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Today I'm going to take a break from all the Korean products and Asian related stuff and go ahead and review this foundation I got around 3 months ago. I was on the look for a high-end, fancy-smancy foundation for my graduation picture session (which in 2 days KYAKK) - and my decision goes to the Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Even Finish Foundation. 

I completely forgot how much is this but I bought it over in HK airport in the duty-free. This is like my best 2014 splurge. 

Bobbi Brown

      PRODUCT NAME      
"Long-Wear Even Finish Foundation"

      type of product      
Liquid foundation

2.5 Warm Sand


"Comfortable and hydrating, this medium- to full-coverage, oil-free formula never looks cakey or “masky.” Glycerin and shea butter keep skin feeling moisturized while a gel base creates a lightweight finish that stays color-true. This formula lasts for up to 12 hours even in the most humid conditions and protects skin from future damage thanks to broad spectrum SPF 15 with antioxidant vitamins C and E."

The 'Warm Sand' shade is a perfect match for me, one thing that I like from high-end and western brand in general is their wide range of shade. The Warm Sand shade has a strong yellow tone, which is a good match for my warm tone skin. 

This foundation has a SPF of 15. The packaging is very minimalistic, very me. The bottle is in matte coating which differentiate it from BB's other foundation. This foundation come with a pump (yey!) and the pumps work really well. I usually use around 1.5 pumps for my whole face. 

This foundation often get mixed reviews on the internet, people who loves this, loves this, and people that hates this, hates this. For me, I LOVE THIS. 

This foundation is so long-wearing, I still use my primer and of course my setting powder upon application though. This foundation looks almost the same when I applied first and in the end of the day. The texture is very blend-able, buttery, glides on your skin, super nice! As someone with a very, very oily skin, it's not really oil-free for 12 hours, especially in my T-zone, but I can still consider is an oil-free foundation. 

The finish in my skin is not 100% matte, and I feel like it gets sticky after it sets. It doesn't feel sticky per se, but when you touched your skin, you can feel there's something there. So, even if you like the finish it gives, I think it would be wise to just lightly brush over a finishing powder so that your hair didn't stick to your face when the wind blows. 

As for the coverage, it's has medium coverage and my skin still looks like skin. It didn't look anywhere 'makeup-y' and I can still see my skin through the layers of the foundation. Two layers will give you more coverage, the coverage is really build-able. 

If you want heavy coverage foundation, this is now for you. You can totally build this up to achieve coverage you wanted, BUT you will get through this foundation SO FAST. As you can see, this foundation is nowhere cheap - so probably think more if you prefer high-coverage product. 

As for me, I just go through another layer in parts of my face that needed more coverage. 

There's one thing that definitely intrigued me, it's their strong scent. This foundation has a strong lavender scent, and I think it is infused with lavender oil so something like that. Some people said they like the herb scent, but for me it just reminds me of massage oils. After several application, I think my nose just became dull and the scent didn't really lingers. For some people, (well my sister) probably it's a super turn off. Also, some people is sensitive to lavender oils that their face broke out after using this foundation. So, becareful! Luckily it didn't affect my skin, just my nose seems to be a little bit uncomfortable at first lol. 

Overall, this foundation is definitely something I never regret investing in. I did take a leap of faith there, because the reviews didn't show absolutely love toward this product. Now I just shared my opinion about this foundation and I hope it helps you guys to make a better decision. 

Now I just use this foundation on special occasions, or on days where I know I want to look good for a looooong time. During my trip to Japan, I only brought this foundation with me because I know I won't have time to retouch at all that stuff but I still want to look good in pictures! 

That's it you guys, thankyou so much for reading, have a great day xx

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  1. omg my graduation is this week as well! congrats to you! for me i will just use the revlon/covergirl foundation that i currently own lol. i wish i could invest a foundation for special occasion too ;_; but i honestly think my bb creams have better staying power than my foundation? lol bobbi brown can never do wrong, i'm surprised that there's someone who actually hates this o_o i wish i could invest in foundation in the future too!


  2. I know right! Haha there are some that gave this foundation 1 star out of 5, and there's a lot of them. I'm taking my picture this week, but the 'real' graduation is not until... next year HAHA. Congratulations for you!! <3

  3. Heyy congratulations!! I just bought the foundation stick from Bobbi Brown but haven't tried it out yet. Was deciding between this and the stick but I went with the stick lol. Good to hear that this works for you. Btw, I heard somewhere that the lavender can trigger acne but if it's not breaking you out then I guess it's fine :)

  4. The finish looks extremely lovely! Love the shade too and how it corrects your redness <3 heard good things about things product just because my friend is obsessed with Bobbi brown lol I should check it out too ^^

  5. Wow, that covers perfectly... :D jadi pengen juga hahaha


  6. This looks amazing on you! I've been itching to try a bobbi brown foundation but I want something of a light/medium coverage. I love how her foundations are yellow toned! Perfect for asian complexions in general!

  7. Great review, love th coverage. I'v been meaning to change my foundation so this is really helpful.

    Feel free to visit my blog, new post: Color me RED


  8. Aaaaah, love how it's yellow toned :D The coverage is amazing as well!

  9. Hei jelek! Haha yep liked it so much buy me one more please? ;);)

  10. Permintaan ditolak ;P haahaha


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