S/S 2015


To attend my graduation ceremony in February, my whole family went to visit me in Korea for a couple of days. The timing can't be worse since the temperature dropped suddenly just went they stepped out of the plane. Nevertheless, we got to visit some places we missed from the last visit. Still, Myeongdong is my family favorite place and I can't agree more!

We took a daily tour to Nami Island and to Petite France - you can totally go by yourself, it's just it was located just outside Seoul. Since the days are super freezing and my parents are not the type that will walk for miles just to see stuffs, we took the easy path which is to take a daily tour. They set up the mini-van, took care of the ticketing and lunch and pick us up and drop us back to the hotel just by the evening.

Other than that, I left my camera on the hotel just because it's really too cold to even take pictures and mainly we just shop around and eat stuffs.

Thankyou for scrolling by! I shall be back with more reviews soon! :*

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  1. Aww congrats on graduating! I've never been to those places and I love Le Petit Prince, so I must go next time!

  2. Congratulations!!
    I really, really would like to try the new eSpoir spring pastel punch collection, as a whole, but I've been eyeing Etude House's give me chocolate eyes palettes-- espECIALLY the cherry truffle (?) one :))

  3. Congratulations!!
    Really love the flowers. i'll get my own too ^^


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