Since I opened an ask.fm account, surprisingly there's a lot of people (well, some, like 2-3 people. I like saying hyperbolic stuff.) that asked about my skin care routine. I know sometime I have to make at least one post about skin care.

So here's the post! (Thankyou for people that requested this post!)

My skin is oily combination - I got most oily in the T-zone, my chin and forehead. I struggle with acne scars and redness, mostly focused on my cheeks and side of my nose. Also, my dark circles are very noticeable -  thanks to my messed up sleeping routine.

this is what I look like without makeup. sad.

I'm going to divide the day/night routine, and talks about the products briefly. I'll link stuffs that I have the review on, and some of the products are used in day & night, and I'm not going to repeat myself. Enjoy the post!


1. Etude House's "EVERY MONTH" #5 Fresh & Clean 뽀득세안  Cleansing Foam
I purchased this product just over 2 weeks ago and I could totally say it works for my skin! It contains green tea and I think it's works well for oily skin. Also this cleansing foam is able to erased almost all my makeups! 

This is my favorite serum ever, and this is my third bottle and I'm nearly done with it (in fact, I already purchased another one. Can't basically miss a day without this.) My skin has improved a lot since I used this religiously, less break out and unnecessary oils are reduced. I've tried to not use this for somedays, and my skin just look less lively and little pimples started to shows up - it's like high school all over again :( so now, I always had to have this on hand. 

This is just something I used for moist addition during colder days, I found out that this dries out really quick and just felt really light on the skin and it helps a lot during windy days. I might stop this in near future because summer is coming and my skin will be more oily by then!

This eye serum is able to reduce lines and overall brightening my under eye area. Even though my face tends to be on the oily side, my under eye sometime gets really dried out - and all the lines starts to shows up. I think this eye serum is able to help all my problem - now that I almost out of this I have to start looking for a new good, cheaper one :(

5. Olay's "MOISTURIZING LOTION" & Innisfree's "THE MINIMUM MOIST CREAM" moisturizer
Both are nothing special, I just tried to use up creams that I owned before I purchased a new one. I love both for the packaging because it's in bottle & squeeze tube, both are travel friendly - and both are actually purchased for travel purpose. In every skin care routine, moisturizer is very, very important step. No matter your skin type is, moisturizer is a must! Try to find a lightweight one if you're oily like me, and the opposite if you have drier skin (these products are good for oily skin btw - tried and proved!) 

6. VDL's "BEAUTY SUN - HIGH LASTING" sun screen SPF 50+ PA+++
This is something that I not always do, I apply this on times when I used product with small SPF. Whenever I wear something with high SPF, I just skipped on this. But recently I used this almost everyday because the sun is definitely getting hotter!

7. Evian's "FACIAL SPRAY" face mist
I've tried 2-3 facial mists before this one and I must say this one is the best ever! Other mists sometimes leave a sticky feeling after it dried up - this one doesn't feel anything!! I feel very refreshen after each spray. I learned from a makeup artist that our makeup will look better if we use facial mists before application and I think it's just became a habit of mine to spray some facial mists before makeup.

8. Nivea's "MED PROTECTION" SPF 15 lipbalm.
No particular good things about this product, but let me remind you how important is to apply lipbalm. Chapped lips are the worst feeling ever - and lipbalms will make your lip products look 10x better. I've had a super bad case of sunburnt lips, so a SPF is always a good thing for me (it was a nightmare..) 


1. Etude House's "EVERY MONTH" #5 Fresh & Clean 뽀득세안  Cleansing Foam

2. Etude House's "MASCARA REMOVER"
Usually even though the cleansing foam cleans almost every makeup, usually there'll still some of my eyeliner / mascara that sticks around. So I'll take my cotton bud, dip a little bit and clean up any excess makeup. So far this remover works well.

This toner smells really good and fresh, take makeups that might still be in my face, just overall a very good toner! 


