REVIEW : Innisfree's Face Designing Duo in #3.

I.AM.BACK.ON.THE.TRACK BABY! Yes, I'm back to Busan!! I'm definitely a sucker in updating my social media account lol ANYHOO I'm going to run through my list and update all the review here ASAP! So, let's start!

The very first item that is honored for a review is Innisfree's Face Designing Duo in #3.


      PRODUCT NAME      
face designing duo #3

      type of product      
pressed contour / higlighter duo (#1 & #2), duo bronzing powder (#3)

krw 12.000

      site info     

If I have to choose 3 cosmetics item that I can't resist it would be concealers, eyeliners, and bronzers. Yes, my love for contouring will never cease. And when Innisfree FB account announced the bronzing/highlighter NEW item, I've probably have purchased it through my mind. 

The price was ok and the packaging is typical Innisfree's style. No scent whatsoever. The size is definitely bigger than their individual blushers. 

When I saw the editorial picture through FB, I knew in a second that the #3 one is a duo bronzer because the "highlighting" shade was much darker than the other 2 shades. A little info here, go for #1 if you have yellow base tone / warm tone skin and go for #2 if you have pink base tone / cool tone skin. It's really nice to see how Innisfree really made the product to fit warm & cool tone, the bronzer shade is also slightly different per shade (not only the highlighter part that is different, like most similar items from Korean brand).

The darker shade : The shade is not the most pigmented bronzer ever, but it's definitely enough for daily usage. Very blend-able and it's definitely easier to work with comparing to other bronzers. For reference, I'm MAC NC 25 and I have to swirl my brush a few times to get enough products to shade my face. The other day my friend complimented my cheek lines because they look more prominent when I was using this product. Not much to say more, I'm using this product everyday! 

The lighter shade : The shade is so freakin' awkward - too light for a bronzer, not enough for a highlighter. That is what I felt, see the swatches and you can see that it's almost invisible in natural lighting. To avoid the bronzer hitting the pan alone (btw, it's my little pet-peeve right there. I want all my product in a pan to hit the pan freaking together!), I always swirl my brush all over the 2 shades - which didn't make much difference from only using the darker shade alone.

...And talking about the amateur shading and highlighting, here's a picture to help (taken from Innisfree's website) :

Overall, it's a good product! I might consider to purchase the single bronzer though rather than buying 2 in 1 with one shade good and the other side disappointing! But, for all the amateur or shading first timer, I think it's a good thing to invest since the pigmentation is rather light, it's almost impossible to be over shade and make your face looks muddy - and I think it's a great reason to purchase! 

can you see my cheeeeeek bone? lolz

I'll see you in the next post! Thankyou for sticking with me through my sudden 'hiatus'! :D 

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