Korean S/S 2014 Makeup Trends

Hello! As much as how fashion styles changes from season to season, makeup trends are also changing - thank God Korea has 4 seasons, meaning that the makeup style will always be dynamic and new! Not only fulfilling the needs of each seasons - make up looks also express images of each season!

I know a lot of my blog readers LOVE Korean makeup looks! You maybe see a lot of dramas, k-pop groups and even some editorial pictures.

But can you really say that the makeup looks those 'idols' wore is the real trend in Korea? I mean most of them I'm sure are dressed to match their respective group concept and song. When SNSD's "I Got A Boy" came, sure it was a big hit, but do I ever saw anyone sticks a star stickers under their eye? (probably not.) That also goes with editorial pictures and magazines - sure they're a pleasant to read!

(I didn't say that you shouldn't do idols makeup or anything, they're fun!! See that GIF? It's Yoona rockin' SS makeup trend.)

So today what I'm going to share with you is makeup trends that I saw here in Korea and also based on the new products from major Korean cosmetics company. Let's Start!


This trend might be something that is around for years ago - when BB creams are 'grayish'. This time, let's minus the 'gray' effect!

Spring is the season where the sun shines, the flower blooms, and easy-brezzy super light makeup looks are most popular these days. Less blush and no heavy contouring - the skin looks as it is 'naked'. That's why the 'super light skin' seems to be the one of the 'focus' in this SS season.

"They're so white and fair! I want that kinda skin, I'm so jealous of them!!" might be the words that came right after you watch Korean Girl Group's MVs. Sure most of East Asian people are blessed with this complexion, most doesn't mean all. It's not rare to see someone with super obvious face and neck color difference. That's because all the people want to catch up with the white and fair skin trend. Since the focus of the trend is 'clean' look, the fair tone skin become the star of the look.

Naturally, the color of the face and neck is different! Usually one's face skin tone is more pale / sometimes more red than the neck - So wearing a foundation 1/2 shades lighter than your natural skin tone can still look super natural! Most korean products will automatically do this to your face - but if you're really afraid of face-neck-color-mismatch, apply the lighter foundation / bb cream only in centre area of your face.

This trend has a strong relation to the next trend I'll share to you!

Look at Sulli's super light skin - it's a pictorial for Etude House's Skin Fit foundation that only comes in 2 shades that is pretty light (review coming soon!) 

2. SUPER SHINY (bright) LIPS

For this trend, we have to thank Jun Ji-Hyun's role in "You Who Came From The Stars". As the drama hits the no.1 spot for the Wed/Thurs drama slot, Jun Ji-Hyun popularity as an actress rose again. Everyone is copying her! Mostly because her makeup in the drama is super natural and only have 1 point. The super shiny lips!!  (+vivid colors) 

Copying this looks is really easy. Flawless face + simple eyeliner (only in the waterline, plus a little bit of mascara if favorable) + Shiny bright lips! This trend is really easy to be followed, just apply a coat of clear gloss over your lipstick, and you're done! Go get your alien! 


(what, shiny lips and the matte lips?? are you kidding me?? No seriously, this is totally a personal preference! but this 2 is really the trend I see in a lot of Korean!)

Next, it's a trend that I think screams spring the loudest - the matte pastel lips! Pastel, is a tone that really hits in the spring. It's sweet, cute and very girly. And matte give softer finish and last longer. Since the school started in the spring, of course most of the girls prefer a more low maintenance lip products for their every day wear.

This is where the super fair skin came to do it's role. Pastel color on lips looks better on fair skin. That's the reason a lot of Korean strive to attain white-r skin. For medium toned to dark toned skin, I would totally recommend to rock on the brighter lips! I also felt that the pastel look don't really look good on me :( 

There's a lot of new matte lip products from brands, for example : Etude House "Lips Fit" tint (review coming soon!), SkinFood Vita Color Lip Lacquer (Lip Mousse), Innisfree Creamy Tint Lip Mousse, and Espoir "No Wear" Lipstick. There's also Lip Lacquers from 3CE that have been around for sometime! 

To summarize all these SS trends : Light face and super shiny / matte bright lips. I hope you enjoyed reading this and make sure to comment down below! Tell me what trend do you want to try for this SS season??

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