5. Skin 79 "GOLD EYE SOLUTION" eye serum 

I used to use this emulsion in the morning, but I found out that it takes more time to set onto my skin - so I now use it for night skin care. This emulsion have overall brightens up my tone and reduces my redness! Super love this emulsion <3

7. Olay's "MOISTURIZING LOTION" & Innisfree's "THE MINIMUM MOIST CREAM" moisturizer

Whenever I have pimples, I just take a little bit of the product and dab it in my pimples overnight. Especially in the 'time of the month' - when my face acted out, this product really come in handy and this is a super recommendation!! 

I might as well talks about my favorite cotton pad EVER! It's Etude House's "SKIN MALGEM" clear cotton - it's thicker than usual cotton and it's also have wavy texture for light exfoliation. I just love this very much <3

Because I'm going for a holiday next week, lemme show you what my travel kit looks like :

Oh yes.. I use my merchandise well. Anyway I got the EXO's travel kit pouch last summer in MyeongDong's Lotte Young Plaza SM pop-up store. I think the design is adorable, even though it's quite over price (KRW 13.000 I think?) but it's more usable than the other merchandise so I decided to purchase it anyway! <3

So that's it for today's post! I think the most important thing in a skincare routine is - out from the products - is the "routine" itself. Stick to one routine (do it everyday!) for several weeks and observe your skin after that. Eventually there's no skincare products that will magically turn your skin better overnight! 

I know it seems that I used a lot of product :o - but I also a heavy makeup user (I use makeup everyday - for a minimal 5 hours a day.) so to accommodate that I use more products to keep my skin healthy. I see that a lot of my readers are in their teen - there's no need for you guys to do heavy duty skincare routine! Cleansing product and a moisturizer is enough (maybe toner if you want) 

Thankyou for reading :)
I'll see you in the next post! xx

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REVIEW : Innisfree' Smart Foundation (Long Lasting & Perfect Cover)

Hello! Finally I sat down to write this review. It's also my unique kinda way to make reason for not studying my mid term! Anyway, this is my review for Innisfree's Smart Foundation!

Comes in 4 different type of foundation and 1 primer, these new foundation line from Innisfree very unique. After being featured in Pony's Beauty Diary video (which I know it's 100% PR video), I'm still interested to try and here I am!

As she explained in the video, the foundations came in smaller sizes than regular foundations. The reason is because usually people tend to change their foundation routines (well, people living in atleast 4 seasons country I guess.) and they'll end up with foundations left unused and got thrown away. So, with smaller amount of foundation, it will reduce the chance of being thrown away because you'll probably will be out of it when the season changes, and you can go out and buy foundation that match the season & your skin condition.

<For example, you are more likely to purchase moisturising foundation in the winter with lighter tone, and long lasting foundation in the summer in darker color. just to match up with the season and your skin skin condition that most likely to be drastically different between the 2 season!>

The foundations comes in 4 lines, with 3 shades each. Super Moisture, Water Balance, Perfect Cover, and Long-Lasting. Since I have a oily-combination skin, I decided to buy 2 that might match my skin better. Mine is all in the darkest shade, #23 (There's #13, #21, #23 - I'm MAC NC25)


      PRODUCT NAME      
smart foundation (in perfect cover and longlasting)

      type of product      
liquid foundation

#23 true beige

KRW 5.500

innisfree official site
long lasting  |  perfect cover

Real small isn't it. fyi I do have quite long fingers. but you know my point is! 

Both come in squeeze tube, and in very compact size. They have 15ml amount of foundation, half of most foundations have in normal (most have 30ml / 1 fluid oz). Both have simple packaging and just overall have a 'modern' feeling to it - might be the shade of grays, anw I always love simplicity so there you go. 

Both also stating to have anti-UV, whitening effect and anti-wrinkle effects. Also both contain Jeju Mineral Powder and Jeju Green-tea extract, which are Innisfree's top ingredients.

So, I'm going to start the review on "Perfecr Cover" first! 

The "Perfect Cover" has SPF 33 PA+++ and has this herbal scent that's really identifies Innisfree's products. Also the packaging also states to has perfect coverage, long-lasting and smooth fit. 

