REVIEW : Clio's "Kill Cover" Liquid Founwear Cushion

Omg. This is really been a while since my last post, isn't it.

Real life stuff really caught on me, I'm graduating, my family came to Korea, and I'm moving out from Korea. For good. Yes! I'm back in Indonesia - for life - maybe. And thus begin my life of unemployment. If only blogging brings real money lol.

Anyway, I've tried a ton of new beauty items that I would totally share the experience here ASAP. Please just wait for a while until I unpack everything, right now I'm stuck to my travel stuffs - including the makeups - because 1. I'm too lazy and 2. still has no idea where to store the stuffs. If I got everything figured I'm sure the posts will be up pretty fast!

Now, let's talk about another cushion face product - it's been a while since I tried a new cushion, from a new brand - Clio! Today I'm reviewing Clio's "Kill Cover" Liquid Founwear Cushion in Ginger


      PRODUCT NAME      
"Kill Cover" Liquid Founwear Cushion

      type of product      
Cushion foundation

4- BO Ginger

KRW 32.000

club clio

This cushion came with a pack like in pictures above, I thought "wow their so kind they gave out another foundation!"  but later I knew that it's not a different foundation, but it's the cushion refill!

I love the design, I think this is the only cushion with black exterior! Love it! Outside of the design, the inside isn't differ much from other cushion product from other brand. 

One thing is that I find the clap isn't really tight, you have to press real hard to make sure it closes! 

Usually, cushion products came with air puff (the one with blue surface?) but this cushion came with a different puff, it's pretty much similar to the air puffs but it's less dense - personally I prefer the regular air puffs because they're more durable.

Since it's a "Kill Cover" line from Clio, compared to other cushion brands I've tried, this product coverage is the best. For a cushion product, the coverage is indeed great, but it's still can't beat high coverage foundation - but for a cushion it's indeed great!

Came in 3 shades, with Ginger is the darkest. I must say they came out pretty fair, but it has a slight darkening through out the day. This shade, Ginger matches my skin tone after I let it oxidize (I'm mac NC 25/30). Ginger has a yellow undertone.

The cushion has a dewy finish, not as dewy as IOPE cushion, but it's definitely not matte.

After a few weeks using this product I find that this cushion works best without face primer underneath. It tend to look less natural, cakey and cracks with primer underneath, and seriously I don't know why that happens. It does perform better without primer.

This cushion compares closely to Innisfree's Long Lasting Cushion - but with a less matte finish, and less cakey looking (when used without primer). I also found that this product has a little creases, as I usually find that all foundations creases around my smile line(?), but this product hasn't crease on me!

This cushion is best for people with normal skin, not too oily not too dry. Because this cushion has a tendency to stick to dry patches, and because this cushion isn't look great layered with primer, people with super oily skin will probably feel it has not enough oil control!

Of course this is great for people that still want dewy finish with good coverage :)

First, I was totally disappointed with this product, but once I get rid of my primer, it became 10 times better. Of course because of the missing primer, this product kinda lacks in the oil control side. But, after figuring stuff out, I pretty much use this daily now. Another reason is because I haven't unpack and the one that I have around is this particular product, but it isn't sooo bad that I have to look for other alternative, like for example, my mom's foundation. 

I've been wanting to try something from "Kill Cover" line, outside from their concealers. I think I've made a great decision to try this cushion rather than their foundation. 

I think this is a great solution for ones who look for coverage + cushion type product, because as you can see most of cushion products has low to medium coverage as this one is one step better in the coverage side. 

The fact that the refill isn't come in a "cushion" type, I'm kinda iffy with the fact that I have to "re-use" the cushion inside :( 

Thankyou so much for reading! Don't you worry I'm not quitting blogging, AND a giveaway is coming up soon! :) 

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  1. I have been seeing the cushion foundations everywhere in blogs lately and I really want to try them.

    Honestly, this one seems to have the best coverage. It looks amazing on you! Your skin looks so smooth and flawless.

    I like that it comes with a refill. It's neat to see it in a bottle. The other cushion foundation products I've seen have had refills in pre-filled cushions that you pop into your compact.


  2. The refill is interesting. I've never seen any refill that comes in a liquid form. I wonder if it will be messy? That aside, this looks like a great product since it's not too dewy and not too matte. Thanks for the review!

    Pastel Boulevard l Extravaganza K-Cosmetics Giveaway

  3. I would be to lazy to use that refill as a refill, and would probably just use it as a foundation :P Plus, I don't like the idea of the refill coming like that because you have to reuse your sponge and your applicator :/

    This cushion has great coverage though!! It looks pretty damn amazing for a BB cushion ^_^


  4. i've been looking for reviews about this product, but couldn't rally find many, i'm so glad you've posted one :) i definitely need to purchase this now! x

  5. I love Clio but never tried out their skin products! The refill looks like it would be quite fiddly though.


  6. Intriguing... but for that price I'll probably try Laneige. Nombok dikit lagi dapet Laneige soalnya.


  7. Bakalan jadi wish list, dulu pernah nyoba yg moist foundation dan suka banget >_<
    Yg shade 3-BY linen yellow undertone juga kah?
    Itu lip make up nya pakai apa kak? Cantik n cocok banget :D

  8. I kind of want to try this since I'm addicted to cushion products~ I think it's interesting that the refill comes in a bottle, instead of a separate cushion though.


  9. Urgghh the packaging is awesome! Btw what for circle lenses are you wearing? They look great! :)

  10. I'm really interested in this cushion but not sure what color to get. Could you do some swatch comparisons please? Also, how do you refill it after you run out of the included refill bottle?

  11. I did a comparison on a post here :

    I haven't run out of the product so actually I haven't tried to refill the cushion;;; but the SA told me I should do that I hope I don't mess up though^^;;

  12. http://mysugarcoffee.blogspot.com/2015/03/review-laneiges-bb-cushion-pore-control.html

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  14. Reusing the cushion is fine as long as you wash and th the sponge well. Maybe even soak in alcohol good measure

  15. Reusing the cushion is fine as long as you wash and th the sponge well. Maybe even soak in alcohol good measure

  16. Thanks for your review! I've been curious about trying this for some time but I didn't know what shade to get. I think we are the same shade :)

    A xx


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