So! Last weekend I went to Seoul, not for holiday, but to perform at a travel exhibition and stuff. That was the longest weekend I ever experienced I think, it's just not the happiest and indeed the most tiring. Anyway, me and my friends succesfully stole some time to take some time strolling around Hongdae, and what is Hongdae without Style Nanda?

Even though Style Nanda has their store in Seomyeon, Busan, and it's also reachable via online, shopping in the Flagship Store is just very satisfying. I always think Style Nanda is a 'souvenir' that I could only buy in Seoul lol.

The Details :

1. "SQUARE MINI HAND MIRROR" krw 7.000 - just because it looked cute and sleek, and I somehow just wanted a hand mirror like this!

2. "PORE SILKY BALM" krw 13.000 - I initially wanted the pore velvet primer but it's sold out! :( So I picked this one instead, and I don't have product similar to this even though I found some brand do have similar product. I'm going to review this later, so stay tuned? :D

3. "NAIL LACQUER" @ krw 4.000 in PK14 and TOP COAT - I was looking for a nude nail polish because my innisfree one is not in a good condition anymore. And the Top Coat, I picked one up because I'm out from my favorite top coat ever from Innisfree (Gel Top Coat) and this one is cheaper and prettier <3

4. "ONE COLOR SHADOW (MATTE)" in #cinnamon krw 11.000 - The color is just matte grayish brown, and it's really versatile, I am thinking on using this for eye contouring and also filling in my brows! I'll let you know what I think more later.

There's still a lot of stuff that I wanted to try from 3CE, but considering it's price, I have to really consider something before I decided impulsively to purchase them! Nevertheless 3CE is one of my favorite brand, and I do have high hopes for their quality!

Just to remind you guys, if you resides in South East Asia and Australia, you can 3CE products from luxola.com CLICK HERE to see the whole 3CE products collection available in luxola!

Thankyou so much for reading! x

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  1. I recently just purchased a couple of 3CE products myself online. Can't wait for them to arrive! I really love the look of their nail polishes.

    Beauty Challenged

  2. Oooh, sweet haul. I'm looking forward to reading the Pore Silky Balm review!
    Also, that Cinnamon shade looks pretty.

  3. slalu ngiler liat haul 3ce mu, Fil ;_;

  4. Hiiieeeee aku taunya kmu cuma beli kaca taunya segambreng hahaha cakep yah item2 gt~~


  5. Super super awesome haul! I totally want one of their shadow trios! I just ordered two bases from them and I used your review to help me pick shades! We're similar in skin tone! Can't wait to see the reviews!

  6. Awesome haul! Can't wait for your full reviews ^^

  7. Can't wait for your reviews on these products.
    I was wondering if you could do current favourites post?


  8. I've recently bought the matte top coat nail lacquer ^^ and I am debating if I should get the hand mirror ~ Looking forward to your review(s)!

    Kay ♡ imladiiekay


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