"A high coverage foundation formulated to perfectly conceal skin imperfections 
while leaving your skin with a dewy finish"

This foundation turns out to have a semi matte finish, not exactly super dewy, and after a while the scent still lingers. It does shine a bit, but definitely didn't have over sticky feeling. It felt quite light-weight on the skin too.

The thing that I realised after I used this foundation is the finish, it's looks very, very smooth. It looks like my skin is 'porcelainated' if I could make up my own word. My skin turns to doll skin like, maybe because of the light slightly reflects too. The foundation almost covers all my blemishes perfectly, only I still need more concealer for my under eye area. (I have a very bad case of dark circle.)

"PERFECT COVER" on my face

Sadly, like most Innisfree products, I found that the 'perfect' finish didn't last long enough for me. I see 3-4 hours after application the blemishes it covered earlier magically appears again. Fyi again, I always wear my primer + powder because I have a pretty oily skin.

The shade #23 is an exact match for me, though my friend commented that my skin looks too 'flat' with this foundation (she's a makeup-junkie too, so I guess I could totally believe in her) but it totally matched my neck area. Maybe I have to do my highlighting more with this foundation. 

Next is the "Long-Lasting" foundation! 

The "Long-Lasting" foundation have a slight less SPF compared to the "Perfect Cover", it has SPF 30 PA++. It states that the foundation is long lasting, smooth fit, and have natural coverage. It does have a similar scent to the other foundation. 

"A long lasting foundation formulated to encourage excellent adherence 
to your complexion while leaving your skin looking smooth and sleek all day"

With the word 'long lasting' I though that this will be 'matte' (duh) - but turns out it's a little more dewy than the "Perfect Cover" one. But nothing powder can't fix, am I right? 

Now the major problem I found in this foundation that it tends to get a little 'sticky' after application, and it makes powder product such as blusher / bronzer applied over the foundation looks patchy and blotchy, it's just really to blend them out! But the stickiness could be reduced by applying the product with hands, so I'll recommend you that way of application.

"LONG LASTING" foundation on my face

I just realised looking the the before-after picture side-by-side that both foundation didn't look much different. But I can assure you that the in real-life the "Long Lasting" one has more sheer coverage than the "Perfect Cover". "Long Lasting" also has more light weight feeling because it's watery.

For the lasting power, yeah it did stays on all day. I like that part, but I hate the fact that I have to work twice as hard to blend my bronzer over it :( 

Also the big difference between them two is their consistency, "Perfect Cover" have more creamy, heavier consistency while the "Long Lasting" one seems to have more watery consistency. Also in the swatch it looks like they have a heavy orange-tone there, but once blended it won't be orangey at all, so no worry!

So, the conclusion? If you're looking for a foundation (or maybe not) you can skip this foundation. Yes. Skip it. It's not even that good, though you can make it better, it just going to waste your time anyway. But if you're really curious, then go ahead a try them! It's relatively more affordable than other foundations, at least it'll last you shorter because of the mini size - so you won't regret it long enough. 

I found that this foundation look the best only until 2 hours of applications - the rest of the day? It looks meh. Though I really happy with the concept, sadly it just didn't work as well.

Or maybe try the other 2 and the primer one! :D 

#fotd with the smart foundations (I mixed them)

One way to make it better (that I use almost every time I try to use up this foundation) is to mix them. Yes. Like Pony did in her video, I found that this foundation is 2x better mixed together. That way it'll produce more coverage, and stays longer! :p

Thankyou so much for reading! xx

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DIALOG #4 : Diary Goblog

Selamat datang di instalasi keempat DIALOG di blog Filia! Oh yeah!

Lama-lama gue jadi lebih suka nih nulis dialog-dialog ini daripada nulis review-review. Mungkin karena itu pake bahasa Inggris. Karena nulis pake bahasa Inggris itu 10x lipat lebih susah, kadang-kadang gue hilang konsentrasi dan main atau malah nonton daripada ngelanjutin bikin post-post itu. Kadang kepala jadi sepanas komputer. Hiuh.

