REVIEW : Clio "KILL BLACK" Waterproof Brush Liner

Hello! Today I'm going to review an eyeliner that is a favorite of a lot of people and I definitely a late customer for this. As an eyeliner daily user, this item sure does stay in my wishlist for some time now. Since it come with mini mascara, I finally purchased it! 


      PRODUCT NAME      
"kill black" waterproof brush liner (+ mascara)

      type of product      
brush pen liner 


krw 18.000 

      site info     
clio official site (korean)

Brush Pen Liner is actually my favorite eye liner type out of everything. I saved this for the time were my current eyeliner all ran out. But obviously this kinda of eyeliner didn't ran out as fast - I have to wait a minimum of 3 month if I want an eyeliner to ran out. I just can't contain myself to not to try this product. 

First, let's talk about the eyeliner and we'll talk a bit about the mascara later on! 

Nothing special about the packaging, like all other black brush pen liner. Black pen, with bold name on the center.

The brush tip size is perfect - not too thin and not too thick, and the brush is not flimsy so it's really easy to draw the eye line. Also the color is really, really black. Like SUPER BLACK. This is might be the blackest eyeliner I have in my collection. This doesn't have to be layered to make a super black line, just a single line is enough! 

I have not encounter any problem with it lasting power or smudging - everything is goooooood! 

Next, a little bit about the O'Tank Volume Mascara (with a little tank there). This mascara is sample size, and Clio have the normal size in their collection. 

This mascara have a super curvy wand! It's almost really awkward to coat my eyelashes in because I'm afraid that the corner will poke my eye balls. But nevertheless, the formulation is good. I can't say it's a dry mascara, but it didn't clump and separates my lashes really well (which usually wetter mascara didn't do). Realizing there is 'volume' word in the name, the mascara didn't really give volume, but more to lengthening effect.

LEFT with eyeliner and mascara RIGHT nothing! (Yes I have uneven eyeline T_T)

Overall, I really get why a LOT of people like this eyeliner, I LOVE IT. The price is definitely up there (KRW 18.000) but a lot of Japanese product also cost similar, but the color will not be as black! I'll be definitely be repurchasing this. 

And a little tip here for better application, this eyeliner works better when there's a layer of powder underneath. I found that using eyeshadow prior to application makes the eyeliner spread more evenly (no bloachy patch) - face powder is also good for the base! 

So that's it for today! Thank you for reading this review and I hope it helps your future purchases! 
Definitely left me a comment if you have something to talk to me! :3

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  1. Hi there, I came across this blogger copied your work from this blogpost. http://meganren.blogspot.sg/2014/06/review-clio-waterproof-pen-liner-in.html?showComment=1409835002634#c7051819466785721450

  2. Hi! Thankyou for the info and frankly this is my first time ever to encounter a problem like this. Indeed the way she expressed her opinion is 'similar' to mine, and yes I realized the words are the same - and to add the shock effect, it's a different product from what I review here (hers is the one with felt tip - she keeps describing it as a 'brush' but whatever). I think I'm gonna do nothing with it and her 'post' - I'm gonna let the reader to judge. I really, really appreciate your comment and it make me aware about these more in the future.

    apparently, people do steal words huh. lol. Once again, Thankyou Anna!! <3


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