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Recently I've been hoarding on foundations, I wonder why. I actually bought this together with my Holika-Holika Aqua Petit Jelly. It's Etude House's Skin Fit Foudation! 

etude house

      PRODUCT NAME      
Skin-Fit Foundation

      type of product      
liquid foundation

W13 Natural Beige

KRW 14.000

      site info     

Here's a thing about foundation / bb creams, I need more time to review them.  I need more time to use them and collect my opinion about them. Not like other makeup items, especially lip products (that usually take the shortest time, because I can apply more than one in a day). 

To wrap it up, I am a super n00b in reviewing foundations or face stuff, so please keep that in mind and bear with me!

Nothing special about the packaging, pearly white bottle with a pump, which is a plus nevertheless. Again, the name, “Skin-Fit” – most Korean brand associates the word ‘fit’ with a less dewy look, more to a matte look; though I can’t figure out the relation between the two words.

This foundation contains SPF 30 PA++ and also there’s 2 words written right under the name, “Whitening” and “Anti-wrinkle”.

In the packaging, Etude House claimed that this foundation has ‘Airy fit’ texture – meaning it’s light like air and also blends well into the skin, it also stated that this foundation has outstanding coverage to expose clean and brighter skin, and of course long-lasting.

Sadly, this foundation only comes in 2 shades, NO2 light beige and W13 Natural Beige. And the sadder news is, both shades are SUPER LIGHT. Like seriously. I’m MAC NC 25 and the W13 shade, or the ‘darker’ shade, is too light for me. Luckily it didn't reflect light as much, but I still look more whiter than normal.

Again, the same happening with my Holika-holika Petit Aqua Jelly, I think I’m very unlucky that day. Go ahead to the Holika-holika reviewpost if you wanna know how I ‘tricked’ a foundation that’s too light for me!

Don’t be fooled with the shades on the website! I swatched this on the store and it looks, but when applied my face just look… white. Even though in the swatch it looks like it has a lot of yellow tone.

LEFT before application RIGHT one layer of foudantion

The light shades might be heavily correlated with Korean SS makeup trend I’ve reviewed before HERE. This foundation is released as a part of Etude House’s SS 2014 collections, together with the Color Lips-fit lip creams.

I have an oily/combination skin, and it’s been a while since I tried new products from Etude House. This foundation intrigued me because of the word ‘fit’ that I know will suit oily skin better.

I think this foundation does apply lightly, for a foundation that is. The coverage isn’t good enough though, I need two layers of the foundation to make my skin look pretty decent, which I usually didn’t need with another foundation. Even I still need concealer (a lot) for my blemishes and especially for the sides of my nose after application.

It has a powdery scent, but it didn’t set into powdery finish whatsoever. It has semi-dewy finish. The foundation itself is quite watery, especially when blended you can feel that it just melts down. I felt that this foundation sets rather slow, definitely be careful with brush strokes marks upon application!

For the lasting power, I think it’s so-so.  Didn't last long enough, but still look decent by the end of the day.

I feel that Etude House put too much claims and statements for this foundation. I can’t say that all the claims is all true, because it it's all true, then this foundation is basically the best foundation in the world!

Overall, I have a pretty complicated relation with the foundation. One day I love it; one day I hate it. Can’t truly figure out why, it’s just that the foundation sometime works really well and on the other day it’s just horrible! When it did well, my skin looks flawless (from afar, can still see patches on closeups!). It does consume my time more than my other foundation, because I have to apply it twice for better coverage.

One thing for sure, the foundation makes me look ‘dewy’ – not oily during the day, that’s a good thing I guess. Though dewy look is definitely not my style. I say this foundation is my favorite face product from Etude House - But it definitely didn't make it to my top 5 foundations. Well, Etude House almost never impressed me with their products really. Even this mediocre foundation is the best I could find from EH. 

Thankyou so much for reading my review! 
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  1. Have you tried Etude House's Stay Up Foundation? I've read other blogs and they said that the Stay Up Foundation works better than the Skin Fit Foundation. :)

  2. mona monita mondongApril 29, 2015 at 1:16 AM

    what is your top 5 best foundation?

  3. probably Revlon's Color stay foundation, Bobbi Brown Long Wear foundation, and the rest favorites are stolen by BB cushions :p


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