Tapi apa daya, hasrat meng-review itu selalu ada, jadi segala kemalasan harus saya lewati! Seperti menulis dialog ini! *stretching dulu*

Setelah ngobrol sama temen-temen gue disini, korner dialog ini ternyata engga cuma dibaca sama temen-temen blogger, tapi sama temen-temen real-life gue. Mereka bahkan dengan berani-beraninya menggunakan post dialog gue buat referensi lawakan mereka.

Yang lebih membuat gue bingung, mereka kadang maksa buat gue nulis "dialog" lagi - ini membuat gue jadi bertanya-tanya, karena mereka udah tau ceritanya juga ngapain lagi baca ini? Apakah temen-temen gue ini memang suka membaca (dan yang pasti kepo)? Atau mereka engga pernah mendengarkan gue berbicara?? *marah*

Yasudah lah. Selamat membaca men-temen blogger dan Vania, Nindy, Wanda, Yudi dan lain-lain yang membaca. Komen dong dibawah kalo baca! haha baca doangggg!

Salah satu cerita konyol yang mereka rekues buat gue ceritain adalah cerita sedih yang gue alami di kelas Prancis.

Semester ini, gue memutuskan untuk ngambil kelas bahasa Prancis, buat menuh-menuhin SKS. Kenapa gue ambil kelas ini? Kurang jelas, mungkin gue mau sok-sok keren bisa bahasa Prancis, atau mungkin suatu hari berharap bisa kenalan sama temennya mas-mas Prancis yang jualan crepes itu. (fyi, mas Prancisnya ganteng) - sayang mas Prancisnya sudah bercincin.

Kelasnya sangat tidak memaafkan, mulainya jam 9 pagi. Eits, sebelum kalian pikir gue lebay (atau mungkin memang lebay) udah 2 tahun terakhir ini gue engga pernah ngambil kelas pagi. Kelas terpagi gue selama ini dimulai jam 10 pagi, dan satu jam buat gue itu perbedaan yang besar banget! *lebay*

Setiap hari Kamis itu hari yang mematikan karena gue harus bangun sekitar jam 8 pagi buat siap-siap sekolah :( Intinya hampir setiap minggu gue dateng kelas itu dengan nyawa setengah (tapi muka full makeup *wink wink*)

Dosen kelas Prancis ini rada-rada eksentrik. Rambutnya perak dan berponi lempar (perak uban loh, bukan di-bleach gaul gitu). Salah satu hobinya yang gue benci banget adalah jalan-jalan sambil menunjuk orang buat baca (sambil lempar-lempar poni).

Karena gue denger kelas ini sendiri, all by myself banget, dan gue engga bisa sama sekali bahasa Prancis, hampir setiap hari gue bawa kopi ke kelas. Gue butuh bantuan untuk bisa konsen selama dua jam di kelas super pagi ini!

Suatu hari, gue dan kopi gue, kita bersama sampai di kelas dan pelajaran mulai seperti biasa. Karena gue duduk sendiri di meja buat bertiga, barang gue tersebar kemana-mana.

Dosen gue mulai melaksanakan hobinya, jalan-jalan keliling kelas. Sampai akhirnya dia melihat satu lelaki tanpa buku. Selaku dosen yang eksentrik, dia mulai ngoceh ke lelaki itu. Dia bilang intinya kenapa itu laki engga menggunakan alasan dia engga punya buku, buat SKSD sama cewek-cewek cantik di sekelilingnya.

Lelaki itu cuma diem aja, tapi karena emang harus lah ya kelas punya buku, tuh dosen bilang kalo dia harus cari cewek buat share. Tanpa gue sadari, lelaki itu duduk di belakang gue! Singkat cerita, akhirnya dia pindah ke sebelah gue dan kita share buku.

Gue dengan kesadaran belum 100%, akhirnya harus buru-buru beres-beres meja buat kasih tempat ke laki itu. Lalu gue taruh kopi tadi di depan gue dan asik minum aja, abisan itu sedikit awkward lah ya (fyi, cowoknya imut loh. kucel aja bajunya.). 

