Cafe 101 - Audrey Hepburn Cafe

This is where I spent lat february with ma single ladiessss! That time I just got back from Jakarta, but I promised to go together with the gals since before I started the holiday - it's like they're so sure that I will not have a boyfriend after the winter break. Which is true, so girls day out it is!

Before we went to the Audrey Hepburn Cafe in Seomyon, we ate a fancy lunch set in a place called Bon-Bon. The place is actually quite close to my uni, but I don't know why I never ate there. And the owner is actually super super nice! :D

So we proceed to Audrey Hepburn Cafe, with a slight disappointment because it turn out to be a chain-coffee-shop-a-like. Considering how many cute cafe in Korea, this is definitely not comparable with the other vintage / theme cafe shops. Still, Audrey Hepburn - I have to try atleast once!

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