Am I been gone too long?
Might be! Trying to be very strict to myself and will start to review more product from now on! I also made new logoooo yeah yeah! 

Short update: I did move to Seoul from February - May, just for a while for exchange program, and then I went again in early August so I had some products that I want to share, even though it might be not new ⭐ 



KRW 49,800
(most of the time 50% off tho)


But for today! I'm bringing a kinda new product from Nature Republic, it's Pro Touch Color Master Shadow Palette WOOHOOO - I watched this video from Holly in youtube and I was super super surprised when I heard Nature Republic will publish this eyeshadow palette, because in my mind NP is never really a winner in color makeup, but more to their skin and body care? Though I've heard that their blushers are good, I don't really hear about their eyeshadow so I think it's a very good chance for me to try their eyeshadow with this palette.

First the packaging, god it look expensive lol. And my second impression? It's.. super.......small LOL It's definitely smaller than my expectation (even tho Holly already showed the size of the palette, but I was like eiiii it wont be that small right because of how many shades are there - but yeah it's small). It's so small I want to say you can definitely bring it for travel (but again with much will I think every palette can be travel friendly lol). This palette didn't come with 1) mirror or 2) applicator.

taken from NatureRepublic.com

SHIMMERS: 10, 11, 14, 15, 18, 24, 25
MATTES: the others

From the first impression, it's definitely very impressed with the design, packaging and the colors. Most of the shades are warm, lots burgundy and purple on the first 3 rows and the rest are neutral browns, but they also include little cool toned shades especially for the mid tones shades for blending. Most of the eyeshadows are matte, only 9 out of 30 shades are either with shimmers or glitters.

Pigmentation wise the lighter colors are mostly hit or miss, with some have very chalky texture but none have too much fallouts. Some shades that are very disappointing (pigmentation wise) are the lightest shimmer shade and the sienna brown matte shade because from the first hand swatch they're obviously not showing any good result :( (tho the sienna brown one when using brush still have decent pigmentation idk why). Other than the lighter color, the darker shades tend to work better, and with this range of shades it's inevitable that we came across shades that are similar to each other, especially when applied.

Other than the pigmentation, the fallouts as I said before are minimum (which is surprising looking at how freakin chalky some of the shades are). For the lasting power, from the hand swatch session I've been removing them with makeup wipes and most (including the shimmers one) are easy to remove, almost too easy, but then again I found Korean eyeshadows are like that (easy to remove) but didn't have effect on lasting power. But for this palette, I found that at the end of the day, the pigmentation on my lid seems to be off? Like I made it super smokey when I left my house and come back with less-smokeyer-eyes?  hahahaha I want to try it with eyelid primer but I don't even have legit one because I never had problem like this before. But again, it didn't like totally disappeared from my lid tho so Thank God.

Blending was easy and even from the harsh blending session there's almost no fallouts 

eye makeup in this picture: rosy burgundy
tutorial below!

Overall, do I regret the purchase? Absolutely not, I'm a big eyeshadow palette whore and I'm very surprised on how Korea makeup really did their best, at their own pace, to follow makeup trends from all over the world. I guess this palette is great for you peeps that just started loving makeup, that just venture out to more shades especially in this time when fall is coming. Remember, no applicator comes with this palette so make sure you have your own sets of brush if you're interesting in purchasing! I really had fun experimenting with this eyeshadow so here's a quick tutorial / how to / step-by-step on how I played with the palette:

with the brown neutrals

with the rosy burgundy

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