REVIEW : Etude House's Color Lips-Fit

Hello! I'm back with a review of something that was delayed long enough, it's Etude House's Color Lips Fit! The shade that I have is PK003 Fantasy Pink Fit. This product came with their 2014 SS collection!

etude house

      PRODUCT NAME      
Color Lips Fit

      type of product      
lip cream (liquid lipstick)

PK003 Fantasy Fit Pink

KRW 9.000

      site info     

First off, the packaging was so 'Etude House'-like. So pink, pretty, cute and fantasy kinda packaging. This what I like about EH, they stick to their concept! 

I think the product name is straight up weird. I don't know how EH logic works, I still can't found out how can the correlate the word 'fit' and 'fitting' with matte finishes. Because if you look up EH's product name, anything with 'fit' and 'fitting' has more matte finish. 

So here's the description on the box : 

"This is a revolutionary liquid type Lipstick that moistly glides onto lips with its vivid color and finishes off with a weightless powdery texture"

I must say all that EH stated is true. The lip-cream is watery at first, but it sets into matte-velvety finishes. It felt very light on the lips and the color payoff is good. They did state that is a lip-cream, more than a lip-tint, so it didn't really stained the lips. 

The tear-drop applicator is designed to make gradation lips look easier. It was also suggested to shake the bottle first before applying for more vivid application - but I found no big difference between shaking or no shaking though. 

This product maybe very watery, but once it sets, it felt really drying my lips up. Not sticky, but drying. Also, the long-lasting power is poor, the product transfers everywhere my lips touched. People with lots of line in their lips might be wise to avoid this product because it's really accentuate the lines. Also, it didn't fade out very nice either, it looks flaky and left a lots of chunks left after only an hour or so. 

Anyway, the reason why I got around so long to review this is because I really really hate the shade that I picked. Even though I picked it myself, I completely thrown back with the color payoff because it came out so NEON. Even though in the packaging it looks like a pink-coral shade, it came out straight pink neon to me. And I don't like it :(

Plus, the scent really throw me off. A lot of other bloggers said that is sweet-scented, but for me it smells like rotten fruits? I thought the sample I smelled in the store was just a bad one, but really my brand new one smells like a rotten fruit. Too sweet? maybe! 

Overall, I'll give this product 2 out of 5. But of course, this product is a cheaper alternative for 'pastel neon' tone lip color that is the 'IT' shade for this season (Read my post about Korea's SS 2014 Makeup Trend HERE). You do need a good lip balm before applying this lip color! And I personally think that this shade looks better in people with fair skin tone (fairer than me, I think I look horrible in this shade! It makes my whole face looks darker!)

Have you tried this? What do you think?

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