Lalu, laki tadi itu tanya-tanya ke gue, ternyata dia itu salah beli buku dan dia tanya-tanya lah tentang buku dan sebagainya. Tapi karena gue belum siap banget ditanya pake bahasa Korea, akhirnya gelagapan dan

Jackpot banget langsung tumpah ke selangkangan. TIDAKKKK.

Sumpah waktu tumpah itu rasanya udah kayak slow-motion, sangat dramatis. Gue bukannya cepet-cepet berdiriin itu kopi, malah jadi panik dan salah tingkah.

Malu banget engga ketulungan lagi. Laki sebelah gue itu yang melihat segala kejadian akhirnya tanya, "괜찮아요?" - "Engga apa-apa lo?"

nyaris gue tatap sinis dan balik jawab "ENGGA LIAT LO INI MANANYA ENGGA APA-APA!!", tapi akhirnya gue cuma bisa meringis :/

Gue takut dosennya ngomong aneh-aneh atau apa lah, biasa orang baru bangun pagi gitu, kepala gue rasanya engga bisa mikir logis. Untunglah gue punya tisu banyak, jadi selama pelajaran gue ngomong bahasa Prancis, sambil ngusep-ngusep selangkangan, di sebelah mas Korea imut. Tragis memang.

Sebagai anak remaja yang baik, pas istirahat kelas gue snapchat temen gue dan curhat juga lewat kakaotalk.

Temen gue yang satu balas, "Itu kalo di drama-drama biasanya mulai jatuh cinta tuh! hahaha",

dan yang satunya balas, "Cowoknya ganteng engga? hahaha".


Semua seakan engga ada yang peduli nasib gue. Punya salah apa gue punya men-temen kayak gini. Minta dikasihani malah diinjak! Pertanyaan kedua dari temen gue itu membuat gue mikir sih, "Iya ya, MASNYA KAN IMUT!! TT^TT" - tingkat rasa malu gue tambah 200%.

Gue masih bisa bersyukur sih soalnya celana gue warna gelap, coba warna putih! Gue mungkin engga bisa pulang dari situ selamanya *horor* hiii. Ngebayangin itu lebih serem dari apapun juga.

Jadi itulah cerita yang berhasil membuat gue super malu, dan temen-temen gue ketawa kencang. Semoga cerita ini bisa menghibur kalian juga :")

Sekarang gue dan men-temen gue lagi di kafe belajar. Mereka belajar, gue curhat di Internet :") siswa teladan banget. Minggu depan adalah minggu mid terms, wish us all the best. Ditunggu doa-doanya ya biar UTS saya sukses :")

Thanks for reading! à bientôt! xx

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REVIEW : ESPOIR Lipstick No-Wear Glam in RS101G


It seems that lately I've been into face makeup and didn't really interested in buying lips / eye makeup stuffs. I'm afraid that I'll bore you guys with my another foundations / bb cc / concealers review, so instead I'll talk about this lipsticks that I'm obsessed with for the past weeks.


      PRODUCT NAME      
no wear glam

      type of product      


KRW 18.000


"Espoir" might categorised as "street shops", the same category as Etude House, or The Faceshop, and other Korean Brands you might know. But Espoir price is definitely up there, that's why I almost never bought Espoir products because they're much expensive. But this time, I took a chance in the 50% sale and decided to try the lipstick! My friend also recommend me to try the lipstick because apparently it was amazing.

Almost all the shades are sold out, but luckily the one that I want is still there! So the one that I purchased is RS101G, a warm rose pink shade. The "No-Wear" line stated as light-weight, long-wearing and great pigmentation. 

The first thing I realised upon application is this lipstick is very smooth, but in the same time it's not drying at all. I can't say it's moisturising, but even when I skipped my lip balm it's doesn't chapped my lips.

