REVIEW : Aritaum's Full Cover Cream Concealer

Hi! Maybe some of you will be like, "WHERE'S THE JAPANESE PRODUCT REVIEW!!" - calm down! They'll be here soon lol. I need the time to actually try the products so before all of that coming, let me do the usual Korean products review! 


      PRODUCT NAME      
Full Cover Cream Concealer

      type of product      
(duo) cream concealer

none (only 1 shade available) 

KRW 7.000

aritaum official site

The "Full Cover" line from Aritaum is a newer product line and I think it'll be a permanent collection. There's foundation, 3 types of concealers (stick, cream and liquid), and also a makeup fixer spray. I was really attracted to the duo concealers because of its texture and the fact that they're a duo - I feel like I could mix them up.

The two shades are slightly yellow toned beige and orange tone beige - the left one shade is lighter than the orangey one. Both are not exactly my shade - the left one is too light, the right one is too dark / orange. That's the one thing I like personally because that way I could mix up both of the shades to achieve shades that I need. 

This product have a slight 'makeup'-y scent. Also it has the funniest texture ever. It's like watery when you touch the product, but it turns into a more creamier (heavier) texture when applied and blended into the skin. 

The concealer as the name suggest, has high coverage and relatively easy to blend. Of course it's easy to mix the two colors too. I found that using stiff concealer brush / fluffier brush to apply this concealer works, but I think it works best applied with fingers. Despite of it's creamy texture, it doesn't feel heavy or cakey - though it might feel a little heavy when applied under the eye. 

As much as I love its texture and coverage, there's one thing I can't stand about the product - the lasting power sucks! Like in 3 hours after application, my redness and blemishes were totally exposed. Even when I applied it under my foundation (I thought it erases off because of my foundation..) it completely erases the whole foundation I layered over the concealer. 

I think it works ok for my under eye - especially because of the yellow tone one because it really could brightens up my eyes. But sometimes I found that it turned kinda sticky - so I need more powder to make it less sticky - that means the powder will make my under eye drier and accentuates the lines @_@ But if I didn't powder my under eye - usually my eyeliner will totally transfers to my under eye (I like to do cat eye look so...) and that doesn't happen with other concealer! 

before application - how I apply the conceler - after blended (two color mixed) 

LEFT before RIGHT after application

Overall, I'm thinking 3 out of 5 stars for this product. The coverage is super, super good, and also the texture is very blendable. But I didn't have a very enjoyable experience with this concealer. So it's a very so-so product. However, the price is pretty good for a product like this, I think among all other similar products this is the cheapest one. 

I tried to read other review from Korean about this product, but almost nobody talked about the long lasting. Maybe because I have an oily skin (but this product is said to work better for people with oily skin..). Anyway, I saw more good review about the liquid type concealer - so I might be trying that later!

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  1. Are there any other concealer that you would recommend? my under eye gets really dry with makeup on so I need something that can fix them :)

  2. I would recommend to try the faceshop radiance concealer dual veil because they're not as drying! Or if you want to focus only for under eye you can try skinfood salmon dark eye concealer! :))

  3. thank you so much! I'll check them out :D

  4. The bb cream is really nice though :)

  5. D: Yesterday I went and bought the liquid concealer one..... maybe I should just but the BB cream... D:

  6. How you buy from Aritaum Official website?


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