocok bgt pake red lipstick :D

    Don't forget to join my giveaway ^^ It's open internationally http://www.xiaovee.com/2014/06/lala-xiao-vee-collaboration-giveaway.html

  2. Great tutorial, especially for the girls with smaller or folded under mono lids! I'm lucky to have tiny little lids so eyeliner is not such a big problem for me. I love how you have some on the outer corner on the bottom, I used to do that more often, it really helps open up the eye!

  3. Omg i'm so touched ToT you did it sooooo weeeellllllll that i found myself practicing right after i read this post ! And yeah i have different lids for both of my eyes too ㅠㅠ this is so easy to follow <3 and i love how your tips are so helpfull <3
    Thankyou so much for granting my request ><

    P.S : that red lipstick seriously suits you well !

  4. Paling ga bisa aku gambar eyeliner (males pakenya jg huhuhu) tp kamuuuu pinter bgt pakenyaaa super loveeee! Foto2 nya cantik amat sih ciii! Cium juga nih :*

    Love always,

  5. I really can't use an eyeliner decently :) so your tips are really usefull for me ^^


  6. Rapih banget filiiiii... Kerenn... :_)

  7. Very detailed.. LIke it~~ ^^ Kamu emang cocok pake eyeliner yg ujungnya naik, akuu pastii very jahat T__T


  8. Love it! Btw, I just followed your blog :)


  9. Wow it came out looking great! My liners mostly need to be replaced so I can get that same fine flick at the end. Also loving that lip color :)

    Just stopped by on your blog and had to check it out!


  10. love it! So simple but I think I'm going to need practice! Thanks dear!


  11. you're welcome susie! :D

  12. Thankyou dear, you're very lovely and your blog is so cool! Followed your blog <3

  13. makasih cee hahaha :D

  14. coba dongg yang jahat2 jangan yang 귀여워 귀여워 hahaha

  15. cium balik :* kamu tau yang imut banget haha

  16. thankyou thankyou thankyou!!! <3 :D

  17. Thank you! I followed you on GFC and bloglovin'! Looking forward to your next post!

  18. stumbled upon your blog yesterday and can't get out ever since! i'm reading every review you've made :D i saw this how to, and your eyeliner looks really amazing, you're so good at it :3 and then there's me, i can't match my flicks lol it gets me long time to do that so most of days i just dont even try xD

    btw that orangey-red lip color looks so good on you! any chance that you remember what product that is?

  19. Thankyou! The key is practice! I struggle my way up :") I'm not good at it either at first!

    for the lipstick it's this one http://mysugarcoffee.blogspot.com/2014/06/review-3ces-jumbo-lip-crayon.html



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