I'm not really fond with the packaging, because of the transparent cap. Usually transparent cap are only used on display sample, so I didn't expect that the "real" cap to be transparent as well. I think the cap make this lipstick cheaper than it costs. 

It doesn't have any scent, the pigmentation is ok too! I don't really agree about the long-lasting statement because it didn't seem to last that long - especially after meals / drinks. It doesn't have a slight stickiness to it and it does felt like wearing nothing! 

This lipstick's texture really remind me with the NYX's Round Lipsticks. I found that I have a similar shade, it's "Tea Rose" from NYX Round Lipstick. NYX's have more vivid pigmentation, but less lasting power. And as much as I love NYX's Round Lipstick's, they melt rather easily and broke easily too. But this Espoir lipstick is much more sturdy but still maintain it's smoothness! 

Another thing that I like from this product is that it's apply evenly on the lips! 

The Verdict : I super duper in love with this lipstick. Though the lasting power is a bit of a problem, I could easily apply this with a mirror because of it's neutral shade and it could goes on sheer. Still kinda hate the packaging, but I think this product deserved it's price!

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REVIEW : Missha's Triple Perfection Shadow ( + Comparison with 3CE)

Did I just found a dupe? 

On the left, I have Missha's The Style Triple Perfection Shadow in #4 Chocolate Brown. And on the right I have 3CE's Triple Shadow in #More Brown. I'm going to review the Missha one, and for the 3CE one I have already reviewed it HERE, and I'll do a little comparison at the end of this post! 


      PRODUCT NAME      
the style triple perfection shadow

      type of product      
eye shadow

#4 chocolate brown

KRW 5.000


Here's a little description from misshaus.com : 

"Perfect eye makeup in 5 seconds or less - No brush needed!

With just the tip of your finger, anyone can achieve perfect eye makeup with MISSHA The Style Triple Perfection Shadow. Containing Argon oil, it applies softy and smoothly. With flower complex, Pearl powder, and Marine collagen ingredient, it protects the skin around eyes while providing moisture to it.Three colors are built in one container to apply with any color combination you desire."

It's clearly stated there that application with your fingers are recommended, considering that this product is only slightly bigger than 2.5cm2, I prefer my brush more than my chubby fingers.

UP no flash | DOWN with flash

All 3 shades are shimmers shadows, but all the shimmers are subtle and just barely there.
I found that the lightest shade didn’t really showed up in my eyelid, and the darkest color also didn’t apply as dark as I expected. 

This eye shadow trio is perfect for those who prefer natural eye look and no-fuss application. Eye primer before application is very, very recommended. Not only makes the color lasts longer, it also makes the color more vivid. 

my makeup look using the trio

Now, to the comparison :

Both product does have similar shade on the pan, both are creamy though 3CE's definitely felt softer when swatched (that's also why it broke so easily TT^TT). For the color payoff, 3CE is the winner again. Missha one shade came off rather faint comparing to 3CE's. Don't ask me about the packaging because you know which one I'll choose (*EHEM* 3CE *EHEM*)

BUT missha's one costs KRW 5.000, while 3CE's one costs KRW 21.000. That's freakin' 4 times more expensive!! Looking at the eye make up I created, both didn't have that much difference, don't you think so? 

I can't say which one I prefer, after all it's been a while since I had the 3CE one. So I'll leave the decision to you! Which one do you prefer? :D 

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OOTD : Last Cherry Blossom


A week ago me and my friend planned to visit another filled with cherry blossom kinda spot, but sadly the rain washes some of the flowers. Rather than an hour trip with subway to somewhere far, we decided to just went over a uni next to our uni, because they have prettier park and stuff. Well, the seaweed is always greener in somebody else's lake.

My friend had this assignment which he has to pick two friends that he thought is fashionable and do some reports about him and her. It's really an honor that he picks me for his assignment. So here are the pictures he took then.

TOP h&m | JACKET thrifted vintage
SKIRT tally weijl 
BAG gmarket | SHOES bought in hongdae, korea

Now all the Cherry Blossoms had fallen, time to embrace summer's sun!

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