Since I opened an ask.fm account, surprisingly there's a lot of people (well, some, like 2-3 people. I like saying hyperbolic stuff.) that asked about my skin care routine. I know sometime I have to make at least one post about skin care.

So here's the post! (Thankyou for people that requested this post!)

My skin is oily combination - I got most oily in the T-zone, my chin and forehead. I struggle with acne scars and redness, mostly focused on my cheeks and side of my nose. Also, my dark circles are very noticeable -  thanks to my messed up sleeping routine.

this is what I look like without makeup. sad.

I'm going to divide the day/night routine, and talks about the products briefly. I'll link stuffs that I have the review on, and some of the products are used in day & night, and I'm not going to repeat myself. Enjoy the post!


1. Etude House's "EVERY MONTH" #5 Fresh & Clean 뽀득세안  Cleansing Foam
I purchased this product just over 2 weeks ago and I could totally say it works for my skin! It contains green tea and I think it's works well for oily skin. Also this cleansing foam is able to erased almost all my makeups! 

This is my favorite serum ever, and this is my third bottle and I'm nearly done with it (in fact, I already purchased another one. Can't basically miss a day without this.) My skin has improved a lot since I used this religiously, less break out and unnecessary oils are reduced. I've tried to not use this for somedays, and my skin just look less lively and little pimples started to shows up - it's like high school all over again :( so now, I always had to have this on hand. 

This is just something I used for moist addition during colder days, I found out that this dries out really quick and just felt really light on the skin and it helps a lot during windy days. I might stop this in near future because summer is coming and my skin will be more oily by then!

This eye serum is able to reduce lines and overall brightening my under eye area. Even though my face tends to be on the oily side, my under eye sometime gets really dried out - and all the lines starts to shows up. I think this eye serum is able to help all my problem - now that I almost out of this I have to start looking for a new good, cheaper one :(

5. Olay's "MOISTURIZING LOTION" & Innisfree's "THE MINIMUM MOIST CREAM" moisturizer
Both are nothing special, I just tried to use up creams that I owned before I purchased a new one. I love both for the packaging because it's in bottle & squeeze tube, both are travel friendly - and both are actually purchased for travel purpose. In every skin care routine, moisturizer is very, very important step. No matter your skin type is, moisturizer is a must! Try to find a lightweight one if you're oily like me, and the opposite if you have drier skin (these products are good for oily skin btw - tried and proved!) 

6. VDL's "BEAUTY SUN - HIGH LASTING" sun screen SPF 50+ PA+++
This is something that I not always do, I apply this on times when I used product with small SPF. Whenever I wear something with high SPF, I just skipped on this. But recently I used this almost everyday because the sun is definitely getting hotter!

7. Evian's "FACIAL SPRAY" face mist
I've tried 2-3 facial mists before this one and I must say this one is the best ever! Other mists sometimes leave a sticky feeling after it dried up - this one doesn't feel anything!! I feel very refreshen after each spray. I learned from a makeup artist that our makeup will look better if we use facial mists before application and I think it's just became a habit of mine to spray some facial mists before makeup.

8. Nivea's "MED PROTECTION" SPF 15 lipbalm.
No particular good things about this product, but let me remind you how important is to apply lipbalm. Chapped lips are the worst feeling ever - and lipbalms will make your lip products look 10x better. I've had a super bad case of sunburnt lips, so a SPF is always a good thing for me (it was a nightmare..) 


1. Etude House's "EVERY MONTH" #5 Fresh & Clean 뽀득세안  Cleansing Foam

2. Etude House's "MASCARA REMOVER"
Usually even though the cleansing foam cleans almost every makeup, usually there'll still some of my eyeliner / mascara that sticks around. So I'll take my cotton bud, dip a little bit and clean up any excess makeup. So far this remover works well.

This toner smells really good and fresh, take makeups that might still be in my face, just overall a very good toner! 


5. Skin 79 "GOLD EYE SOLUTION" eye serum 

I used to use this emulsion in the morning, but I found out that it takes more time to set onto my skin - so I now use it for night skin care. This emulsion have overall brightens up my tone and reduces my redness! Super love this emulsion <3

7. Olay's "MOISTURIZING LOTION" & Innisfree's "THE MINIMUM MOIST CREAM" moisturizer

Whenever I have pimples, I just take a little bit of the product and dab it in my pimples overnight. Especially in the 'time of the month' - when my face acted out, this product really come in handy and this is a super recommendation!! 

I might as well talks about my favorite cotton pad EVER! It's Etude House's "SKIN MALGEM" clear cotton - it's thicker than usual cotton and it's also have wavy texture for light exfoliation. I just love this very much <3

Because I'm going for a holiday next week, lemme show you what my travel kit looks like :

Oh yes.. I use my merchandise well. Anyway I got the EXO's travel kit pouch last summer in MyeongDong's Lotte Young Plaza SM pop-up store. I think the design is adorable, even though it's quite over price (KRW 13.000 I think?) but it's more usable than the other merchandise so I decided to purchase it anyway! <3

So that's it for today's post! I think the most important thing in a skincare routine is - out from the products - is the "routine" itself. Stick to one routine (do it everyday!) for several weeks and observe your skin after that. Eventually there's no skincare products that will magically turn your skin better overnight! 

I know it seems that I used a lot of product :o - but I also a heavy makeup user (I use makeup everyday - for a minimal 5 hours a day.) so to accommodate that I use more products to keep my skin healthy. I see that a lot of my readers are in their teen - there's no need for you guys to do heavy duty skincare routine! Cleansing product and a moisturizer is enough (maybe toner if you want) 

Thankyou for reading :)
I'll see you in the next post! xx

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  1. kak skrg sm pop up storenya udah tutup kah?? aku pengen tempat make up exo gitu tp bingung nyari dimana :(

  2. yes :( yang di garosu-gil (bwcw pop-up store) udah tutup, tempat makeupnya bisa dibeli di Myeongdong Lotte Young Plaza SM pop-up store :)

  3. harganya berapa ka? kaka kuliah dimana?
    btw aku Caca ^^

  4. halo caca :D maaf ya baru balas. Harganya kayaknya 13.000 won aku lupa kuliah di Kyungsung University :D

  5. i love EXO's travel kit pouch. and thank your post, very useful.

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