REVIEW : Clio "Kill Cover" Pro Artist Liquid Concealer

It feels like it's been a while since I made my last review post. Isn't it?
Anyway, today I'm going to review something that I had for a while now, It's Clio "Kill Cover" Pro Artist Liquid Concealer in #3 Linen


      PRODUCT NAME      
"Kill Cover" Pro Artist Liquid Concealer

      type of product      
Liquid concealer

#3 Linen

KRW 16.000

club clio

As you can see, the packaging is very sleek, just matte-coated with black cap, so my style. The 'Kill Cover' line from Clio is promoted for people that want full cover, flawless skin. They have liquid foundations (with awesome 6 shades available!), powders, primers and fixers, and of course, various types of concealers to fulfil your specific needs. Browse HERE for the whole "Kill Cover" Collection, it's in Korean tho :"

I was really intrigued with this line since the first time they started to show up, but their price is really up there so I didn't really bothered to even look. But, recently I think Clio has done so good that they have more stores opened, they just opened a big one just in front of my uni - and now they started to do sales for 30-50% off. 

The liquid concealer came in shades #4. My initial shade in the foundation supposed to be #4 Ginger, but I picked up #3 instead because I think concealers just look better in lighter shade. But it turns out Linen is not as light as I expected, so.....

Linen has more yellow tone, so it's matches well with my skin tone.

This liquid concealer came with a typical wand applicator, which is one of the reason why I got this concealer type out of all types. Liquid concealers are generally easier to use and to travel, and I can use this to cover everything, from under eye and blemishes. Also, the packaging didn't look and feel cheap at all. The cap has that secure 'click' sound when closed, I think the packaging truly represent on how much it cost (heavy cough)

The product is heavily claimed to be able to cover in one layer, which I can't agree more. One layer is enough to cover everything, like everything. Because the texture is quite heavy, a little bit does go a long way. Maybe because of the thick texture, it's really easy to over apply which could cause extreme creasing and even fading. I also notice that some of my eyeliner smudges to my under eye.

So, what I like to do is rather than applying the concealer directly to my face, I put some on my hand first then I grab on some makeup sponge and dab it all over. That way, the concealer will apply better and won't crease as much (for undereye). On the other hand, it's totally different with my initial reason on why I pick this one up, easy application.

I found that I can only apply this for my under eye area and on some blemishes only.

Why? This concealer's lasting power is so poor around oilier area. When I tried this product, it was quite ok around my under eye (except a few creasing problems and defined line problems - I have a deep eye bags, so it's really easy for concealers to crease) but around my nose - the product seems to be magically disappears, and left chunks of redness showing up. I also tried to put this concealer underneath my foundation, and it even erases the whole foundation layer above it! And I noticed that only happen in the places I put the concealer. 

From my experience, the lasting power, especially for people with oily skin, is super, super bad. You can see the redness only in 2 hours after application - even with powder and primer. Even though the finish is skin-like matte, it didn't stay that way the whole day. This product might be better for people with drier skin because it's stays well under my eyes which are drier comparing to the t-zone. 

OVERALL, I didn't find this concealer at all super amusing or whatever. The only things that I liked is the packaging and the super high coverage. For the price point, i think 3CE full cover concealer is much better! 2.5 out of 5! But I still have to use this because of my heavy under eye because my sleeping routine have been messed up lately :(

Thankyou for reading! x

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  1. LOL we bought the same stuff! And my review is still in my draft lol~ the lasting power is very different on your and my skin... I really like the coverage though~


  2. lol ini ga berapa lama di gue langsung bisa ilang gitu gab ayo i wanna see your reviewwwww :D

  3. Milky Rabbit ♡May 27, 2014 at 4:25 AM

    Oh love it!! Great post! <3


  4. I've never heard of Clio before. Is it new??

    Beauty Challenged

  5. Sooo lovely! I totally would get shade 3 as well and maybe use it all over the face even as a quick foundation type of product! I need to go check this out!

  6. No it's not new. It's a Korean brand that's been around for a bit but recently in the last year it's been releasing a lot of new products! Do check them out if you can't get them locally. They are amazing, especially their gelpresso eyeliner!

  7. Yes! Clio is not new but indeed they're not as big as brands under amore pacific (etude house, innisfree etc) - but they have amazing products and also their second brand, peri pera is also great! :)

  8. O.o I think lasting power and not creasing is important for an concealer :/

  9. gah..that probably looks horrible on my undereye becoz i had deeper creasing line..T_T


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