It's been sometime since I last reviewed a Etude House product, am I right? Today I'll share my review about a lip tint from Etude House's Lip Tint Collection : The "COLOR POP" Collection.

Kinda sure they came out for their 2013 SS collection, definitely correct me if I'm wrong! But I want to share thatttt............

They also come in MINI SIZE wuuuuuuut???

etude house

      PRODUCT NAME      
"Color Pop" Shiny Tint

      type of product      
lip tint (mini size)

P#10 Nudy Pop & P#12 Burgundy Pop

krw 2.500 each 

      site info     
etude official site (korean)

So here's a real comparison between the tint and my hand. Honestly I ordered them online and it was smaller than my expectation! 

The 'mini' size is as I stated before, retails for KRW 2.500 and the full size is KRW 8.500. The full size one contain 7g of product, and the mini one does not stated anywhere. But I can say that its really, really small, Nella told me in the comment section that the mini size contain 2g of product, thankyou! <3

Even though it's so small, but I believe that the applicator is still the same as the full sized one. I picked up two colors, one more to a neutral side and the other is a burgundy color! This items are used to be a "internet shopping" only product, but yesterday Etude House already displayed them in the regular store, so I expect that it'll reach your EH / Online shopping too! 

Screenshot taken from etude.co.kr 

SWATCH : [LEFT] P#12 Burgundy Pop [RIGHT] P#10 Nudy Pop

The pigmentation of P#12 Burgundy Pop is definitely disappointing, as you can see from my screenshot above, the burgundy was promoted to be dark and vampy - which is not at all. I tried to make a gradation lips look using the 'Burgundy Pop' one and failed badly because it's not pigmented enough :(

This lip tint is promoted to be "Beyond Lipstick, Beyond LipTint, Beyond LipGloss" - I can't agree on the first 'beyond' but I can agree to the third one! The glossiness is definitely lasts quite long, and it doesn't felt sticky like a gloss. Also, I'm not sure this has any relation with the glossiness, but this lip tint didn't dry my lips! Means it also didn't accentuate my lips line - especially in this super cold months, this really is helping my chapped lips.

I think it's a really smart move for EH to make these lip tints for a few reasons : 
  1. One, they make a pretty cute little gifts. 
  2. Two, they give you chance to try colors without buying the full size one. 
  3. Three, you don't have to 'waste' money on shades you don't use everyday, say, the oranges hue or the dark ones (which isn't dark, at all). 
  4. Four, perfect travel size tints! (unless you're a scatter brain like me, be prepare to lose one or two. sigh) 
With these little fellas, EH can actually predicts what shades are in trend - because of course, the more popular shade will definitely selling out faster than the less popular one. I can see EH is actually testing out the shade, because out of 12 only 9 is available in full size. Sadly none of the shades that I purchased here is available in the full size :(

 P#10 Nudy Pop

P#12 Burgundy Pop

Overall? Loving the Nude, Disappointed with the Burgundy. Full Size purchase? Maybe, after I clear out 3 shelves of lip products! 

Btw, notice I linked a "ELEVENIA" page on the links above? Elevenia is a Indonesian based website that filled with everything that you could ever buy in the Internet, that includes MAKEUP! They have a huge (did I say huge? I meant HUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE) korean brand cosmetic collection with awesome prices! The website reminds me of Gmarket, but the best part is it's Indonesia based (it also delivers worldwide tho!) I know a lot of my readers might have difficulties to get products I mentioned in my blog, sooo definitely check out the website!

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  1. i love your website, so anwesome, i have some lippies like yours. They are so good like your reviews, i will watch more good reviews of you and buy them ^^~

  2. Hello Filia,
    Do you see the expire date on the box?

    Sorry for this inconvenience but I'm going to buy P9 and P12 on an online shop, and the seller told me that she didn't see the expire date as well the production date. I wonder if it is genuine or not.

  3. Now that you ask that, I don't see mine either!

  4. Oh thanks :D I also have asked an authorized store and they said that there was no production date on the mini size. So I've just bought them from that online shop :D


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