Hello loves.
It's so shocking how many days have passed without me updating my blog at all. Before I get into all the beauty, reviews, and all that jazz I thought it will be more proper if I greet you guys first with a short story about what happened recently.

As you might know, I'm back in Indonesia for winter break from 18th January to the upcoming 13th february. When getting ready to get home, I know I'll be stuck with no post if I don't prepare myself with plans for future posts. The truth is I brought some stuffs on purpose so I could try on and put on some reviews during my stay in Indonesia.

But, all real life things caught me up. Not to be a surprise, heck I had not came home for a year! Indeed my family did came visit me during the summer, but I haven't see most of my closest friends for a year!! I spent almost everyday like being chased by time, I didn't waste any single day not to meet my friend, pamper myself (oh hair spas and pedicures. my heaven. don't forget the massages!), eat things I wanted to eat for the past months, my birthday!!!, etc. I almost never home for days.

Other than that, my mom was admitted to the hospital and I chose to spend some nights in the hospital. I planned to use those days to sit and write some posts, only to know that the hospital didn't have wifi!! I stuck with my mobile network for days. And then came Chinese New Year and I have to go to Surakarta for some days to hunt some fabrics. I again brought my laptop over along with my harddisk, again only to found that my aunt's house didn't have any wifi. This time the mobile network isn't even connected most of the time I was there. And the last thing that happened is, I was sick. I haven't even get my appetite back.

I didn't wrote this to complain about the internet and how my life was miserable without the internet. WRONG, days I've spent with my loves one might never came again and I enjoyed every seconds of it.

My point is, I was shocked to see how this blog has been a big part of my life. If you look back, I've only been active in the blogging world in the last 7-8 months. I made this blog in 2011 and I started to focus on beauty since the middle of 2013. I'm honestly not a good writer or vocabulary master, but I enjoy reading and watching beauty related posts that I want to be a part of the gang.

I've been in MIA status for longer than this, but I felt these days are the longest ever. I felt guilty seeing my GFC or bloglovin reader numbers increases even when I didn't update anything. But in the other hand I can't get myself to sit and write even though I have a lot  to write (I blame "You Who Came From The Stars" and "Emergency Man and Woman". Damn those are good.). If I can't get myself to sit and write, I'll definitely pay my "post debt" when I'm back to Busan.


Oh, Happy Chinese New Year!

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